CHAT 16 04.11.2001

The chronology is this:

1.Idris: He represents the generation before Noah.

2.Abraham: The founder of the khaniffication.

3.Hızır: He lived in an era after Abraham and before Moses. He has a past of about 7.200 years. Because 1 day=1.000 years, you can calculate his age relativistically. The number which comes out is his real age. Hızır doesn’t have a long life. Only ‘the time in his calendar’ is relativistic. They are 3 people.

1.Lokman: Biological immortality.

2.Zülkarneyn: Chord time>>Karneyn type time

3.Hızır: He lives a DEHR type of time.

These triples are very important. Idris is immortal and he will never die. He was born once he never died/will die. At the last day, the spirits are grasped. Furthermore the spirits are immortal and spirit means the conscience which will never die. If the spirit died, we wouldn’t be created again. Everything would happen and end on the world. There wouldn’t be an afterworld. The mechanism which carries us to the afterworld is the less-than-zero mass which is called the spirit. The day of the religion is this: Reincarnation. I mean the body (the iron dusts) enter the spirit (the flux of the magnet) again. Yes, Idris was born once and he never died. He is in a special place. With his body forever. Another semi-mortal is Jesus. He was born without a father, he was taken to the heavens, until he returns he is immortal relativistically like Hızır. Idris is the first scholar on the world. Before him, the people didn’t know how to talk, they lived in the caves, they didn’t know how to write and count. They covered themselves with the dirty pelts of the animals.  They talked by grumbling and they didn’t know about the grammar. The founder of our current civilisation is Idris. His name was registered as medrese(university)-müderris(teacher)-ders(lesson)-terzi(tailor)-dress and architect (address). According to the Old Testament his name is Enouch. Kuran refuses this and it calls him Idris (the one who teaches lessons) He is not related with Hermes and the similar doctrines. Because unfortunately Adam and Eve used the whole of their brains, they talked with the biological radio. This radio is this: You talk aloud and listen in your dreams, don’t you? This silent-sound is the phonon that we mentioned. ESP is individualistic, not universal. I mentioned about the organic radio which means the noise in your dream. For the people who use their brain completely, there is the tongue-ear relation in the dream. This is an amazing thing beyond the telepathy and it is the talking style in the afterworld. There is no need for the words. You think that you speak Turkish in your dreams, but as a matter of fact it is the language of the thought. It is Adamian. The dream here, is a similarity. I mean, in the awaken sleep you see a manipulated dream, the closest expression of this is the astronomy without body. (OOBE) They call it the astral vision, clairvoyance. The OOBE can be in the form of conferences with the free contributions and awaken sleep. The condition of this is to make our brain’s 2/9th part work at least. The example of the brain is the iceberg. The part above that is visible. The upper-conscience manages our periods when we don’t sleep and when we don’t enter a paranormal state. My abilities under the water are the subconscious universe. There are not the individuals there. The individuals are connected to each other. Just like the united pots. Or think about the islands, each one a self, although they seem alone, they are connected under the water. The thing that was called the dream is the world of the parables, itself. I don’t want to mention again about the halugrams, holograms, but our collective subconscious super space that we called the world of the parables is the arena of our psychological and psycic abilities. As we use more of our brain’s capacity, we entered deep into the underwater and we meet with the other subconsciences. To do this in this situation is not ordinary. But Adam and Eve were making it. We know that they were expelled to the world with the laws of the heaven. Adam named the objects and his this ability emerged in Idris. Idris thought of meaningful, poetic naming with grammar instead of animal sounds. He found the writing. The first teacher and the head-teacher is Idris. He became scholar, inventor by his own efforts. We owe the civilisation of the mankind to him. Just as Abraham is single in friendship and he is unique, he wasn’t appointed to the prophethood. He got it by his own merit. Idris took as the first of science both the prophethood and that exalted place and immortality by his own efforts. The telepathy occurs between the sender and the receiver. The one that I mention about is the biological radio place of the mankind, I mean the world of the parables language. Parable=Hulyet=Hologram world. Don’t miss this with the personal telepathy or the individual dreams. It will be our language of the world of parables. This language doesn’t have words. Everybody, whatever language they speak, that language, by the naming method of Adam, directly will return back to the language of Adam. Our conversations in the dreams, don’t forget, don’t occur with Turkish or with the language of the one who sees the dream. It occurs with the language of the revelation. The revelation doesn’t descend as Arabic or Hebrew. It descends as Adamian. It is translated to us. There are different languages in the heaven and the hell. The language in the heaven is the one that Adam-Eve and the hourry spoke at the beginning. You remember Adam named the objects. That language will continue there. The mankind will speak that language where we left it. That language exists in the essence of the human being. Allah’s first command is ‘read’, isn’t it? Before the question what we read, we should ask the question how we read. That language exists is us naturally and it waits readily. That language in the unused regions of our brain waits for us readily to be awakened and to be used. If that wasn’t so, we would never talk in the dream or we wouldn’t hear. The one that makes us rehearse is these dreams. I don’t know how we can awaken our brain, but Kuran knows it. ‘Rabbi zıdni ilmi’. Allah orders so. (Ta-ha/114) Gurdjieff is the man of the future. His abilities are academical. Not only him, but there are 6 more TiMessengers. It is enough to know about Messing, Hanusen, Haushoffer etc. The others are less important people. Excluding one. He is so interesting that even he invented the machine of the telepathy. Do the brain waves become amplified? Yes, they do. ‘The brain waves can be turned into energy by the help of the electrods (especially the delta waves), on the contrary, they can be turned into thought again’, says Tesla. The TV sender works with the same way. the image information in the studio is transferred to the receiver by being converted to the electromagnetic waves. There, they are again turned into the electrons and we can bring the image to the house. Tesla syas that thought-energy-thought can be a trilogy. The Montauk Project is something like this. But Gurdjieff is a magician. To amplify means to pass the data through an increaser. For example the voice amplifiers or the musical device amplifiers do this job. Yes, this man is Gurdjieff. He uses very advanced technologies. That’s why we can’t distinguish those technologies from the magic. But now, with the earth-satellite-earth method two people can talk. Individually, like a ship, the human being can be teleported. Because the great electrical charges (for example 100 billion volts) don’t kill the human being. It advances its space-time and he changes place. The human being, with this electromagnetic excessive accumulation, from one place to another walks in the space through the worm hole. (the magnetism is the tunnel process.)  The superhumans like Gurdjieff can do these things. As a matter of I gave the name of the conceptual turmoil. I mean the biological radio=total telepatician the Mobile Clairvoyance=Gurdjieff comes to the meeting. The mechanism as a matter of fact is so simple. If the human being is teleported like a Bermudan or Philadelphian in the space-time, this is a psycic ability. I don’t know where these are taught. I only know the mechanism. I mean, I can say ‘the collective subconscience, the secret continuity of the memory works in this way’. But beyond this, I can’t say ‘I do this job or I know who does this. So, I am not the collocutor of this question. I wish I could do such things. Unfortunately Gurdjieff no longer exists. Gurdjieff is from Zig-Zag. Gurdjieff is ours. Salzmann and Bennet Ouspensky and the others are separate schools. As a competitior to the fourth way, Bennet remained loyal to Gurdjieff.

There is no verse which says that Muhammed died as khaneef. More truly, that he would die as khaneef. Allah commands Muhammed to be khaneef very intensely and with importance. Or hu commands him to turn his face to the khaneef religion. Being muslim and being khaneef are different. We don’t know whether Muhammed died or will die as khaneef or not. The verse says ‘It is hoped that your Rabb gives you the Mahmudiye place. ‘It is hoped…’ It doesn’t have a guarantee.  As a matter of fact, the Asherei Mubashere is a lie-hadith game. While Muhammed doesn’t have the guarantee, how were 10 people told the good news of the heaven? Aren’t the christian priest the ones who tell the good news of the heaven already? The priests who invent hadith tell good news about the heaven. All the hashhashins, I mean the suicide teams and the muslim kamikazes. It was told in the verses that Muhammed would die as muslim, but his khaneefhood is not known. But you can evaluate these hints. There will be three classes. The ones who go to the hell. The ones who go to the heaven and the ones who go the upper heaven. (the surah Vakıa) The place of the people of the heaven starts from Firdevs, and it goes to Aden. The name of that region that is on top is Aden. The highest region at the top of Aden is Mahmudiye. Mahmudiye is the highest place of the heaven. This is also called the Sidre, it is at the same time the place of Gabriel. Sidretul Munteha. Muhammed ul Emin and Cibril ul Emin. They are brothers and at a level, they will be placed head-to-head. Sidre and Mahmudiye Palace are at the same level. The highest of the people who go to heaven is Muhammed. But there is a third class which is called Naim or Sabikun or Mukarrebun. Abraham is at the top of that heaven and he is neighbour with the Arch. He is the only friend of Allah. Let me summarise.. According to Kuran the place where Muhammed will go is the Mahmudiye Palace. Again according to Kuran, there is the place of Abraham, which is a super-heaven. Muhammed doesn’t go there. Yes, you didn’t hear wrong. Muhammed only goes to the top of the heaven. he doesn’t go to the third and the toppest region. Allah even doesn’t guarantee the Mahmudiye which is the highest place of the heaven. Allah says ‘It is hoped that you go to the Mahmudiye. You are surprised, aren’t you? We wrote about that topic before. We will be 3 classes. The people of the hell is at the bottom. The people of the heaven is in the middle. And over it ???????????????????

If Muhammed was a scholar or a Khaneef, I wonder what would happen? Mahmudiye wouldn’t be pronounced. He would be put to the same place with Abraham and Idris. I love Muhammed, I would like to sacrifice myself for him, but when I read these verses, I see that he is not a help machine, the universes weren’t created for him. Allah never said ‘I wouldn’t create the orbits if you didn’t exist’. These are all hadith, all lies. Allah never created the universe from the divine radiation of Muhammed. All these are perversion. There is only this verse: ‘Wema ersalnake illa Rahmetellil Alemin’ (Enbiya-Prophets/107) Other than this no attribution was made to Muhammed. I sacrifice myself to his nail, but I never worship to him. Open the surah Vakıa. It says ‘Sabikun us Sabikun’. It says that they are the neighbours with the Arch of Allah=Mukarrebun and they are in the naim heaven. First you have to see this.

Vakıa/7-8: And ye shall be sorted out into three classes. Then (there will be) the Companions of the Right Hand;- how happy they are!

Yes the first class is the right one.

Vakıa/9: And the Companions of the Left Hand,- shame on them!

The people of the hell is the second class. Let’s come to the third class.

Vakıa/10-11: And those Foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in the Hereafter). These will be those Nearest to Allah.

Muhammed takes place in Mahmudiye which is the highest place of the heaven. Be careful, Naim heaven is pronounced (the benefactions). Muhammed’s place is not in Naim.

Vakıa/12-25: In Gardens of Bliss. A number of people from those of old, And a few from those of later times.(They will be) on Thrones encrusted (with gold and precious stones), Reclining on them, facing each other. Round about them will (serve) youths of perpetual (freshness), With goblets, (shining) beakers, and cups (filled) out of clear-flowing fountains:No after-ache will they receive therefrom, nor will they suffer intoxication: And with fruits, any that they may select: And the flesh of fowls, any that they may desire. And (there will be) Companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes,- Like unto Pearls well-guarded. A Reward for the deeds of their past (life). Not frivolity will they hear therein, nor any taint of ill,- Only the saying, “Peace! Peace”.

Here the third class finishes. From the 27th verse, starts the secons class. (Muhammed is here)

Vakıa/27-38: The Companions of the Right Hand,- what will be the Companions of the Right Hand? (They will be) among Lote-trees without thorns, Among Talh trees with flowers (or fruits) piled one above another,- In shade long-extended, By water flowing constantly, And fruit in abundance. Whose season is not limited, nor (supply) forbidden, And on Thrones (of Dignity), raised high. We have created (their Companions) of special creation. And made them virgin – pure (and undefiled), Beloved (by nature), equal in age,- For the Companions of the Right Hand.

The heaven that we know started with the ones in the right. This is the middle class. This takes the Sidre as the ceiling. But over the Sidre, the Arch becomes the ceiling, Sidre becomes the floor. In his Ascension, Gabriel told Muhammed: ‘Oh the prophet of Allah, I can’t go beyond this, because all the places end in Sidre’ Did you remember? Let’s find Idris. He was pronounced twice in Kuran. It will be easy to find.

Maria/56-57: Also mention in the Book the case of Idris: He was a man of truth (and sincerity), (and) a prophet:  And We raised him to a lofty place.

As you see, ‘We raised him to a lofty place’. This is his immortality. His place is Sabikun. It is the name of the most exalted place after Allah. Idris, in the verse, is from the posterity of Adam. He took Knowledge. Abraham, in the verse, is from the posterity of Noah. He took Mercy. The others are from the posterity of Abraham. You know about me. From three words in Kuran, I can make volumes of comments. I also read Kuran from the top to the bottom.

Family of Imran/113-114: Not all of them are alike: Of the People of the Book are a portion that stand (For the right): They rehearse the Signs of Allah all night long, and they prostrate themselves in adoration. They believe in Allah and the Last Day; they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; and they hasten (in emulation) in (all) good works: They are in the ranks of the righteous.

Isn’t it clear that the western muslims are secret and without advertisement, they take shelter in the night? Believing in Allah forms the prostration with the teardrop, I mean the fear. Not everyone can feel this.

Maria/58: Those were some of the prophets on whom Allah did bestow His Grace,- of the posterity of Adam, and of those who We carried (in the Ark) with Noah, and of the posterity of Abraham and Israel of those whom We guided and chose. Whenever the Signs of ((Allah)) Most Gracious were rehearsed to them, they would fall down in prostrate adoration and in tears.

When the verses of Allah were read to them, they would prostrate in tears. Not all of them are alike: Of the People of the Book are a portion that stand (For the right): They rehearse the Signs of Allah all night long, and they prostrate themselves in adoration. That’s why the scholars of Islam are equal to the jewish prophets. And of the posterity of Abraham and Israel of those whom We guided and chose. Whenever the Signs of ((Allah)) Most Gracious were rehearsed to them, they would fall down in prostrate adoration and in tears. Notice that the prophets that are pronounced are jewish prophets. Not all of them are alike: Of the People of the Book are a portion that stand (For the right): They rehearse the Signs of Allah all night long, and they prostrate themselves in adoration. These are the christian origined scholar candidates who became khaneef. Our advertisement was already made by Allah. Not all of them are alike: Of the People of the Book are a portion that stand (For the right): They rehearse the Signs of Allah all night long, and they prostrate themselves in adoration. They believe in Allah and the Last Day; they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; and they hasten (in emulation) in (all) good works: They are in the ranks of the righteous.

Family of Imran/115: Of the good that they do, nothing will be rejected of them; for Allah knows well those that do right.

This is the greatest advertisement. Whatever we do, it is not by our choice. We caused countless of people to become muslim. We brought Kuran as the last remedy to the people who were about to die because of heroin. But that was my Kuran. He went to the hashish den. I also went there. But I don’t use hashish. What was my job there? He said that he couldn’t be muslim, he couldn’t fulfill daily regular prayer because he was addicted to heroin, with his girlfriend. I said ‘No’. There is no obstacle for you to fulfill daily regular prayer. I opened the Kuran and showed him. I told him not to fulfill daily regular prayer when he was drunken, then when that drunken period passed, I told him to fulfill daily regular prayer as much as he wanted. They told him that even if a drop of drink dropped in a lake, the water of that lake can’t be drunk for 40 years. Furthermore they showed it as from Kuran. But they hid the verse ‘when you are drunken, don’t fulfill daily regular prayer!’ Our clergymen hadn’t shown it. But Kuran is the recovery of the health. This is a verse. The heroin-usership which prevented them from being muslim was not a real obstacle. They only didn’t fulfill daily regular prayer when they were drunken. They almost left it in Ramadhan. I showed them the second verse also. ‘From now on you give up, don’t you?’ They left it and returned back to life. These were not written for my advertisement. These were written for this:

Family of Imran/115: Of the good that they do, nothing will be rejected of them; for Allah knows well those that do right.

For this, we entered those hashish dens. In the exit they wanted to defamate us as ‘addicted’, but those young people, those who were addicted couldn’t go to the mosque. I brought the mosque to their feet. I showed that they could fulfill daily regular prayer when they drank alcoholic drink. But they had to be away from it when drunken.

Family of Imran/115: Of the good that they do, nothing will be rejected of them; for Allah knows well those that do right.

Doing right is this. It is a suit. The one who wears it hands out hope. The people who are addicted to heroin gets the recovery. They leave it. But until leaving it,

1.They won’t fulfill daily regular prayer, when they overcome it

2.’From now you give up, don’t you?’ According to this verse, they will gradually leave it.

3. Then they will tell the children that the heroin, gamble, soothsaying by invoking the genies are the dirt of the satan.

For this three verses came. Allah told that pork, theft, and murder are illicits once. Hu told that when we are drunken we must not fulfill daily regular prayer, ‘From now on you give up, don’t you?’ Don’t drink, it is the dirt of the satan. Why??? Family of Imran.

Family of Imran/115: Of the good that they do, nothing will be rejected of them; for Allah knows well those that do right.

Dirt of satan is a parable just like ‘the satan made me forget this.’ Its explanation is very long. And it is completely scientific.

Once upon a time, the world was like a fireball which was made of methane, ammoniac, water vapour and carbon oxides. The world’s owners were the genies. Their food was this methane, ammoniac, and the water vapor with carbon. You know about methane. It is the main matter in the garbage cans and especially in the gas of the feces. You know about the ammoniac. It is the main matter in our urine. Feces and the urine are the food of the genies. You know that the genies live in the toilets, don’t you? Why? Because we leave the methane and ammoniac, the uric acids which are in our primitive atmosphere, to the toilets. The toilet is as if the restaurant of the genies. Yes, this is not a joke. Anyway… The genies, when there were no human beings, took the methane, ammoniac, water vapor and carbon compounds and they digested them. We know that this digestion occured in the form of fire. Meanwhile the world gradually cools. When the water vapor clouds increased and when it rained, the small lakes were formed. Thousands of thunders occur in a second. Our methane, ammoniac, water, and carbondioxide convert into Adenin, Guanin, Sitosin and Timin, the 4 nucleic acids. They are the basic matter substance of the protein. It is the life itself. But there is a disaster for the genies. Their dirt becomes our protein. They eat our dirt, we eat their dirt. They eat our dirt, then they give us back the A,G,C,T (the benefaction, bread, meal) as dirt to us. As you see, a brief explanation of the two words ‘dirt of satan’. Never eat bread in the toilet. Why? I never try it. Now for example in the restaurant, if someone ate the feces of a baby what would we do? We would beat him. As the toilets are the restaurants of the genies, if you eat bread there they will beat you.

Lilith is a Greek myth. Before Islam, even before Moses it existed. Before the Old Testament. As the first official book that tells about Adam is the Old Testament… Lilith and Adam can’t come together. One is the book of Allah. The other is the book of the Satyrs. They don’t know each other, they deny each other. Lilith is a gorgon. Lilith is the daughter of a female sentor mother. It is impossible for this to be in the Old Testament and in the topic of Adam. Sentauros is semi horse, semi human. You know in front of a horse body with four feet, a human body was pasted. For these to be materially exist, their chromosome numbers should be synthesized. For the living beings which reproduce, such a thing is impossible. But the genie is this: Take some of the human beings, push them with the light speed. While they were matter, they will become energy. The energy humans are called the genie. There is also the opposite: the energy genies which are slowed down are called the human being. There is no difference between us other than eating our filth. Our speeds are also different. The genie and the human are the image of a single existence in two different speeds. The one which is relativistic is called the genie (energy), the one which is dense (matter) is called the human being. I mean both come from the same origin.


I mean if you think that E=M, the essence of the genie and the human are the same. Light (energy) goes at c=300.000 km/sec. The light neither slows down nor speeds up. I mean the genies or the light neither slow down nor speed up. The human being (matter=proton) goes slowly and it is dense, it is a body. The genie (energy=electron cloud) moves fast and forms a self shell around the proton body. There was a genie like a free electron. He saw a beautiful girl p, and he fell in love with her. But p(proton) was very slow. The electron can’t slow down its speed. The electron found a solution. By drawing a circle around his lover and by moving with lightspeed, he could be together with his lover. The genies affect some of the human beings in this way. I mean a genie and a human being can never marry. They can’t even touch each other in the material world. But when the genie is settled on the orbit around the human with the lightspeed, that person can see that genie. There are even the married pairs.

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CHAT 15 02.11.2001

The mountains and the oscillations. The mountains and the valleys. The Gogs-Magogs which descend from every valley. The fact that they are left inside each other. In Arabic Cebel (its plural Cibalun) means ‘mountain’. It has one meaning more: At macro scale, the greatest thing is the mountain. But in micro scale it means the fragment which is smaller than the particle. KVR=from twisting Kurre and Tekvir. They are from the same root, you know. The opposite of Kurre isn’t the particle (zerre) The dome (kubbe) means the heavens-ceiling. (in architecture it is roof, on the people it is hump) And habbe which is the smallest air bubble. Kubbe is macro, habbe is micro. Kurre is macro, Zerre is micro. The particle has quantity-number-/rakim. Kurre has quality-geometry/kehf. When saying ashabı kehf and rakim, these two are told. You will remember. The verse says ‘everything which is as great as the particle and which is smaller than this was counted in the presence of your Rabb. All is recorded in the Protected Tablet. Science defined the particle as the smallest interval=quant. Smaller than the particle??? There is a universe which wasn’t quantised. That universe is made of not the fragments but it is made of a whole which is like a mountain. This is very strange that the thing which is smaller than the particle is the name of the greatest in the universe. Because the nature’s laws show that the smallest and the greatest spaces meet at a point. They were united at one point. The thing that is smaller than the particles of Planck is the super space. The David Hilbert space is smaller than the Planck space (the smallest space interval possible, the materialisation interval) but in this space all the universes which are small, are big and its name is the super space. (the world of the parables) I mean, if you enter a quant, you enter an upper space which is made of infinite universes, your universe is lost there. Smaller than the particle means it is greater than everything. We shouldn’t be surprised at this from now on. If you remember, the absolute cold temperature, I mean 0K=-273.16C is the last. There is a degree which is smaller than that. I mean minus 1K. It is the hottest contrary to the coldest. This is so hot that it even burns the hellhound. Zebani=Zebun. It finds the hell as cold as the North pole. The real fire that heats the caldron under it… The name of it is Sekar. It is pronounced in Müddesir 30. It is also pronounced in two places. The temperature of Sekar is -1 K degrees. I mean, it is colder than the cold and/or the hottest degree. Sekar is this: The temperature of the smallest point in the beginning of the BigBang is called Sekar. Notice that in the smallest thing which is smaller than the particle there is the greatest temperature. And notice that the universe was a quant. It is a mini but an amazing giant. When the universe was a quant, it opened. It was rakim. It opened, expanded and became kehf. This geometry is called ‘kurre’, ‘kubbe’=dome. The fact that it is a single quant is called particle and ‘habbe’. As you see these are the parables of our world of the parables. Kurre: the rounding of the macro system. Because the root of the word is to twist=kıvırmak, the space-time is curved. Zerre=particle: the points of the microsystem. The root of the word means the scattered drops in abundant amount like in the zurriyet=posterity.This is the name of the quant in Kuran. Kubbe: the name of the semispheres in the macro system. Habbe: The miniest spheres in the universe. We can only give one example to these, because there is no second. Because the electromagnetism is a fundamental force. Consequently, by the help of this force the negative electron balances the positive proton and the atom is formed. As the result of the cooperation between the two, the electron probability sphere is formed. The name of this is habbe. A mini-sphere which is not seen with the eye. Why was it called habbe? Because it was told that in the future it will be seen by the help of the devices like the microscopes. I mean the word ‘habbe’ which means the water bubble was chosen as the parable. It is smaller than ‘habbe’, and it was told that one day we would see it. Or else it would said that it was the unknown, and we would be banned from stoning the unknown. Now we know that a quant has a duality, dilemma, I mean it is both particle and wave. It fits in a narrow field as particle. But as wave it travels through the space which has 7 layers. For example the photon: While it comes to us as a wave from beyond millions of lightyears, it is a wave. But when it hits us and plucks an electron, it behaves as an electron. Or else the photon which emerges from the sun couldn’t come to us without moving a millimeter. But it travels through the infinite space as wave. When it hits us it becomes a particle. By the help of this, the sun illuminates and heats us. The electron is the same. Our ‘habbe’, I mean, the mini-sphere which is our probability interval is both a particle and wave. Its particle state is called ‘kehf’ (geometric), and its wave state is called ‘rakim’. Because the wave mechanics is sinusoidal and trigonometric. If the electron is settled, there is no problem. But if it is upset and ionised by plucking, and furthermore if it flows from one end to the other with a speed which is very close to the lightspeed, like a fluoresant lamp, it is called the wave. Beta ray or catod ray means that the electron is taken from the orbit of the atom and it is directed like a beam. The name of this in the macro system is that: If you remove the shell of an electron (habbe) from the atom that it is bound and if you ray it to another place, the state of this in the macro scale will not be strange to you. The Bermuda Triangle and the Philadelphia Experiment. If those small disturbances at the level of ‘habbe’ are irritated excessively in the electromagnetic form at the great scale (kubbe), then an electron is not rayed to the other and it doesn’t become a neighbour there. A ship, an aeroplane travels through the space-time. The one which is responsible from this is not the particle but the wave. The wave leaves the space-time point where it is in, freely. It takes the particle to where it goes.



Now let us apply this universal fact to the rules of Kuran. The Earth=Particle

The Heavens=Wave

The ones in between=the force fields which influence. The invisible photons that are called ‘boson’, that don’t radiate, but they are the invisible photons which cause the magnet to attract the nail. The electron=habbe (the local, settled and it has the particle feature.) The heavens-earth and the ones in between. The particle and the wave (and the polarised situation between them.)



The coldest-The hottest

The smallest (the universe was the smallest)

And the greatest.

The farthest=the nearest (there are the blackhole tunnels in between, I mean the osmosis) I mean the hunnes and the kunnes (chaos and the cosmos and osmos in between). They always exist. They are hidden in the H and K letters. For example Habbe-Kubbe, Habil-Kabil, Hitab-Kitab and many more.

Particle=cibalu=the mini mountains

Wave=the valley (the side of the two mountains)

One is the letter V, the other is the reverse V. I mean the oscillation. Ebb-tide. Zil-Zal. Zg-Zag. Let us remember the verses. ‘You suppose that the mountains are fixed (the electron is on the orbit) but that they pass like a cloud. Did you remember the cloud in the verse? The electron is a cloud. It is a cloud in the shape of a sphere. Our atmosphere is a cloud layer like a sphere. We should call it habbe=mini sphere instead of kubbe. You will feel it from the verses. for example I told the surah Âlâ one day. In the 4th verse, it said, hu made the ‘ahrec el mer’a’. Ahrace=HRC=to export. Just as we write Hamid as Ahmed, (the other forms are Muhammed and Mahmud) If we write Ihrac as Ahrec, the meaning tells us one more thing. ‘The green that the eye sees.’ I mean the objects that are greater than the vision diameter of the vision cells which is 1 micron. The green plantation which have an advanced structure. But because the verse ‘ahrec el mer’a’, we understand also this. There are plants which didn’t go out. These of course didn’t remain under the ground. They were only smaller than the diameter of the vision of our eye. Moreover they are also plants. I mean the single-celled plants. (Algs and all the bacteria are plants.) This is also a Kuran miracle… the thing that the eye sees outside is the advanced-structured plant and it dies as coal. Because the plant that the eye doesn’t see outside is very small, it is not seen and it can’t be coal. It becomes something else. Gussae=petrol. I mean the ğasil=wet or the liquid fuel. We deduced these from ahracel mera and gussae. Three words were enough. Kuran told us 1400 years before that the bacterias were the plants. And it also told that we would find the petroleum. All from 3 words. (2 verses) For someone who knows about this feature of Arabic (not the Kuraishian and the Kuraizian) you can’t find a book which is detailed and big like Kuran. You can find and deduce 3 million things from 3 words without any effort. For this, the advancement of the mountains. Or let’s write the 1st verse of the surah Vakıa..

When the Event inevitable cometh to pass, Then will no (soul) entertain falsehood concerning its coming. (Many) will it bring low; (many) will it exalt;

All the translations are wrong. It mentions about the Vakıa, not the doomsday. Because the first horn is Vakıa. The doomsday is the blowing of the horn the second time. I told before. A wave, I mean a sound shriek which catches the core-vibration of a matter breaks the glass in a far place or the walking soldiers or the sound of the horn force a bridge to oscillate. Then the bridge is destroyed. The one which makes this is a mini horn. It is like the whistle that a child blows. The one who blows it is the angel Israfeel. But when that core-vibration reminds the particle=wave equivalency to the great glass which is called the universe, the horn destroys the bridge, the soprano destroys the crystal glass, Israfel destroys the universe. This is even ‘Event=Vakıa’ that has never happened before. The fact that such a thing happens to us the first time, is called the Vakıa. I mean the universe is not destroyed every week. The three words are here. Vakıa=oscillation. I mean the wave mechanics. It says that when the universe is a particle, it will pass to the state of wave. (each verse has 7 meanings, for example the next meaning is that the proton is not constant, it has a half-life and it will be decomposed. If we remember the verses about the Gogs-Magogs which were left inside each other and they flow to the world from every hill, we understand that there are two types of wave mechanics.

1.Vakıa type: These are spherical, sound waves and the waves which are formed in the pool. They contract and loosen.

2.The mountains which pass like clouds, like the Gogs-Magogs which were left inside each other and they flow from every hill and valley. This is called the transversal wave or the electromagnetic wave. Thus the surah Vakıa tells us about the spherical (vertical) waves. It tells that they contract and loosen and also it tells that the doomsday is a transsound. As you see, the secret of the three words in the first verse of the surah Vakıa. At the same time you know that the folks like Ad and Semud were destroyed by a transsound. (Burkhan=storm) In the foreign languages it means the turbulance. Phonon is the name of ‘sayha’. Sayha is the supersonic sound. It is the unit of advancing the sound without needing air, by making a huge energy accumulation in the space-time, in the airless environment. The phonon doesn’t need the air. I mean, it doesn’t contract and loosen the gases. The phonon directly contracts and loosens the space-time. You remember that the space-time was sphere, I mean it was curved. It had two types of curvature, the two types of the phonon are formed by force. The first is formed as convex space (Riemann) (loosening), the other state is concave like the packsaddlic (Lobatchewsky) The sound wave needs the air environment, there is no phonon here. There is the vibration that comes to the tips of the nerves in our ear. We may also not hear. But the phonon is not so. Every word that we say, without exception, is collected at a huge telescope that is called the heavens-dome. It is a focus (kiramen kâtibin) No word is lost. Don’t search for it in the space. It knows where to go. One of the names of our Allah is Habirü. It means the one who is informed, who informs. It is like a satellite. It has every sound. Seriul Hisab, Semi… It gives links to the recording angels. The phonon behaves like an infrasonic or ultrasonic sound photon. Let’s live and see. Even the sound is quantised. Furthermore, in the afterworld, our body will talk. If I am a robber, and if I deny being a robber, my hand will talk. ‘Oh Rabb, your creature lies, by using me, he funnelled the money of the nation. How will it tell this? Let me give some hints: In the afterworld (the gathering place) there is no air. How do we talk? Phonon… the sound has this feature. It loses its intensity until a definite place and it is not heard any more. We don’t know beyond 16-20.000 Hertz. Light is the same. The light means E=hV (Planck constant*wavelength). This is the definition of the photon. The light is not seen any more as we go away from the street lamp. But if you write it in the form E=2hV, its name becomes ‘laser’. It can go to ten thousands of kilometers away without being dispersed, in the form of a point and in a single wavelength. Photon is so. Phonon is also so. A coherent phonon, regardless of the distance, without being dispersed and without needing air, goes hundred billions of kilometers beyond. I tell the afterworld. And I repeat my question. How will our hands-feet and organs talk? One more hint: When our organs talk, because they will be witness to us, we already have to hear. The telepathy is individualistic. (It is like private telephone, it doesn’t go beyond the conference among 2-3 people) In a collective telepathy, nothing is understood because of the parasite. But what do the counters count? We say ‘We stayed on the world one day or less, if you don’t believe ask the counters’. The counters count the dilation of the time. In the afterworld because one day=1000 years, I gave the hint as phonon. A horn can destroy the Bosphorus Bridge. The phonon can destroy the universe. Now let’s reverse the event: The bridge can talk like the horn by reversing. The soprano caught the frequency and broke the glass. Or on the contrary the glass made the soprano talk. The recording angels which record with 11 dimensions (kiramen katibin) make that film job. The sounds are also recorded there. But they are not the ones who make the hand-foot talk. I mean, our organs talk there out of record. The time doesn’t work reversely there. Only it is so elongated that one day became 1000 years. I mean the time wasn’t reversed. Our hand, foot are, here, in the state of soprano. We are in the state of the glass. An example verse to this is as this: Supposition, accusing someone by gossipping with paranoia is a great crime. It is one of the three great sins. The first is to think of partners to Allah. The second is to attribute fornication to a woman who is morally true. The third is to suppose. In the youth… We all did it to save our pride. But the youth is for forgiving. I did that before I became muslim. I invented fantasies about someone who rejected me and told those fantasies to the friends and I am still worried about this. That happened once and I was already christian, even atheist at that time. But I remember that I did gossipping by paranoia about 10-15 times. The youth is for forgiving the mistakes. But when you ossified, it returns back foldedly. At the presence of Allah the age until 40 is considered as the youth. A very rude idiom.. ‘I was a donkey until 40, then I understood and turned back’. But if I insist after 40, this is very bad. Ahkâf/15 tells this. Until 40, the coefficient of forgiving the sins is very high. After 40, it is reduced to 0. We are adolescent at 12-13, but on the other hand we are again children. The coefficient of forgiving the sins start from 99/100. And the credit falls to a very small coefficient like a few/100. Because after that age the human brain can be tired of the entertainment and the atheism propaganda. The call to the reality can start.

Ahkâf/15: We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents: In pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth. The carrying of the (child) to his weaning is (a period of) thirty months. At length, when he reaches the age of full strength and attains forty years, he says, “O my Rabb! Grant me that I may be grateful for your favour which you have bestowed upon me, and upon both my parents, and that I may work righteousness such as you may approve; and be gracious to me in my issue. Truly have I turned to you and truly do I bow (to you) in Islam.”

The human being can retire early, he-she has enough spare time to find Allah. There is an apostate muslim who comments on this as the sinlessness. I mean, according to the opinion of the man, the one who dies before 40 is sinless, he-she is an angel. I know Edip Yüksel for 18 years. He discussed this with me somewhere. I told him that Hızır killed a baby in the cradle. He is such a demagoguer that Hızır became an angel, Azrael. He hates the name ‘Hızır’. Not to hear the word he says that Hızır is an angel. Here the thing that I wanted to tell was this: What does it mean? A baby is killed to prevent him from developing until being adolescent. It means that he is killed so long before the age of 40. From that aspect, he has some apostate behaviours beyond fulfilling daily regular prayer nakedly. He told that after Muhammed, countless Bahai/Babi prophets. His faith is in danger.  He told that the last two verses of the surah Tevbe were hadith which were added later to Kuran. Because Kuran was protected as a whole, this thing that he said makes him apostate.  I mean he lost the religion when he found it. This is a two-fold crime. Furthermore he exceeded the age of 40. He also put his father Sadrettin Yüksel in trouble according to the surah Müddesir/30. Both of them, father and son are in trouble according to Kuran.

Müddesir/30: There is 19 at it.

There is 19 in Kuran like in the Old Testament. The Old Testament was corrupted, because the New Testament was in words, it lost this 19 numerology. There is only Kuran left which wasn’t changed and because it ratifies the other books before, it really depends on the prime number 19. It tells their number, about testing the deniers, informing the people of the book. We understand that Kuran wasn’t written by the hand of a human being and because of this many people became muslim. Kuran, with 19 inside, comes close to the jews and the christians. Many jews (the Kuraizans from Medina) became muslim because of this. The verse says ‘we informed their number, and we caused the believers to believe more’. I mean, without any suspicion, it is clear that it is a book which is written with the multiples of the prime number 19. If all the genies and the human beings come together, they can’t do this. Think that, how can you arrange all the words that you will talk tomorrow according to the multiples of 19? That’s why 19 is a miracle of Allah/Kuran. Let’s come to the continuation of the verse: The ones who have illness in their hearts and the ones who are deniers: Let them say ‘What did Allah want with that parable?’ This sentence should never be said. 19 is an examination. Already its name is the examination of 19. The American who is called Edip Yüksel made this a taboo, an idol. He started to worship the numbers. When he couldn’t find a harmony, he tried to omit the two verses. I mean, by denying the last two verses of the surah Tevbe, unfortunately the examination of 19 put him in trouble. He lost the afterworld. Ahmet Deedat repented. But the false prophet Reshad Caliph and our Iranian-American friend who believes in him didn’t repent and he denied the surah Tevbe. The doors of the repentance were closed to him. When you deny a verse, a letter, or the whole, it doesn’t matter, you become an apostate. This is very dangerous. Our Iranian-American denies the two verses. After 20 years somebody emerges who follows him, a false prophet. He omits some other verses. The reason that is valid for the first one is also valid for the others who come next. This is very dangerous. Muhammed told that Kuran was a whole. And the ones that Muhammed ordered to be killed cruelly were the false prophets of the Arabic Peninsula. Muhammed forgave even Ebu Sophian, but he ordered the false prophets to be killed. This is a very conscious act. Ahmet Deedat and his follower Edip Yüksel claimed to be prophet. The examination of 19 exists in Kuran. Its address is clear. It is the duo of Reshad Caliph and Edip Yüksel. Edip put his father Sadrettin Yüksel in trouble. Because the verse says. The ones who have illness in their hearts, and the ones who deny. The one who has illness in his heart=Edip Yüksel. The one who denies: His father Sadrettin Yüksel. Let them say ‘What did Allah want to say by this parable?’ Allah makes whoever hu wants deviate, whoever hu wants come to the right path. His father said that there was no verse like this, just to argue with his son. He wrote a book to his son. He denied the 19 verse. His son, Edip, denied the two verses, Sadrettin, Edip’s father denied a verse. Allah made whoever (father-son) hu wanted deviate. But we know that 19 is a measure in Kuran, we accept it reasonably in a positive way. His son, Edip Yüksel, established a new religion by using Kuran. This is the examination of 19. These verses were written for him. If the father-son don’t repent and turn to Islam, Allah says that hu will put them in Sekar.

Yes the codes are as follows:

1.Akimetissalat=Fulfilling the daily regular prayer in the right time (two sides of the day and the whole night)

2.Fulfilling the daily regular prayer in the right way. After saying ‘Allahuekber’, Euzübillahimineşşeytanirracim-Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, a short surah for example Fatiha is read. After that there is bowing. After that there is the prostration. (There is no Semiallahulimenhamideh, Rabbena lekel hamd) The first Allahuekber is the binding duty, the others are not. I also say the Subhane rabbiyel âlâ, Subhane rabbiyel azim. After the second rekat, I sit down, I read a surah for example Asr. I greet the right and the left. After the daily regular prayer, I read Subhaneke, Allahumme Barik, Rabbena and ‘Kunut’. If you read these in the daily regular prayer, your daily regular prayer is upset. Because these prayers aren’t verses. The first condition to fulfill the daily regular prayer in the right way is that the daily regular prayer is certainly 2 rekats. After the end of the 2 rekats you greet the right and the left. Kıraat is a binding duty in the daily regular prayer, this means you should read a surah from Kuran. Never read Subhaneke etc. These are poems which are used in funerals. The prayer of the funeral is not really a regular prayer. It is a ceremony, in the real daily regular prayer, there is bowing and prostration. Furthermore because the maliki sect also doesn’t read Subhaneke and Ettehıyyatu, the thing that I tell is also the idea of the Ehlisunnah. The net answer is in the surah Nisa/101-102. After 1420 years we will be able to see finally that the daily regular prayer is 2 rekats.  Malikis read the Allahumme salli and barik. Malikis don’t read Subhaneke, Ettehıyyatü, and Kunut in the daily regular prayer.

Nisa/101-102: When you travel through the earth, there is no blame on you if you shorten your prayers, for fear the Unbelievers May attack you: For the Unbelievers are unto you open enemies. When you (O Messenger are with them, and standest to lead them in prayer, Let one party of them stand up (in prayer) with thee, Taking their arms with them: When they finish their prostrations, let them Take their position in the rear. And let the other party come up which hath not yet prayed – and let them pray with thee, Taking all precaution, and bearing arms: the Unbelievers wish, if ye were negligent of your arms and your baggage, to assault you in a single rush. But there is no blame on you if ye put away your arms because of the inconvenience of rain or because ye are ill; but take (every) precaution for yourselves. For the Unbelievers Allah hath prepared a humiliating punishment.

When you are with them and make them fulfill daily regular prayer.. Here the one which is you, is the prayer leader. Let a group of them start the daily regular prayer and let them take their guns. When these prostrate, let the others wait behind. A prostration is one rekat. I mean, the community is divided into two. The first fulfills one rekat. ‘Then let the other group that doesn’t fulfill the daily regular prayer do it together with you. The second group also fulfills one rekat. They shorten the daily regular prayer to 1 rekat. But because the prayer leader can’t shorten it, he-she fulfills it like everyday. The community fulfills it one rekat, the prayer leader fulfills it one rekat without making it short. The meaning of this is this: What is the full form of the daily regular prayer whose half is one? You can do these in the war-time. War=Travel are included. Let’s handle the war: You can do these:

1.You can fulfill the daily regular prayer one rekat.

2.You may not fight in the nature conditions. The storm, cold, flu are excuses not to fight. Shall we comment on this? In the old times, we were killed like a group of ants. Now, even one life is valuable. I mean, the USA to kill a Taliban, used tons of bombs and the cost of these is …….. For the USA, to kill a Vietnamese cost 50.000 $. Now this increased. Because from now on, no soldier should be killed. In the verse Nisa/102, Allah tells this. You can’t say like Kadir İnanır ‘shoot me, I will go to the heaven!’ That was in the old times. From now on, Allah doesn’t want our life to be damaged even from the rain, flu. Now let me talk about the travel situation. In the travel the daily regular prayer will be fulfilled one rekat. Our ascension became very less and genuine. With 5 times/40 rekats you can never fulfill the daily regular prayer in the right way, and you can never get humility. That is a torture. And young people don’t want to start fulfilling the daily regular prayer 5 times/40 rekats. If a creature of tells them that it is 3 times*2 rekats, one billion people who have some faith in their hearts will start fulfilling daily regular prayer. The one who writes and tells this is not me, but Allah and hus verses. The verses tell that on the two sides of the daytime=tarafeyn en Nehar. These two sides are separated by the Salatı Vusta=the noon post when the shadow is the shortest and falls to the bottom of the post. The daily regular prayer is this: At the two sides of the day. Until the noon two rekats. After the noon two rekats. The whole night two rekats. These are the binding duty and it is a command. It can’t be postponed. Between the calls (ezan) it is one time. The morning regular prayer is until the noon. The morning is very welcome, because it is witnessed by the night-day angels. They exchange duty. I mean the shadow is very long in the morning. Until the noon it is one time. Then again the shadow gets longer and until the end of the day it is the second time. These two regular prayers are called ‘TARAFEYN’. Two sides. The first is Subh (morning), the second is Nehar. There is no İkindi and Yatsı in Kuran. The translators try to put them in the commentaries. Evening and Yatsı are a single regular prayer and it can be fulfilled at any time at night. The whole night from the separation of the white thread and the black thread and until the separation of the white thread and the black thread is one time and it is two rekats. But other than this binding duty, Allah commands: ‘Allah knows that you deal with some activities in the day time, then read the one that comes easy to you from Kuran. But there is also a verse ‘I wish they fulfilled prayer at night by waking up.’ This is not a binding duty. It is a request which offers extra performance. It is up to your wish. If you want you do it, you do it as much as you want. The binding duties are 6 rekats. But the nights. The winter nights are very long. I can fulfill prayer 2-22-222 rekats at each two rekats I have to make a greeting. This is called Vitir. Vitir is fulfilled by waking up at latenight. It is a fourth regular prayer which is up to the wish. The sunnah cause you to lose time. All the sunnah were invented by Muaviye and Yezid.  Why do I fulfill daily regular prayer in vain and in limited amount? Doesn’t Allah say ‘wake up at midnight and do it as much as you want’. Yes, all the Shia and the Khaneefs and the religion of Abraham fulfill it 3 times a day. When we go to the Pilgrimage, we so-called add the daily regular prayer (Cem) The pilgrims fulfill it 3 times in the Pilgrimage. All the Shia fulfill it 3 times a day. Because the separation didn’t occur suddenly. An official deceived Ali. The followers of Ali since that day call themselves Shia=Unjustly treated. That day the daily regular prayer wasn’t reduced to 3 from 5. On the contrary, it was increased from 3 to 5 to increase the precipice between the sects. Only the sunnis in Iran fulfill it 5 times a day. The daily regular prayer which was 3 times*2 rekats since Abraham, was made 5 by the three generations of Ebu Sophian-Muaviye-Yezid. Always this political Islam. Ebu Sophian was the chief of Mecca. He was the main enemy of Muhammed. Muhammed returned back from Medina and captured Mecca from him without blood. Ebu Sophian, his son Muaviye and his son Yezid made a trick to pass the religion from father to son. They destroyed the Republic and they put the sultanate instead. When I wrote those, what did they tell me? Do you know? ‘You favour Ali, Hasan, Hüseyin too much, you are ‘redheaded.’ They said ‘you don’t like Muaviye and Yezid, you are Alevi.’ Then whatever you say is vain. The sophists of Ebu Sophian. The first-degree enemies of the Khaniffication. It is good that they didn’t do it 15 times. Meanwhile the answer came. About 45 million of the Shia fulfill the daily regular prayer 3 times in Iran. About 60 million of Shia in Pakistan fulfill it 3 times a day. The groups which are called Hazeri and Dari in Afghanistan are also Shia. The %60 of Iraq is Shia, the remaining is Sunni. In Iraq the daily regular prayer is fulfilled 3 times a day mostly. In every house in one or two people there is the sophianism. May Allah help us. May Allah protect us, the khaneefs, from the other muslims. May Allah protect our ‘Gonca Kuriş’s from the murderers of Hizbullah.

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CHAT 14 31.10.2001

Everything always began with the least. Like Adam and Eve. Muhammed and our mother Hatice. Two people, a pair, but it is enough. Sometimes it is like Lut who can’t find the fourth person. It ends with wrath. Today is both the beginning of the month and the full moon. It informs about the Ramadhan on the 15th day of the month. Also it is the period of the Republic. As far as we have time, we will continue the story of Hızır. But I have some things that I have to say. Today is candela, this is an abstract candela and have a happy candela. Because these nights, whether they have an origin or not are a reason for us to make prayer and submissiveness. Everything is an opportunity for Allah to forgive. I mean, I didn’t have/will never have an objection to such outstanding nights. Let’s talk about this night and these should be talked about. The things that I will write shouldn’t brake this night and our approaching to Allah. I told once before: In Kuran there is only the Night of Power. Also we should analyse the fasting. The Islamic world supposes the religion as the sect bigotry. First of all we should analyse the holy nights by filtrating them through science and Khaniffated Islam. In Kuran there is only the Night of Power. I mean, according to the lunar calendar, the only calendar which should come 11 days before every year belongs to this night and it enabled us to calculate the speed of 83 years (1000 months) between Andromeda and us. Now let’s summarize: The speed of the separation between the two galaxies… (In the universe, the space between galaxies is inflating, this is the expansion of the universe) In the verse,  Night of Power, I mean, approximately a time period of 12 hours are mentioned. 12 hours=1000 months, 1000 months=30.000 days, 30.000 days*24=720.000 hours. This is an important number for the Hubble Expansion Coefficient and the similarity is unbelievable. Indirectly, the lunar calendar accompanies to this in a way. As if 60.000 hours per world hour nutation is formed. The expansion of the universe relative to a world hour reaches this distance. (Zariyat-The Winnowing Winds-47) In other words, the space expands 60.000 times the distance the world makes in one hour. This is 83.3 Hubble coefficient. (The radian of space expanding in one second etc. We will analyse the topic in the future and register a miracle more) The Night of Power means Zariyat/47. Hubble, on the other hand, because of his parameters, calculated this as 79.9 bps/sec. We have a more reliable calculation. Andromeda goes away from us by augering motion and by pulsation. Two whirlgigs (Milky way and Andromeda) overlap each other. They become condensed. They behave like the two poles of an electroscobe. Is this a coincidence? Nothing is coincidence in the universe. Hubble constant is nearly fixed for near galaxies. But at the farthest galaxies, the expansion of the universe reaches or exceeds the speed of light. Because of this, parameters for far away galaxies become comical beyond being fixed. We are at the same polarized plane with the tachyons and we are perpendicular to each other, inside each other. Like the spirit and the body. Spirit is the source of light, body is the light itself. Because matter=energy. Let’s not forget that even the source of light goes faster than light, light goes with 300.000km/sec. The source of light is Nûr=tachyonic energy, and the light is Nâr=energy, light photons. Consequently, the expansion tensor of the universe may be faster than the light but the light communicates with us with unchanging speed ‘c’. Here the energy doesn’t lose gear. Only it emerges as a result of the interference of intrinsic impulsmoment. Energy is as if the remains or indicator of intrinsic impulsmoment. That’s why, the most reliably, Hubble constant is measured according to the nearest galaxy and relatively. That’s why the Night of Power is very very important.

The secret of the two verses which are translated as;

1.Angels and spirit descend

2.Kuran is sent down at that night

is this. But the main secret is that its name is Kadr.

Zariyat-The Winnowing Winds/47: We constructed the firmament with our power and certainly we are able to expand it.

Search for the word ‘power’ there. What is its original. Beneynaha=we constructed. From the root we constructed the heavens. But it gives a great cipher. The cipher is ‘whirlgig’. This is one of the unbelievable features of Arabic. For example another verse says: ‘You are asked about the Spirit, tell that the spirit is from the command of your Rab, you have been given a limited science’.

Now with the same way we are going to see a second feature of this verse. In Arabic Taal Hun=Taal(come) hun(here). ‘Come here’ is imperative. Come=imperative, Go=imperative. The ones among you who know Arabic will remember that RUH=GO (imperative modality) The word root is RaHa (went) The imperative form is RUH=GO. Now let’s write the verse in this way. You are asked about the order ‘GO’. Tell that it is imperative. It is the divine command and you are given a little science. One of the seven meanings of ‘kalil’ is minority, opposite of majority. The second meaning is the imaginary numbers which are smaller than ‘0’ like (-1) in square root. The third meaning is BOOMERANG. Ruh=go, Rücû=return. (raci, rac) To return back to Allah. To be turned towards Allah. To return back to Allah and meet hum. Ruh=He or she went, but they returned back. This is not go-come. This is absolutely a ring trip, nonstop to return back to the first stop. What do the verses tell? When saying

a)‘Angels and the Spirit descend’,

b)Angels and the Spirit ascend to the presence of Allah in 50.000 years.

The angels and the spirit who continuously ascend to the presence of Allah in a day equal to 50.000 years that we count, when such a night comes, as if the poles are changed, this time in that blessed night they don’t ascend. This time to ascend, although our galaxy interrupts their way, they go on through us. I mean, in the Night of Power, strangely, we stand on the way of the angels and the spirit.  The source comes from 83 years away as the starting point. For about 12 hours it stays with us. The Night of Power is about the moves of the Moon. As a result of a coincidence the four known phases of the moon is like its cogwheel. It as if counts the Night of Power. (From the biggest common factor and 7) This night doesn’t suit itself to the 365-day solar calendar. Continuosly every year it comes 11 days before. Once every 33 years it brings itself to the same starting point. This is added as a remnant year and thus the difference between the solar and the lunar callendars is removed. The indicator of Ramadhan and the 12 months is the Moon that we know. This moon has 12 months. The one who named this month as ‘Ramadhan’, who chose it, who loved it and who made Allah accept his request is Abraham, the first Khaneef, you know.

What does RamaDHan mean? It is not Arabic, but from the Brahmi branch of Sanskrit. Ramayana? RamaDHana? Rama=Great Spirit, Dharma=It descended. Abraham called it ‘Ramadhan’. His language was Sanskrit. Abraham comes from the son of Noah, Yafes. He spoke Yafesian. Remember Abraham’s sons and wives. Ismael=Hami, Isaac=Sami, Sarah=Sami, Hagar=Hami. Like the lunch of our mothers, the language of our mothers were inherited to us. Until Abraham’s relation with Nimrod, everybody understood each other. After the legend of Babeel, nobody understood each other. At that period of time Sanskrit was spoken. Ramayana like a type of Mahabharata legend. Arabs base everything on 3 letters. For example K-T-B. Katib=secretary, Mektub=letter, Ketebe=to write. There are countless derivatives. The Arab doesn’t know why there are 3 letters. This is the same for Hebrew. They interpret the derivatives but they don’t know the meaning of the 3 letters. But they had known before. After Abraham they forgot. The one they forgot wasn’t forgotten by Indo-Iran language family. But they forgot Sanskrit. For example Pen=Kalem, CALAMUS=Kalem. This is Latin. Kalama=kalem (Sanskrit)  For example Nar=energy. Orange came from it. Arabs say: ‘We had taken the 3 letters from somewhere, but we don’t know their meaning. But we derive 3000 words from them. The Aris (Yafesians) know the root but don’t know how to derive words. Musiki=Indo-Iran, Music=Eng, Musique=Fr, Muzik=Ger Arabic? ‘Zikr’ correct but that is the name of a planet. Planet of fine arts and love=Venus (Zuhre) Morning Star, Marjorie as a female name. Root is Zekra meaning flower, fine art. Let’s write Zekra in Arabic. ‘Zehra’ Flower. Muhammed called his daughter ‘Fatimatüz Zehra’. Z-H-R. Hızır is H-Z-R. Zehra>>Zühre>>Zükre. For example: TRC=Tercüme (translation), Tercüman=Translator, Mü-tercim. Let’s put a ‘Mü’ to the beginning of ‘Zihr’ ‘Mü-zuhr’ It has an interesting meaning. Sihr (sihir)= magic and Zihr (Zikr) They are sisters. The first mainly means ‘art which has a magic effect’ The second is ZİKR which is sound, vibration. The root of Music is this. In Arabic muganni, teganni means to sing. There is also Lu’ud. The derivative is Ludi, Laudi. Let’s put a ‘me’ to the beginning. ‘Melody.’ It is not Grek. Helens said melody was mainly Greek. Why is it in Arabic? In Tuareg languages there is Müludi. But when saying Zahir, we write with Za. This is like Zü. You know there are Zı-Zal-Zel. Zahir and Zühre are different. I gave this message:

1.At the beginning everybody understood each other. For example as a Turk, you can understand the Turkish dialects. You can talk easily with Azeris and Turkmens.

2.Later nobody understood each other.

a) Some didn’t know the 3 letters,

b) The others forgot to derive.

So the languages were separated.  If they lived together there was no problem for Yafesian Abraham, Samiian Sarah and Hamiian Hagar. In the verses there is a word ‘Abraham’s Khaneef Nation’. ‘Millete Ibrahim Hanifa’. This is not a race. This is a nation composed of various races. Danish, Turk, Black Mehmet, Tungwan, Chiuzwung, American, German. All of us, with one criteria, are a single nation. That criteria, condition is that: Moslems are divided into separate nations but Khaneefs are a single Abraham’s Nation. There is no race factor. There is no color, language etc. This doesn’t mean also there is no nationalism. If there are people around you talking about Arabism, Mollaism, Talibanism, Vahhabism, Yes, be a nationalist!.. Love your nationality. Because Islamists force you. But this is for low quality moslems. Where there is a low quality moslem, really be a nationalist. Because they are arabists. But if you are a khaneef, it is not important whether you are Belgian, French, Valon or Flaman. Instead there comes Allah’s Nation, Abraham’s Nation. When moslems force you to Arabism, be a nationalist. Because you are a khaneef, you aren’t an ordinary moslem, you are ‘khaniffated moslem’. You are from Abraham’s Nation. The one who doesn’t believe may look it up in Kuran written as ‘Millete İbrahiyme Hanifa’. Allah created us as ‘folks’ to enable us to know each other. Like German, Turk, American, Russian etc. But Khaneefs are an exception. From khaneefs ‘a nation’ emerges instead of folk. In the Dozen system of the future how many nations will we be? Our chromosoms are one, but chromosoms are composed of Adenin, Guanin, Cytosin and Timin, nucleic acids. They are also composed of Carbon, Hidrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Yes, chromosom is one, but the attribute to be a nation emerges from coming from Adam and Eve. Species, races.. Languages are like that. After languages, there are dialects. We were from Adam and Eve nation. The folk was the name of the children of this family. Some of the brothers were nation (they loved each other) Some were like in the event of Habil-Kabil. In murderer and murdered form. Notice that Jewish historians always say ‘folk’. They see themselves as a ‘single nation’ and place themselves to a special place. But when they fight with other nations they call them folks ‘Kavim=Goyim’ in Hebrew. The famous ‘G’ on the masonic sysmbol. Goyim=Pet.

We are the Nation of Abraham. We aren’t Goyim or Folk. If we are just muslims, it is all right. We are KKK HHH AAA NNN EEE FFF. We don’t have a folk. We are ’Milleti İbrahiyme Hanifa.’ I am the nationalist of a nation. I am not the fascist of a race or a folk. But whoever forces me to Arabism, or molla persianism or Arian Pashutism, I am a Turkish nationalist. Yes, this is like a manifesto. Semi-national, semi-international. It is like a glass which is half full, half empty. The Nation of Abraham. It is not the Arabs or the Jews. Allah hates them. Allah curses Jews and humiliates Arabs. It is written about Arabs in Kuran in Repentance-Tevbe/97: The Arabs are the worst in infifelity and hypocrisy, and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah had sent down to Hus Messenger. But Allah is All-knowing, All-Wise.

Hucurat/14: The Arabs say, “We believe.” Say, “You have no faith; but you (only)say, ‘We have submitted our wills to Allah,’ For not yet has Faith entered your hearts. But if you obey Allah and Hus Messenger, He will not belittle aught of your deeds: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

I never saw a repenting Arab until now. They don’t know even Arabic.

Family of Imran/67: Abraham was neither jew nor christian, he was khaneef.

Christians and Jews couldn’t share Abraham. One said hebrew Abraham, one said christian Abraham. The Old and The New Testament mentioned about this. But Kuran wrote 3-67. Azer was written as infidel in Kuran. He beat his son, Abraham.

Bakara/135: They say: “Become Jews or Christians if you would be guided (To salvation).” Say thou: “Nay! (I would rather) the Religion of Abraham the Khaneef, and he joined not gods with Allah.”

Allah says that Abraham is the father of Ismaelits and Israelits. How can he be christian or jew? He gave them his blood, racial features. He was a benefactor. He was the establisher of his folk. How can the father, establisher be called a jew or christian? The verse said ‘khaneef’.


Duhan has 7 meanings. (Air pollution, atomic mushroom, soundless explosions like Chernobile, environmental pollution etc. It has several meanings.) There will be events like Chernobile which is the example of silent dirtyness and silent burst in the near future. These will happen in the era of high technology. It became necessary to start colonisation in the near future. It is necessary to settle in Mars and in twilight zone of Mercury. It is the same for the Moon. Because Duhan means the world will be quarantined. The English of Duha is not the one you read in English Kurans. It means to incinerate. To destroy by burning.

Settling On the Planets- Future

One side of Mercury is like a desert scorched by the Sun. (Mercur can’t turn around the sun and its side looking at the Sun is about 400 C) The other side of it is frozen. (If it could turn round the Sun it would be equally heated.) But there is such a region (Twilight Zone) which is warm and nice. Mercur is so close that the sun skims over it. This region is at winter and summer, always about 30C. But if you walk 2 kilometers it becomes +120C. It is easy to ruin the world. Because they made the world a laboratory, it is easy to destroy the world, we ruin the water, it is not a problem, we buy a plastic bottle of water and we drink it. But for the settlement of Mercur the affair is not so. I mean there is no escape. You are in the state of Yasin/41-42-43. You should hover over the colonies.

41. And a Sign for them is that We bore their race (through the Flood) in the loaded Ark;

42. And We have created for them similar (vessels) on which they ride.

43. If it were Our Will, We could drown them: then would there be no helper (to hear their cry), nor could they be delivered,

The first tourist staff before the end of 2002, a space tour and the next year, a one-month journey. In the first 10 years the first colonies (the entertainment, rest). These will be controlled continuously with the space stations, and the risk will be reduced to zero. As for solar explosions, cosmic primaries called ‘shihabs’ don’t shoot you. There is the precaution. As the genies are effective outside of the neutral regions outside of Mele-i Ala (magnetic flux atlas). There is an exemption in the Twilight Ribbon of Mercury. It has safety. Technology is proceeding so fast that a project goes to rubbish bin each 3 months. The computers remaind unsold. 6 months ago, the neighbours were selling Pentium-3, Win ME. Now Pentium-4 is cheaper including the ATX cases. The LCD screens which are equal to the price of the monitors. Technology is cheaper but the companies didn’t reflect it to you. The keyboard is not necessary. Humans must be free. They must have confidentiality rights. But the sionist camp doesn’t agree with this. The Big Brother watches you, formats your brain. We are going to throw the cellular phones to rubbish bin, because the calendar was started for the digital system in radio-Tv transmitters. With laser (carrier wave), worldwide transmission will be made. The messages will be loaded to a dense laser wave. The vision and sound is so amazing like webcam. 2002 is the start-year for this. There won’t be SW, LW, MW, UHF anymore. There won’t be any cable. (cordless) To each person a frequency will be allocated. That frequency also opens the lock of the house. There is chat with webcam. Consequently if The Big Brother converts this to Montauk, it will listen to us everywhere. They can listen to everything illegally by putting two virtual devices to the transferrers.  The Night of Power comes to the same date each 33 years. When did Kuran first come to Muhammed? I mean in the Hira Cave. When he was told ‘Ikra bismi rabbike’. If we find it, if we add 11 days each year. Each 33, 66, 99 years, the Night of Power comes to the same day. Yes year 610. The ones who have continuous calendar can find to which date that the Ramadhan came. For the Night of Power, first from the Siyer which month and which day and which hour? It was written that he took shelter in the Hira Cave. Shall we make some fortune-telling before analysing this topic? What is the birthday of our Republic of our country. October the 29th. The fortune-telling says that since 1923 every 75 years the history of the Turks changes. The dynasty of the Turks is destroyed every 75 years. The Gokturk State was divided into 2. After 75 years it was conquered by the Chinese. After 35+40 years, the Kutluk State was founded. They conquered the China. After 75 years it ended. The Chinese again conquered the Turks. Sincan/Uygur/Kansu Turks are in the hand of China. October the 29th is not a good biorhythm start date. If it was the 4th of July, for example. The Cancer. We would live like the American Dream. Not the drama but the dream. But it happened. Turkey is Scorpion. Until it is changed, until a second republic is established… For Allah the agreements are very important, especially for hum, the agreements which are made with the infidels are very important. We made oath to hum, hu makes us do job with agreement. We said October the 29th. The agreement is agreement. We started with the Scorpion. Go and see the archives, and cry for your situation. The people who managed us throughout the 75 years. The end of the 75 years should be considered as the start of the Sezer era. Before Sezer, Demirel is Scorpion. Erbakan is Scorpion. Mesut Yılmaz is Scorpion. Deniz Baykal is Scorpion. Çiller was born on the 10th of November, the day when Atatürk died. Çiller said that she was Twins. The Manager of the Treasury is Scorpion. Mustafa Denizli who is the head coach of the Turkish National Football Team is Scorpion. Half of the Ministers are Scorpion. Özal was Twins. And we know that he was murdered. He wanted to say a Federated Turkish State with Kıbrıs, Nahçıvan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaycan. He was executed. He already said that his shroud was on him. When the Pluton and the Mars met, all the economy was finished. There are two months to the folk uprising. The government increased the wages of the armed forces. Silently it increased the wages the policemen. The teachers are waiting for the increase in the wages. This government divided the clerks and committed a crime. They increased the wages of the police. But they didn’t increase the wages of the clerks who work for the minimum wage. The government takes 115 million liras as tax from the minimum wagers. This is our state. The free market economy was very necessary. Before Özal, our management system was a kind of communism. We couldn’t smoke cigarettes. Finally we saw Marlboro in the showcases. In the era of Özal, Turkey saw its best era economically. In the era of a prime minister like Akbulut Turkey lived its richest era including the last 150 years of the Ottomans. And the worst era is the era of Ecevit. A country couldn’t be taken in to bankruptcy like this. I don’t know how he did it. From now on, we buy house from the bank with 20-year credit. We buy car from the factory with 6-year credit. We lived with these dreams, but when the constitution book was thrown, the dollar increased to its twice value, the stock market fell. In one night the dreams of house and car left their places to dry bread. It is impossible to buy bread. It is as expensive as the sandwich. If there are 5-6 people in a family, the cost of the bread exceeds the wage. How did they succeed this? To sign such an unsuccess is even a success. We broke the record of the republic. We live the worst period. Every citizen starts the day with 1600 $ debt. They go to work. This debt is just debt of interest. The real inflation is dreadful. %135.

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CHAT 13 26.10.2001

Let’s take the 65th verse of the surah Cave and finish this topic today. When the story of Hızır is combined with the chats the integrity of the topic will emerge.

Kehf-The Cave/65: Meanwhile they found one of our apostles, on whom We had bestowed Mercy from Ourselves and who learned knowledge from Our own Presence.

We mentioned about this. Now let’s write the 66th verse.

Kehf-The Cave/66: Moses said to him: “May I follow you, that you teach me something of the knowledge which you have been taught?”

Moses wanted to be student for both of Mercy and Knowledge. In the verse it doesn’t say ‘the one that you are taught’. It says ‘from the knowledge that you learned from the mercy of Allah.’  Meanwhile Moses says ‘May I follow you (from your time, from the path of your time)? I mean, as if there is no Joshua.

Kehf-The Cave/67-68: He: Verily, you can’t be patient to what I did, how can you bear the things whose reason you can’t comprehend?

Now there are important points here. Hızır says that he will do some things. But in the past tense. ‘To the things that I did’.. The things that he will do suddenly become ‘the things that he did in the past.’ By meaning this paradox, he says ‘the things that will confuse you..’ The causality will be reversed. Because he says ‘you can’t show patience to the events whose reason you can’t understand.’ Here the event is this: The result is this. I mean, when Moses looks at those events as reason, everything will be meaningless for him. Consequenly we will try to understand the verses with the principle which is the opposite of causality where the result comes first.

Kehf-The Cave/69: Inshaallah, you will see that I will be patient, I won’t rebel against you in any affair.

Moses submits. Because to be a prophet and to be a scholar are different affairs. When Moses says ‘You will see that I will be patient’, the patience is in two ways.

A) The patience that we know

B) The patience which is reversed.

To explain this mechanism, first let’s analyse the patience ‘SBR’ (sabr, sabır). Allah has two names which stand opposite to each other. The first is Seriul Hisab, I mean, the one who serially calculates, who serially handles. The example of this is that you think of calculators which calculate the cubic root of a great number in the (one-sixtieth)s of a second. This is very fast like the electrical flow. It passes and goes with the lightspeed. But if you put a resistance to the same electrical flow, it becomes a different affair. This time the electrical flow (as we know the classical formulas of volt, ampere, watt etc) can’t pass with the lightspeed and without any function. For example the electrical flow tries to overcome the resistance in the electrical stoves with resistance and it tries to pass to the other end (pole). Meanwhile as you know the electrical stove heats us well. I mean, Seriul Hisab is the indicator of the light photons. Es Sabur is the indicator of the thermic photons. Do we understand the function of the name of Allah ‘Es Sabur’? And do we understand this? ‘Give them some time’ ‘Give a period of time’. You know about these verses. That’s why patience means the transition period. We water the soil, but we should give a period of time, so that the water goes to the roots of the plant and it is absorbed there. In the presence of Allah, the time, BECOME=DIE, I mean, birth and death are at the same place. Or the birth=reason, death=result are at the same place. Because when we reach the lightspeed, the distance between birth and death or reason and result shortens. That’s why from the twins, the one who moves with lightspeed stays 14 times younger. Because he speed up such that he shortened the distance between the reason and the result. At exactly the lightspeed, because of the lightspeed space-time is bent and like a tablet arc, its start and end unite. They become the same. The reason becomes the result. Consequently we, as matter, because we move very very slower than light, our time or the distance between the reason and the result becomes very long, Allah suggests us the patience. If we were the living beings that moved with the lightspeed, we wouldn’t be suggested the patience. As our Allah said ‘That day will come and your affair is to have ended, you give explanation in the Gathering Place.’ Or ‘The last day came and grasped you, you even shared the heaven and the hell.’ An example to these verses can be given about the Gogs and the Magogs. These are two verses and one of them is in the surah Cave.

Kehf-The Cave/99: On that day we leave them, they interfere each other as waves. When the horn is blown, we collect them all together.

We leave them as oscillationic wave inside each other (two phases together). They interfere each other in wave form. Now if you notice, the verse tells about the future time with a long delay. But it says ‘On that day, the horn was blown, we collected them together.’ I mean, in the presence of Allah the affair is over. And it is over with the past tense. We chose this expression on purpose to tell about the patience affair. At the back of patience, suddenly everything ended. But patience seems to us very long and hard. In the calendar of 1 day=1.000 years, it is composed of sixtieths of a second. A person who stays in the afterworld for a day will have stayed 1.000 years (364.000 days) with the world calendar. We will learn the real patience there. The Gathering Place will be very crowded. Not 1 day, maybe we will stay there 10 days (10.000 years), or 100 days (100.000 years). Fear of Allah as you should fear of hum. Fear of hum O Khaniffs. Why does Allah suggest patience to us in the surahs like ASR? What if we don’t become patient? Again aren’t we in a situation of being patient? For example there is an event tomorrow. Two people will live this event. But tomorrow didn’t come. One of them is patient, and the other is not and he is quick-witted. He says ‘Uff?!’ and he makes life very distasteful to both himself and the other. Stress is contagious. The next day comes, the one who is patient and the one who isn’t patient live the same process. The ones who couldn’t be patient ruined their life, and went to tomorrow miserably. Both of them live the same period. But one is patient, and the other is not. I mean, at the patience event the persons are judged. The event is single and it is synchronised to everybody. The ones who are tested here are us. The one who is patient or not is us. we shouldn’t perceive the patience as ‘The dervish who is patient attains his aims.’ I am not that much fatalist. Again when we analyse the patience, we should understand it in such way: For the action of evil to occur, it is necessary to show patience. Good and evil are different things. While the good people walk together, an evil comes to you and hits you with his shoulder. Even if you apologize, he says ‘I don’t forgive, watch out!’ This is wickedness. I mean, there should be wickeds and their wickednesses such that their wickednesses should be recorded as being realized. With a more general example, about 100.000 muslim women were raped. 500.000 muslims were destroyed in the total graves. These should have happened. Because by enabling the evilhood, it is necessary for the evilhood to occur. In this topic, you can find a verse in the surah Ali İmran 110-111-112-113. Unfortunately our Bosnian brothers-sisters didn’t get any lesson from the history. In the time of Tito the muslim Bosnians, the catholic Croatians and the orthodox Serbians fought each other. When the federal Yugoslavia was established, the management of the army was left to the Serbians. Bosnians neglected this. They made the Serbians the gendarme of Yugoslavia and they shortened their own military services and they were very lazy. When the Serbians became the sole ruler of the armed forces, and when everything went out of control, our Bosnian brothers-sisters, because of their negligence, paid the price of being without precaution and arm. But Allah orders this. (by mentioning about precaution and resignation to Allah) ‘If a folk doesn’t correct themselves, Allah also won’t correct that folk.’ Afghanistan pays the price of not correcting themselves for centuries. They as if transferred the medieval age-tribe system to Millenium. Afghanistan or the Saudis. It doesn’t matter. Let’s write the Ali İmran/110:

You are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors.

The auspicious group that is mentioned here are the companions of Muhammed. Now no muslim is in this group. When saying the people of the book, we should perceive it like the western world of today. The ones in them who belive like me… (the ones who became muslim later) Let’s have a look at the 111st verse

3/111: They will do you no harm, barring a trifling annoyance; if they come out to fight you, they will show you their backs, and no help shall they get.

We took the Serbians as example. The verse says ‘They will do you no harm, barring a trifling annoyance.’ That word is not trifling annoyance. It is the natural punishment of the negligence and precautionlessness. Muslim or Buddhist, nothing changes. Here the action is negligence and precautionlessness. I mean, the topic is not Islam, it is human being in this verse… But there is more.. Allah again looks after us, the muslims. ‘After I punish you, or after I make you martyr and make your rank higher etc.’ If you remember the surah Rum. Kuran, in that verse, told that the Rums would have victory over the muslims about 3 to 9 years. And really this event happened. Later they and the Serbians for some time had victory, in 3-9 years they ran away without looking back. If they start to fight you, they escape. Then they won’t be helped. The verse says this. We look at everything as white and black. If there was no Nato, Nato didn’t help the Serbians, it bombed them. No Bosnian and later no Kosovan muslim would exist. Nato became a benefaction of Allah. Nato didn’t help the Serbians, it helped the muslims in one way. Who can say the opposite? In the verse there are these types of secrets. Let us tell the definition of the word Rum with the point of view of Kuran. The one which is told here is not the Roums, not the Greek Roums and the Cypriot Roums. Because the origin of the the word Roum is romus and romulus. I mean, from the beginning there are two types of Romans=Roums. One of these is the western roman religion and sects. I mean the Catholics. The second is the eastern romans (Bizantium’s Ecumenics, The patriarch of Fener) These are the second type of Romans. Their sect is orthodoxy. When saying Romans, Allah doesn’t mention a race, but the christian sects. All the Slavs are Orthodox. The western side (leh, czech, Slovak, croatian, Sloven) are catholic. I mean the catholics and the orthodox are opposing the muslims. The name roum which is given to the surah roum tells this. Notice that there is no protestant among these. The protestants are definite. The anglosaxons. The dutch, North germans, all the scandinavians.

Zafer: Martin Luther wasn’t born yet.

Yes, he wasn’t born yet, but if Allah wished, hu would also mention about him. I mean, hu would leave a parable to the scholars such as ‘the protestants will emerge and they will harm you.’ I said that because of that. Even the Swedish King Ironhead Charles was the ally of the muslims, Turks, and the Ottomans. Like Denmark, Norvegia, Holland, the protestant Germany and America. (except the England, because the policy of the British is managed by the sionism) None of them has a fight with Turkey or the Islamic countries. Khaneef already means the protestant. Because Islam is a new religion, it has yet two sects. Catholic=Sunni, orthodox=Shia. In the future/now our protetanthood was ignited=for the khaniffication the start was already given. Did I say Millenium in vain? Did you notice my example? I told about the protestanthood (but its Islamic form) for centuries the Sophianists will kill the Khaneefs.

3/112: Shame is pitched over them (Like a tent) wherever they are found, except when under a covenant (of protection) from Allah and from men; they draw on themselves wrath from Allah, and pitched over them is (the tent of) destitution. This because they rejected the Signs of Allah, and slew the prophets in defiance of right; this because they rebelled and transgressed beyond bounds.

Yes there are these signs. I sang the Mississippi songs. Then Hawking sent a message. Then I said Millenium. 10 days later the WTCs were bombed. I said the Khaniffication. Yaşar Nuri etc synchronisedly put forth the similar ideas. Did you notice? The millienium became exactly the millenium. If you search for a sign, a good analyst can find 1000 signs. Yaşar Nuri can’t be a reference. He just takes a parallel drive. As you see, I mentioned about the diaposom partners of the telepats. They get it randomly, the sensitive people or their frequencies match, did you remember? For example George Adamsky. A bit crazy but the telepat twin. He could catch the real 1Ns. He knew where they would land and they would come there… But the 1Ns, by pretending to be the alien Marsian and the Saturnian, they hid the fact that they were in reality the time travellers. Furthermore I wrote Adamasky as a support. A random target-response relation emerges between Adamsky and the others. As if an earthquake happened. We say the telemessenger and the randomer. In telepathy the receiver-sender or the target person can be a randomist telepatician. This fact also exists in science. Weinberg and Abdusselam. They found the bosons without knowing about each other, reading their ideas which they hid after years. They found, W, W0 and W+.. When they got the Nobel prizes of the same period they met each other. It is asked them where were their minds until the prize-day. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky were in the same relation. Ouspensky could take the messages of Gurdjieff who was a magician and telepat as randomist. Gurdjieff had to take him to the group. Furthermore he was a good student. Borges was an amazing telepat. James Joyce was receiving the transtime messages that he was sent. This is an ability. For example I can’t do this. ‘By the stream of Zemzem under Zigzag Hill’. The forumists will read the Zemzem subterranean gallery which flowed under the ZigZag hill. It was said ZigZag hill, not mountain top. That’s why the name of that mountain is Arafat. And it is holy. Even it was told ‘the pilgrimage is Arafat. I don’t want to say, but I feel so comfortable with this 2-rekat daily regular prayer. I advice it to all of you. It is an amazing meditation. The ascension of the believer. Unfortunately it continues 2 rekats. Survitesse.. Thanks to Allah the long winter nights are close. The mornings will be 8 hours, the nights will be 16 hours. If we sleep 8 hours, if we have 4 hours of hobby time, the 4 hours are remaining. If they woke up at night and fulfilled nightly prayer, it would be very favourable for them. In the surah Müzemmil, Allah orders us to divide the night into 3 and worship.

73/1-5: O you folded in garments! Stand (to prayer) by night, but not all night,- Half of it,- or a little less, Or a little more; and recite the Qur’an in slow, measured rhythmic tones. Soon shall We send down to thee a weighty Message.

On the 21st of March and the 23rd of September, the night and the day are equal. 12=12. In the summer the day is 16 hours and the night is 8 hours. This verse isn’t for the summer. At 21 it almost darkens, at 05:00 it is illuminated. Which night will you divide into three, it is impossible. But… In the winter, on the 21st of December which is the opposite of the 23rd of June, there is 8 hours of daylight. But the night is 16 hours. I told you about the 16 hours recently. I slept for 8 hours. Or 10 hours. I watched a 2-hour film on TV. It became 12 hours. 4 hours remained? The never-ending 4 hours. For two hours I surfed in the internet. Chat etc. Uff two hours remained. Let me read newspaper or book. EEEH. One hour remained. Then I will fulfill night prayer as much as I wish. Is there anyone who has an objection? It can be 222 rekats, each is composed of 2 rekats. ‘By waking up some time at night’, this is not an order, not a binding duty. ‘Oh Rabb, I wasn’t satisfied with 3 times*2 rekats. I love the daily regular prayer. You arranged the daily regular prayer 3times*2rekats not to make me tired. But if I fulfill it in the long winter night. I didn’t fulfill it yesterday or the day before. The other day 2 rekats. For a week I didn’t fulfill it. But this night I lost sleep, with the condition to give greeting at each 2 rekats, I want to fulfill 20 rekats of prayer. Yes, I was telling the prayer that is fulfilled some time at night which is not a binding duty which is fulfilled according to your wishes.  Allah told ‘I wish they woke up at night and fulfilled nightly prayer.’ How do we fulfill the ‘Vitir’? We just add it to the Yatsı. Go home and sleep. What is the order? Wake up some time at night. What is the use of vitir just after yatsi? Again my khaneef character showed itself. The summer is a complete disgrace. The people eat after the fasting in the evening, after 8 hours they wake up for the preparation meal for the fasting. In the summer night who goes to bed before 03 or 04? I wait for the preparation meal at night then I sleep. I sleep in the morning. That’s why it is a disgrace. Buuuuut… In the winter, in December, I am robust and active. Because I slept for 8 hours. I took my time for 7 hours more. Let me worship at that extra 1 hour. It is a shame if I don’t do it. It got dark at 17.00. In this Ramadhan for the west of Turkey, the fasting ends at 16.45. I ate meal. Between 17-22 I watched TV, I made projects at the computer. I went to sleep. This took 8 hours. Then is 06:00. Uff there are 3 hours for the air to be illuminated. To wake up at some time at night was this.

3/112: Shame is pitched over them (Like a tent) wherever they are found, except when under a covenant (of protection) from Allah and from men; they draw on themselves wrath from Allah, and pitched over them is (the tent of) destitution. This because they rejected the Signs of Allah, and slew the prophets in defiance of right; this because they rebelled and transgressed beyond bounds.

These are the Roums. (I mean the two sects) Serbians, Armenians, Russians etc. In these there are people who remain loyal to their agreements, who remain in mutual agreement to their pacts. (Our example was NATO, other than the pact that we made with them) The remaining western world was sealed with despicability. Be careful with the verse. They made evil actions. After a long time the doomsday came. And they were revived. They were sealed with despicability. They were exposed to the wrath of Allah, they were sealed with despicability. Their accounts were already over. While we say ‘patience’ did you notice that their accounts were over. The affair was already was over. Do you understand me the Khaneefs? Whose job was being patient? Didn’t Moses tell Hızır ’İnshaallah you will find me very patient’? The patience is very long process when it is looked at from the reason end. But when looked at from the result end, the accounts were taken care already, the Gogs-Magogs were collected on the Gathering place. Of course, the man is unemployed. He is patient to what Allah gives to him. But he doesn’t search for a job. And he shows patience to his little amount of reserve. It is very comical. Then he says ‘Allah gave that amount of reserve’. I am patient, I don’t object. This is called being sealed with supineness. There was the seal of despicability. In the verses there is also a seal of supineness. Search for the word ‘miskin’. Yes: Sükunet, müsekkin, teskin. Siesta is also the culture of the mexican culture which shares the same zone. Thus we finished the Family of Imran and we can pass to the surah Cave. Moses said: ‘You will find me patient’. I request the following verse.

18/69: Moses said: “You will find me, inshaallah (truly) patient: nor shall I disobey thee in aught.”

While Hızır refused him, suddely he changed his mind. Why? ‘Inshaallahi Sabıran’ Its meaning is ‘May Allah make it’. What? The answer of this is in the surah cave where the name Inshaallah is pronounced. There were the owners of the two camps.

18/23-24: Nor say of anything, “I shall be sure to do so and so tomorrow”. Without adding, “Inshaallah.” and call your Rabb to mind when you forgot, and say, “I hope that my Rabb will guide me ever closer (even) than this to the right road.”

Never say I will certainly do this tomorrow. Say Inshaallah. It is hoped that Allah will do what you want at an earlier time. Now because of the magic word Inshaallah, Hızır returns back and taks Moses. ‘Ok, walk my trouble.’ Let us comment on the meaning of this word according to the time-travelling. When Hızır said ‘ok, come with me’, Hızır gave Moses more than three credits. Moses limited himself with 3. I mean ‘let this be the last one, we will be separated if I intervene in your affairs. I will think of the result before the reason.’ We will get this in the following verses. Here the problem is not khaniffication, Moses doesn’t investigate. Instead of staying sensible in front of a rational scholar, he becomes a smart aleck. Don’t underestimate Moses. Allah became manifest to him. He is the prophet whose name was pronounced the most. (28 times) Of course Moses is one of the dear apostles of Allah. But Allah never changes his scholar apostle with any of hus prophets. El Alim is also the name of our Allah. Didn’t Muhammed bring this religion to the folk of Afghan? He brought. With illiteracy. This religion came to the heavens of Afghan with the medieval age order. I wish they had a scholar. Just a single scholar. It is very tragic that in the history of Afghanistan no scholar, no inventor emerged. For example a Peshtu, Dari, Tacik and Hazari. There is noone who invented a can-opener. But from the Afghanistan Turkistan Ibni Sina (he was Uzbek) is the first maestro of the medicine. Hypokrat is even second after him. Do you understand what I mean? Just as I criticised my Bosnian brother because he didn’t take any precaution, also I can’t tolerate my Afghan brother who is from the folk of Muhammed. I can’t tolerate Usame 1000 ladin. Steal the aeroplane and with the innocent passengers enter the buildings. Then say ‘I made cihad and became martyr.’ In Kuran three verses say that the one who commits suicide will stay in the hell forever. %74.52 opium of the world comes from only a strange community of Afghanistan which is called Pushtu. They are also called Taleban.  The castle of Alamut, the event of the hashish addicted dervishs is not new. It is the repeat of the history. The biorhythms of the history are always repeated. Hasan Sabah became an example to the Afghans. The policy of Taliban was established on that style. PKK also gives courage pills, hypnosis pills and great amount of hypodermic syringe. They take the gudgeon and commit suicide. ‘Let the martyrs of the revolution enter the heaven!’ To the heavan of the donkeys. Hasan Sabah never died. The 12 km2 hashhash farms of Apo which were watered by the Zap river put the Turkish army in trouble. The history goes on. Tomorrow somebody will emerge. They will be the hashhashins of Hasan Sabah. The sionists do this slyly. They make the people they hired for this job sell opium in the quarters of the towns in Europe, and they find a black income from it. But the hypocrites like Usame 1000 Ladin are the men of the sionists. The so-called muslims. A site made a poll. The contribution is very high. %65 of SP and AKP favoured Usame Bin Ladin. They say ‘Down with America!’ I am not Americanist, but like the NATO example that I gave, somebody has friendly agreements with us. The one who doesn’t believe, let him-her look at the verses of the family of Imran /100. For the masons and rotariens.

3/100: O you who believe! If you listen to a faction among the People of the Book, they would (indeed) render you apostates after you have believed!

The ones who are told are the ones who are masons, who enter those clubs, the ones who are from us, the ones who fit themselves to them. They are from the people of the book. I mean from the Old Testament. Isn’t sionism and masonry directed to the hermetic and rituals of the Old Testament? Do you see the masonry in the verse? 3/100 clearly tells this. The Family of Imran. In this surah there are many families. The ones who are the members of those clubs. 3/101 also belongs to them:

3/101: And how would you deny Faith while unto you are rehearsed the Signs of Allah, and among you Lives the Messenger. Whoever holds firmly to Allah will be shown a way that is straight.

Even Allah tells that they are origined from Islam and ask them how they betrayed Muhammed. 3/104 tells the eastern wing of us, the khaneefs. 3/105-106 tells about the ones who establish the sects, the imams of the sects, and the ones who follow these men, the ones who love their sects more than their religions. From 107 to the first part of 110 the companions of Muhammed are addressed. Some part of 110 until the end of 112 tell about the wrong westerns like the Serbians. 113-114-115 tell about the western muslims, the western khaneefs clearly. 116-121 unfortunately the address of the sophianists that we love, that we applaud in the polls, that we love most, that we choose, whose sheriat we want.  116 is the Islamic capital, opium, hashhash. 117 tells the war winds. Look at 118. You will see the nice imam behind whom you fulfill prayer. The one whom we tell our problems. The one whom we say ‘My hodja Kuran says this, but you say that’. You can see that they behave hypocritely. They say ‘you are right, Kuran says the truth. They surprise you, they want you to have problems. To protect his religious community, he offends you, his anger is out of his mouth. The brutality that they carry in their heart is more frightening. 119: I love those imams, communities very much. I say ‘look what you say, what the verse says’. They say ‘Hans, you certainly know Kuran and Arabic more than us. The book writes what you say. They immediately go to their communities and say that ‘Hans is establishing a new religion. He is very focused on Kuran. He didn’t read the hadith, instead he read the 100 verses.’ This man is the enemy of Muhammed, he is a CIA agent to corrupt our religion, the student of the pope. When they are left alone, they say these about me and about you, the khaneefs. If you read the verses they will ask what happened to the hadith. If you say ‘On Friday you can not make holiday, it is illicit, they ask ‘Are you the only one who is wiser, a billion muslims make holiday on Friday?’ If you open the verse and show it as ‘This is told by Allah’, their answer is this: ‘Do you know better than our ancestors for 1400 years? You are muslim just for 37 years. My great grandfather was the sheikh of Islam and my grandfather was a famous sheikh of a tariqat. Hans we are muslim for generations. You are selling our religion in 37 years to us?

2/170: When it is said to them: “Follow what Allah had revealed:” They say: “Nay! we shall follow the ways of our fathers.” What! even though their fathers Were void of wisdom and guidance?

Yaşar Nuri is the random receiver of my Millenium telemessages. Because the similar opinions resonate with each other. He started to open some topics related with khaniffication. The teletense messages which are sent to Zweig. In a way James Joyce was receiving them. The problem of the three quarks. The coincidence that Abdusselam and Weinberg found the bosons. Yaşar Nuri tells the breezes like Ospensky, but he doesn’t understand completely like Gurdjieff. I don’t want to gossip about Yaşar Nuri. He took the things that I wrote months ago to his new book. What on earth is this? Whoever wishes reads our website and newsgroup, then I see them in another forum. Somebody signs our writing and publishes them. I learned that Yaşar Nuri was a very gullible man in 1997. Then he praised the man who used the nickname Hans in his program. Because he was strange to the scientific topics, he was not strong enough to evaluate his ideas. Likewise, after the programs that showed the real face of Hans and the broadcastings that criticised Yaşar in the media, he also invited me to his program in panic. YNÖ was about to proclaim himself as a mighty. In one of his articles he mentioned about a naked warner. The birth date of this naked warner was the same as his birthdate. When the pres-media started to awaken, he changed his mind and he extricated himself from trouble. If the media allowed him to go ahead, YNÖ would be in trouble like the false-prophet Iskender Evrenosoğlu. Everybody would make fun of him. My family knows about him personally, I know what kind of person he is. I don’t believe any word of him.

To the algebraic scale, the 6th level, a vertical axis comes in addition to the concrete-abstract number pairs. These are very important. Have you ever heard a cubic algebra? In Kuran mathematics=Rakîm=Rakam, geometry is kehf. Kehf is cave in English. It also means topology. Kehf/Kavern/Cave from Sanskrit. For example to hollow out the inner part of the pepper is ‘kava’. The stuffed pepper is ‘kofik’. I drew a vefq and I adapted its matris to kehf, I mean the ray expansion. The way of the mind gives power to us. The way to fulfill daily regular prayer.. You will be surprised, how easy this religion was, also you will be worried about your past efforts. This wasn’t related with you. This was a matter of strategy. We, the khaneefs, were very few, and very secret. Out of us, there were two types of Islam:

1.Hadithian Islam,

2.Light Islam

I mean, until we explained that we were khaneef, nobody was aware of it. The sophianists on the one side, the light muslims on the other side. We weren’t interested in the light wing. As I wrote before, we were giving two answers.

1.According to Islam the daily regular prayer is 5 times per day.

2.According to Kuran, it is 3 times per day.

3.According to the hadith, it is 11 times oer day. There is a ‘duha’ prayer between the morning and the noon. There are three at night, one ‘vitir’, one ‘teşehhüt’. (Don’t sleep at night, fulfill daily regular prayer!) there is also the evening. The noon, afternoon, the latemorning prayers. ‘Vecibe’ prayer. (It is fulfilled at the time of the festivity prayer) You get mad. ‘Nafile’, ‘mendup’, ‘müstehab’ are different daily regular prayers. There is also ‘teravih’.  In the ‘3-months’, there is ‘evyabin’ daily prayer for the 90 days. You will go to 90 mosques. For each mosque, there is ‘mescidelhıyr’ prayer each two rekats. They changed the 3 times daily regular prayer to 5, later 6 as vitir, 7 as late morning. They exaggerated. Because the hadith is very important. It was 55, Allah reduced it to 5. It can’t be reduced from 3 to 5. The path of mind is one. They should have said ‘increased’. According to some rumors Muhammed met Moses or Jesus or Abraham during the Ascension. The muslims=cruel. But muslimhood=saf, secure, healthy. Islam is an institution. The ones who can’t represent it are the black stains. Consequently muslims are cruel. Muslimhood is safe, secure.

YRLGYN. There is no Arabic word like this. If it is Yarlığayan, it is in the essential Turkish (Oguzian and Hunian). Yarlığanmak=to be forgiven. Yarlığan=the one who forgives. Yarlığa is from Hunian. The one who shows mercy. It also can be this. There is a famous dilemma in Turkish. Yasavul=the one who makes laws from Gokturkish. I mean, in Kuran, like ‘Oh Rabb, yarlığa=forgive us, they had written the commentary in essential Turkish. In the Kuran commentary it was written as yarlığan by the department of the religious affairs. The contrary of this is yasavul. Th eone who doesn’t forgive. For example the prosecutor doesn’t forgive. The advocate requests to be forgiven. This always exists in Turkish. Durmuş and Satılmış. These are male names and their history comes from the Yuechis. You know that the Turks are army-nation. When they went to China as spring attack, one of the two children of each family was taken to the military service. Satılmış was the going child. Durmuş was the remaining child. Durmuş is the one who is the father candidate. The other is sold.

In Kipchakian (Chagatagian) Turmuş and Satı.

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CHAT 12 24.10.2001

The splitting of the water is similar to the electrolysis. But not in chemical meaning. As a matter of fact, in also the energy discharges like Bermuda, the water is split. But there is a special biochemical event which is called OSMOS. Or a bioalchemical event. Let us not comment it as metaphysics. Everything exists in the limits of science. (Except the existence of Allah) Don’t think of it as electrodes. Also don’t think of it like the sphenoid bobbins. This is directly an osmosis event. You remember the osmos, don’t you? From chaos (hunnes) to cosmos (kunnes) there is a compensating tunnel. The event that Moses splits the sea is like an electrolysis, but as a matter of fact with a very different advanced technology.

Kehf-The Cave/60: Behold, Moses said to his attendant, ‘I will not give up until I reach the junction of the two seas or until I will spend years and years in travel.’

In space-time, how can you go to the point where the two seas unite? It means, if the two seas unite, they also must be separated. Meanwhile let’s analyse the notion of uniting of the two seas at two places. Every verse has 7 meanings. (Kuran Divine Radiation=White light, 7 colors, spectral semantic in Kuran). The superficial meaning from the 7 meanings is this: The Mediterranean and the Red Sea are very close to each other at Suez region. The second is it informs us about the Panama Canal. You will ask ‘What is extraordinary here?’ We already know it. But it is not so. Kuran wrote it in 622s. When was America discovered? 1498-622=876 years ago. Kuran informs us that the American continent would be discovered and after that in 1550s Panama would be found and there a canal would be opened. I mean, two seas are directed to each other in two different places. This is one of the miracles of Kuran. It informs us about the American Continent 876 years before. As a matter of fact it had been informed before. Zulkarneyn’s western travel was to the American Continent. By the way, one more note. Who was the first to arrive at America? A galley slave. I am talking about Santa Maria ship of Colombus. They saw the Red Indians the first time. He was Rodrigo. To hide his real identity that he was a Muslim-Ottoman slave, he called himself Rodrigo. This is in the records. Colomb sent first Rodrigo to the continent to learn the reaction of the Red Indians. But they welcomed him friendly. Then Colomb and his team also landed on the continent. The first island that they arrived at was Caicos. The Caicos Island group is a state which is composed of Caicos, Grand Turk and Turk islands. Search for Captain Murat the 2nd in internet. He was an admiral, continuing the Barbaroses. He also used the Turk island for upkeep of ships as caulking base. Rodrigo and Captain Murat are a very important topic.

Kehf-The Cave/60: Behold, Moses said to his attendant, ‘I will not give up until I reach the junction of the two seas or (until) I spend years and years in travel.’

In the last chats I told that Joshua was 17 years old. When telling that this was deduced as a result of a calculation, the topic came to ciphre. It was meaningless to enter the transfinite and bineer sets, but I wanted to show that I knew those subjects, I told about them. I reminded that in a Riemanian space, you can come to the same point after an equatorial tour. The meaning of the space-time as being a Riemannian space is this: Space and time are united. They are not the same but they are brothers like flesh and nail.

If there is one of them, there exists the other. Moses had some aims. He wanted to see where the sea would be separated, he wanted to determine there as minute and pass the Israelites from there. Moreover Moses was a murderer. He was depressed because of this sin. Allah told every prophet that their sins would be erased. Moses was trying to find a scholar to learn science and mercy. For this meeting, Moses had 7 reasons. I will tell the remaining reasons at the end of the verses. Moses also knew this. This was not a normal type of search. He understood that there would be time-aberrations.

‘I will go until I reach the place where the two seas unite, or I will go for years.’

There is a miracle in these expressions. Because in the Riemann space-time (The nature of our universe is this.) no parallel can be drawn to a line from a given point. As you know this parallels intersect each other sooner or later. Is there anyone who wants me to analyse this topic in detail? Then let me present such a postulate and let the researchers search for it. ‘In the Riemanian space-time, the sphere is a closed surface, but at the same time, after an equatorial tour, you can make infinite tours. This makes the model ‘infinite.’ Here, in the same way with the Riemann fact;

‘I will go until I reach the place where the two seas unite, or I will go for years.’

For years, I mean, I will go once more, once more, once more. This verse informs the RIEMANN space. Riemann space exists also in my books. Thus, we understand that no verse is random in Kuran, and that Allah tells a lot of things with less words, and these are presented to the scholars as parables. Let’s come to the 61st verse.

Kehf-The Cave/61: When the two of them reached the place where the two seas united, they forgot about their fish, the fish went to the sea through a hole.

Notice; always keep in mind the word ‘the two of them’. They reached the place where the two seas united. (also where the two seas will be separated.) First Moses walks, then the sea becomes separated. We remember that this is called the causality principle, don’t we?

There is a time unit that is called DEHR. There are the laws of symmetry which are called CPT. T=time in four ways. The one which goes forward, the one which goes backward, the one which continuously oscillates, going forward and backward and also DEHR. I mean a time=DEHR which you will use as you wish, of which you are the master. Do we know about the CPT symmetries? I mention, but if I know that you know about the CPT symmetry, parity and time ways (T1, T2, T3, T4 and T0), I can enter the topic. Here is an example: To travel transversely in the place (time latitude) For example Mecca and Jerusalem. Two cities. Normally you walk in the space/you go with your vehicle. There is also a paranormal. You stop. The space walks. I mean, the carpet under your feet walks in the direction of Mecca-Jerusalem. This is called the advancement of the space. Time is also a dimension (square root of (-1), an imaginary dimension, Minkowsky length) At the same time, the surface of the universe which is formed of two abstract lengths of time-width*time-breadth=AREA of Kozirev. (km2/s2) According to Sarfatti-Aiberg postulate, this is three dimensional. The chronosphere. I mean km3/s3. Then time is also three dimensional, but it is an abstract space itself.  In this space if we walk in anyway and/or if the space walks to us… With the same logic, we walk in the chronosphere and/or the time walks to us. Muhammed didn’t go to the Aksa Mosque. The Aksa Mosque walked to him. In this third type of time which is called DEHR, Hızır has a special authorization. Think of time as a paddlewheel or a roulette table. The ball rotates around and falls to the desired number. Hızır enters the time in DEHR type (CPT-4). I mean, tangent to the chronosphere. But Zulkarneyn is not so. Like a chord which intersects the circle ‘two-timed’. I mean two times in succession=KARNEYN. In CPT-3. Not from every point like Hızır. Not tangent. Only TWO POINTS=He enters from the CHORD. The chord is pronounced as barrier. Zulkarneyn barrier. CPT-2 is impulsive. It is oscillationic. Like the flow of electricity it is AC, it flows one forward and one backward. Only neutrinos adapt themselves to this type of time. No other particle in the universe adapts itself to this. Neutrinos are the aether itself which were searched for but which couldn’t be found. They are completely ghost. They flow forward and backward regularly in time. Neutrinos’ and antineutrinos’ time don’t flow opposite to each other as it is supposed, one of them backward the other forward. They both flow backward-forward. The one which goes forward in time is called antineutrino, the one which returns back in time is called the neutrino. Then again, like the alternative current they flow forward and backward in time and this is very regular. For this reason, Louis de Broglie foresees the probability of the neutrinos to be the famous aether as %100. We know about the neutrinos from somewhere more. The Satan is not like the genies (minus and plus charged electron and positron), because it behaves like a chargeless electron, it is recognized as neutrino winds. (This is its scientifical name) Neutrinos are completely ghost particles, they never interact with the matter. They pass through the world or space and go out from the other end. The matter behaves transparently to them. Their only interaction with the matter is this: The neutrino wind=dark suggestion. The satan goes forward in time, it gets old (like antineutrino) then when it comes to the age of dying, it regularly flows from the future to the past and it gets younger. The satan was made immortal until a time which is very close to the last day, because it wanted revenge from the mankind and it was given a time like the alternative current. Thus, while the satan goes-comes between the two ends like AC, the genies and the humans go always forward or backward without oscillation in DC (direct current, you know about the direct current redresser) The aims and the means are in stages. They have phases. For example the subatomic particles are the means, the aim is atom. The atom is a means, the aim is molecule. The molecule is a means, the aim is the macromolecule. The macromolecules are means, the aim is organels. The organels are a means, the aim is organ (for example a cell) The atom is not similar to the cell. The cell is also a means, the aim is for example a seed. The cell is a member of the living being, but it is not similar to it. The seed (enfus=subjectivity) is a means. The aim is the giant tree that is grown up from that seed. That tree is also a means. The aim is the forest. The aim is the world. It is a means to the solar system. If the system is the aim, because it is a member of a galaxy this time at an upper platform, it is also a means. The galaxies are also the member of an upper system. (meta galaxies, local universe sectors etc.) These are also the means, the aim is the universe. The universe is the [1/infinity] of the super space. Super space is the means of an upper system. Thus we climb up and reach the result. Allah: I created my apostles to know about me.’ To know occurs with science. Science is the only means which serves for our essential and single creation aim which is to know about Allah. That’s why our book Kuran starts with the first binding duty ‘READ’. There is no world of the meaning. The combination of the three space coordinates of the universe with the three abstract coordinates of the opposite side (they are the extensions of each other) and the hologram event that I mentioned in my previous chats are themselves the world of the meaning. The meaning world of the human being is the halucination. (Halugram) The meaning world of the universe is HALAUGRAM (halogram) There is a process of bridge, I mean, the tunnel or hole which combines them. This is called the HOLE-GRAMM. Then you go up. There are holy shapes there. These are called HOLLY GRAM. From then on the cosmos ends. There is chaos. I mean, the countercurrents of irregularity take the place of cosmos. Each of them is a probability of infinite probability and Allah calls the whole of them KULLI SHEY IN. HollyGrams are formed from here. I mean, the whole of them is WHOLE-GRAM. (Kulli shey in=whole article) At the beginning there was ALLAH (WHO-WEL-IQRAM). Then the HOLOGRAM and its hierarchy emerged. I mean the world of meaning is the whole HOLOGRAPHIC structure that I mentioned. The meaning comprises of abstract=complex numbers mathematics. For example the fear that falls into the heart, the thought that enters the brain are 1.000 kg in the minus direction. Something like this. HOLLYGRAPHIC UNIVERSE. This means, the fact is not only the laser and its hologram. The universe itself is a hierarchy of HOLOGRAM. Our world life is a HALUGRAM. The Latin and Sanskrit of the world ‘hayal, hülya’ is Holo and Halau. It resembles ‘hayal’, doesn’t it? Allah grants us HOLO. Hayal=HOLOistic space. HULYA=HU. This is related with WHO-WEL-IQRAM. These are not in vain. For example the prototype of ENERGY is ENNERGY. Let’s look at Arabic. AL-NAR=fire. Its pronunciation is EN-NAR. Let’s make progress in Arabic. NARGENG=the one which shines like fire. NARENCIYE=the fruits with fire color. Put the indefinite article to the beginning. En-Narenciye and Latin ENERGY. Sanskrit ANNERGIYA. That’s why when saying HAYAL, HULYA=HOLO and Halu(cination), don’t be surprised. They are the remains and extensions of our root language ADAMIAN. The Greeks are the children of yesterday. They are from the European language family. That family is from the Indo-European family. The father of the Indo-European languages is Sanskrit. That’s why the Sanskrit words are universal. The Arabic BURCH means castle. In German BURG. In nordic languages BORG (like HelBORG) In English Borrough (when it is shortened, it becomes the boro of MarlBORO) As old English again, Bourg. Finnish and Hungarian PORG and PURI. In Latin PARK (track city) Its Turkish is BARK. It means boardinghouse. These are the inheritance of the ancestor-root language. Like Gothenbourg… The city of the gods or the boardinghouse of the god. That’s why don’t be surprised. The Greek is the extension of an old Illirian language which is older than Grekian-Elenian. Latin was derived from Etruskian which is the ancestor of the Ladin and Rim mixing. It took a lot from the Greek of course. But these have father. The dead Latin. They have grandfather. Arian. They have grand grandfather. Sanskrit. Their grand grand grandfather. Ademian. This is so. The Arabic is unfortunately is not used. The one which was inherited to us is the comical Kuraishian. I wish the Arabic was protected. I wish we didn’t meet it in Kuraishian form and as such a dialect. I wonder if the real Arabic (Samiian) and the real alphabet (nebat, nıbti alphabet) were protected, we would write a lot of beautiful things related with Kuran. In Nebatiian and Samiian languages there were for example J, Ç and P letters which sounded nicely. In Kuraishian these three letters don’t exist. There are Ğ of Yeğen (nephew-niece) and G of Gül (rose). All were removed. Now we read what Haccac the Cruel wrote and his vowel marks. We swing to the front and to the back and read Kuran like the shout of the ‘hafiz’. Without understanding, without knowing. Reading without reading is this.

Question: How will we read Kuran then?

We won’t be able to read it. Because its original disappeared. The vowel marks are artificial. They don’t exist in the original Samiian. For example, if you take out the letter A from the letter Z, you have to put three different letters of Z such as ZI, ZA and ZEL. But in the Nıbti (nebat) alphabet this was single. If you say Zı, it became ‘back’ as vowel like ZA. If you say ZE, I mean, if you put ‘e’ nearby it, it was read as ZE. If you put Ü, it becomes ZÜ (it was read as the ‘front’ vowel.)

Question: If we don’t have the original Kuran, is our Kuranic study in vain?

No, of course we will study. Even if the original Arabic and the alphabet of Kuran were changed, the one which was protected was the ZIQR part, and it came to us exactly the same. I say that we are in trouble, but Kuran is such a friend that, believe me, it is having us found itself. It is calling to you as it was first sent down. This state is called ZIKR. (Its original is JIKRA) Because when the word ‘zikr’ is written with ‘z’ instead of ‘j’, it seems the same like the aunt (hala) and still (hâlâ). But one of them is ZIKR, and the other is JIKR. All the ‘sami’ pronounciation and transcription sounds are 38. When I say all the samiian (nebatian), I tried to say this. When the İstanbul Turkish is the main topic, the number of the letters are 29. But when the vicinity, accent and dialect are in consideration, the affairs change. For example ‘the thunder strikes’=yıldırım çakar of Oguzian which is spoken in İstanbul is told as Eldırım ŞaKhar in Azerian Oguzian. It is pronounced as ULDURUM JAHIR in Turkmen (Yaka Oguzian) When it goes to Kipchakian, the letters increase. For example the word Yeni=New is YENGİ in Kazak-Kirgiz languages. The ng in between is like the go+ING in English, the ng of nasal passages. These don’t exist in our alphabet. If a common Turkish alphabet was made, the number of the letters would increase. The Samiian languages are so. 38 letters cover this language and consequently Kuran. For example the B letter with point, the P letter without point of the same letter. Now B and P letters are written without any relation. The Arabic  (A’RABI) already means Kuranian. B and P were written as the same, and only B was put a point. The Kuraishians couldn’t say P, they said B. They couldn’t also say araP which is the original. They had to say ARAB. But Rabb is true, I mean, it is not P. AraB is originally AraP. These occured. I am trying to sort out these occurances. I mean, it all happened. We will continue as it remained. Like ‘Be beyli bala bula bamburbeyli bab bub’, no Arap will understand Kuran. This is the promise of Allah. That’s why the real scholars understand Kuran, not the lexiconists, or the students of the canon law) If the scholars wish, they read from the top to the bottom. If they wish, they digitalize it. If they wish, they read it from the right to the left. If they wish they separate the white light to 7 and they read it color by color. They read it, because reading is a binding duty.

Now please write down the 61st verse of the surah Kehf. The two of them, the two seas and that famous fish. We don’t know about the story of the fish. I mean, because Kuran was sent down part by part, for example the three verses after this verse come after 3 days. We understand that from this verse: An event happened. It result is being told. For example, we say he died. But shouldn’t it have born before? Let him be born, get mature, and leave a similar existence and let him die. Then the film plays from the end to the beginning. I mean the fish is alive. Ok, but didn’t it die before? Now how did it revive and go to the sea from between the two rocks? Because the time was working reversely. If you remember, when we were telling about this topic, we recorded the catching of a fish. It was caught in the fishing line, it struggled and it died, it entered our food bag. We recorded these phases to the film and video. Here, we don’t know about the story of the fish. I mean, the result was told without telling the reason. Suddenly, its result is told. The result is this. The fish revived. OK, what was the reason? It was dead. Yes. From then on, the film plays reversely. Ok, the event is playing from the reverse direction. Especially when saying ‘they forgot’, what is this forgetting? Let us make it clear: We know the chat topic of today. Because we live this moment. But if the time arrow returned backwards, I mean, if tomorrow was yesterday, wouldn’t we have forgotten this chat text? Now, when the time works reversely, the events will work reversely.

The 62. verse please: ‘When they had passed on (some distance), Moses said to his attendant: “Bring us our early meal; truly we have suffered much fatigue at this (stage of) our journey.’

Again as parable to the scholars, notice those words: they get away from the point where they forgot. (I mean from the exact point where the fish went to the sea alive) Moses both sees that the fish revives, but because his time is reversed he forgets it. Then the time once more flows forward. Moses says:  Bring our late morning meal. We became hungry because of our journey tiredness. Now let us notice that they eat the fish which was reserved for the lunch 13:00, at 09:45 before noon at Sina time. Isn’t something wrong? They also went back in time from 13:00 to 10:00. Consequently they think that the fish which revived and escaped to the sea at 13:00 noon time, should be eaten at 11:00. Because at the late morning the fish wasn’t alive, it revived at the noon time, but when the clocks worked reversely, they forgot that the fish revived and they didn’t remember what they saw. Why did this happen so? When did the time go back and how much did it go back? The next verse will give the answer of this.

The 63. verse: He replied: ‘Did you see (what happened) when we betook ourselves to the rock? I did indeed forget (about) the Fish: none but Satan made me forget to tell (you) about it: it took its course through the sea in a marvellous way!’

Yes, its answer is here. The satan made us forget. I wrote how the time of the satan flowed, didn’t I? How does the satan make you forget? This is told in Kuran in 5 or 6 verses as ‘the satan made me forget’. What kind of make-forget mechanism? I mean, they flow together to the satan’s time together in the backward direction. There, at that special day and moment, all the T symmetries of the CPT are in charge. 1.While the time flows forward. 2. It flowed backwards. 3. But it didn’t always flow backwards. I mean, it flowed one forwards and one backwards. Consequently, a space-time twisting occured. There, the Zulkarneyn (owner of the two times, two eras) chord also was formed. All the symmetries entered into confusion. The Zulkarneyn time means two times. Thus, there is the moment when the sea was split into two and the sea didn’t split into two. The two seas were split before they came together. This was the sea that Moses passed through in the future. Zulkarneyn imprisoned the Gogs-Magogs in the past behind a barrier. But in the future, the two barriers will come together and we will be synchronised with the Gogs-Magogs. Here, the verse informs about one more thing. There is a two-time fact. In the future, it is informed that the Gogs-Magogs will emerge, the sea will be split into two from here. The sea was split, but the time worked backwards and Moses naturally forgot about his future. But that fish reminded this. That didn’t split, it was the nature of the sea. Think of this. Before the Keban dam was constructed, was that earth under a great lake? Today, because the GAP dam-lake was greater than the Van Lake, previously we would say that it was the greatest lake of Turkey. After Van Lake, we would say Salt Lake. Now the first is the Dam-lake, the second is the Van Lake.. If we go back to the past of the GAP, we will see this. At that region, the Lake Murat flowed, and the lake of Van is the greatest lake.  Later, if the time flows forwards, the reactionary sentence is this: Ah, how did I forget that GAP was the greatest lake? I give the first meaning, as we say ‘every verse has 7 meanings’. We can mention the molecular osmos later on. I mean, we give the first meaning.

The satan doesn’t make you forget. They just go back through the waterfall in the direction of the flow of time. When this topic is analysed, as the second meaning, ecminesys: remembering the past times under the hypnosis, forgetting-remembering with the occupation of the satan. As the third meaning, we can mention about the make-forget action because of the reincarnation deceit. The science of the Khaniffication is common, it doesn’t have any patent. In the deceit of the satan, the ecminesis is the third meaning, the reincarnation is the fourth meaning. Don’t worry, I have all its 7 meanings. Sometimes it goes down to 6, because of my inability. (like the color-blinds confuse the green color with the red color) All the other translators’ meanings are the zeroth. I mean, they write with plane logic. The khaneefs of my Allah are so valuable. The heaven is very beautiful, isn’t it? To understand the heaven, to have picnic in the coolness near that waterfall. In the water that the amazing water lilies are spread. To smell the pine trees that have unbelievably beautiful and that cure the tuberculosis. Aren’t the parakeets’ colors very beautiful? They were colored in strips. The zebra fish is like the BJK spectator. That lepisdes has the color of red coral. Oh my god. That fruit is so beautiful, the grape without seed. Who can give this taste? Who can bottle the fruit juice to the shell which is called the water melon? I bet that Allah is an artist. The one who portrays. Vehhab=Hus tables don’t have any match. Hu is Rasim. Hu forms pictures, the sounds, the smells of the heaven. Praise be to Allah! Allah=the main artist. The source of the science and the art is the heart. It means that it is balanced and it is a dilemma. Science is based on the logic element. The art is based on the feeling element. In science there is a heaviness which is like father, rahman, the most compassionate, in art there is the lightness which is like mother, the most merciful. With both, the human is human. The miserable angels’ only mechanism is logic. There is no feeling. The feeling is selfish. It is in the subject. The logic is from the object, from the outer shell. The angel behaves with its logic. If its name is Azraeel, it kills without mercy. It is a clerk, because its mission is this. There, it doesn’t have the right to oppose to Allah that that baby is very nice, and it can’t kill that baby. The angels which are called the hellhound can never be pleaded. Because they don’t know anything other than logic. In science, the logic unfortunately destroys us. The science which always emerged from intelligent and logical people (radical, fundamentalist, sceptic scienctists) should be rescued from them, it should be abstracted from intelligence-logic and it should be directed to Allah which is the only source. Let us give an example: If the scientist is wise, it is no problem. But if the scientist behave intelligently, if he puts the monkey head over the jaw of the human being, if he deceives all the human beings with this as PILTDOWN, he collects a lot of evolutionists until his mask falls. And throughout generations, our ancestors were deceived. We call this the intelligent scientist. If the scientist is just a logical man, he is in complete dilemma. If his logic orders him to make atomic bomb, or if he produces anthrax in the laboratory, and he sacrifices science to his ideology, the one he and before he lacks is the mind. If the scientist is wise, he is wiseman. If he is only logical, he is sagacious. But if he pretends to be intelligent, he is pedantic. These three are very different. The pedant is know-it-all. The sagacious is sensible, the wiseman is wise. Three of them come from the root A-K-L. Ukala-Makul-Akil. For example Einstein is wiseman. Because his artistic side is great. He played violin like Yehudi Menuhin. He showed a great imaginary power by drawing. Leonardo da Vinci who was from the Pisces like Einstein also had the same power. Da Vinci was scientist, engineer, sibernetic robot manufacturer, a famous artist, a sculpturor and the musician of the Renaissance music. But the most important of all, he was an engineer and scientist. In his writings there were always technical drawings. You know. Hızır is in another category. Thus, I answer the unseparableness of the science and the art. (I have a lot of artistic abilities)

Let us return back to Moses:

Surah Kehf/63: He replied: “Did you see (what happened) when we betook ourselves to the rock? I did indeed forget (about) the Fish: none but Satan made me forget to tell (you) about it: it took its course through the sea in a marvellous way!”

Surah Kehf/64: Moses said: “That was what we were seeking after:” So they went back on their footsteps, following (the path they had come).

Yes, at the moment of the remembering. I mean, the time which returned back later again turned forward. In this situation, something is very important. They return back on their path. This is like the traveller who slept in the bus too much and who could not get off. When she wakes up, she finds another bus and she returns back. Or we call this the advancement of the space. Thus there is the famous sign, I mean, there is the definition of the place where the fish went, where Moses will transfer his folk. The sign that was wanted was this. That’s why, their time was paralellised to the oscillationic time of the satan. The following verse please:

Kehf-The Cave/65: So they found one apostle from our apostles, on whom We had bestowed Mercy from Ourselves and who took knowledge from Our own Presence.

Both of them, I mean, Moses and Joshua found somebody whom Allah bestowed Mercy like rain, like wealth. And at the moment, he had taken knowledge himself by clinging to the collar of Allah. The verse says ‘an apostle from our apostles’. This is a great glory. His name is not given. But he is two times apostle. Abraham is the only friend. Idris is the first scholar. Hızır takes the mercy like Abraham, he takes the knowledge like Idris. He takes the two of them. A double superiority. An apostle from our apostles means Abraham (because the verse says mercy) and Idris (because the verse says science). And the verse says Ledunni Science, very great science to be a partner to the scholarship of Allah. The ones among you who know Arabic will see this sentence. In short, Abraham with mercy parable, Idris with knowledge parable. The two had knowledge and mercy. I mean, the two are mentioned implicitly. The ones which are given as parable are mercy+knowledge. Abraham+Idris=Hızır. Allah gives the wealth to whomever hu wishes. Hu sends down. But the one who wants the science goes up and from the presence of Allah he-she takes it by force. Abraham took the propethood and the friendship of Allah by force. (Halilullah and halilurrahman) Didn’t he? So did Idris. Because he was the first scholar, the prophethood came naturally. Hızır, like Idris, had to go to an exalted place. (Idris didn’t die, he was made taste the death and without being killed he was taken to an exalted place.) Idris was interned. Because his capital was to be a scholar. Abraham was on the other hand mortal. Hızır was both of them. His one side which represented the mercy was mortal. His one side which represented the science was immortal. The average of the two was to stay in time for a long time. Hızır, the master of time, or the owner of the Dehr. (Allah makes an oath to the CPT of DEHR which is the time of Hızır in Kuran as verse.) Moses, in spite of everything, although he took the original of the Old Testament, and he was blessed on the mount Tur and Tuwa valley, accepted Hızır who collected Abraham and Idris, as a special statute. Hızır was given the right to look at the cosmic computer which is called the Protected Tablet. But Gabriel wasn’t given this right. Kuran descends from the Protected Tablet to Sidre. Then Gabriel took it from there and brought it to the world. Because Hızır addresses with the Protected Tablet directly. There, the detail of every existence was known. These are not verses. These are details. Hızır took the science himself. Nobody gave it to him.  If you say ‘Rabbi zıdni ilmi’, Allah transfers the compassionateness of hus name ‘El Âlim’ to that creature. I mean the science doesn’t come without charge. You don’t become a saint. You have to study, make research and when you deserve it, that science comes to you. How strange it is that the big inventions are always the product of a dream. Rutherford saw the atom until that time about which nothing was known as the solar system in his dream. Murray Gell-Man saw the quarks in his dream. Weinberg saw the bosons (w and Z) in his dream. Super dreams. Weinberg maybe from us. Not Gell-Mann but his mentor Zweig is from us. Certainly the one who does everything and who makes us do something is Allah. Other than hum, everything is in vain. I don’t care about Hızır and Mevlana Halidi Bagdadi. I also don’t care about myself. The one who does everything and who makes us do something is Allah. The one who wants help from Hızır or Muhammed means that he-she thinks of a partner to Allah. We are going to request from Allah. Hızır, Abraham, Idris are good apostles of Allah, but nobody is holy. They can make mistakes. They are human beings. Even they are murderers like Moses. We should never think of partners to Allah, we should never exalt anybody. To prevent this Allah doesn’t write the names of hus creatures that hu liked (the angels are also the creatures of Allah) and hu hides them. If you remember we couldn’t find the names Hızır and Azrael in Kuran. There was no name as ‘Gabriel’. Did you remember? For hus angels Allah says that they are hus honourable apostles. For example when saying ‘kiramen kâtibin’, Kiramen means the one which reached the beneficence of Allah. And Katibiyn=two writers. There was only one person who called Hızır an angel. He died 10 years ago. He was Reshad Khaliffe. Nobody other than him asserted that Hızır was an angel. Some theologians still defend that he was an angel. There are three theologians. Edip Yüksel is not a theologian and he is quite illiterate of Kuran. He made a translation, it is incredibly wrong, every word. He put himself into the place of a lexiconist. Lexiconist, Kuraishian. His teacher was Reshad Khaliffe. I mean, he is the last prophet of the Bahai-Babi religion which is based on worshipping to 19. Unfortunately, he found some followers from Turkey. Many people, especially the ones who worship to 19 took out the last two verses of the Surah Tevbe-Repentance from Kuran. The one who says that Kuran lacks some verses or it has extra verses, go out of the religion. Although they work in the mask of muslimhood, they go out of the religion. The fact that a muslim takes himself-herself out of his religion and tries to form a new religion is to be MURTED, and this is worse than hypocrisy. This is the worst form of infidelhood. For Edip Yüksel and Fethullah Gülen, there is the order of arresting. They will be put in prison as soon as they come Turkey. I know from the National Security Council’s decisions that the entrance of Edip Yüksel and Fethullah Gülen were prevented. No exemption was issued. I know Edip. We met each other for long. We also were friends with his father and his departed brother. Edip ruined himself. He is in a road which doesn’t have a returnback. Because he omitted the two verses of Kuran and he said La ilahe illallah Reshadun Resulullah. But Kuran says that Muhammed is the last prophet. And no person other than Reshad Caliph claimed prophethood. You know that Gabriel goes to the prophets. When the prophet Muhammed died, Gabriel didn’t come any more. For 1400 years this institution is closed. Now when Reshad Caliph proclaimed his prophethood, this time Gabriel comes to Reshad, and it also comes to Edip Yüksel who is his apostle. In the Inkilap Publishing House, Edip Yüksel unfortunately confessed that Gabriel came one night and that also the two verses of Kuran were excessive. Thus we understood that it opened the path of prophethood after Reshad. We were a group of friends. Edip Yüksel was our common friend. I don’t know where he wrote, because he doesn’t have any book that he wrote. He puts his name on the books of other writers like Ahmet Dedeat and Reshad Khaliffe like the miracle of 19. He translates these books. He deceived people that these were his books. The books that I read were the translations that he translated and the translator was someone who the Inkilap Publishing House hired. It is a shame to add some pages and to claim that these books as his. That’s why we left Edip Yüksel because of his dangerous adventures. I read myself in the Alternative forum that Edip Yüksel always said that Gabriel came to him and it told him that the two verses were excessive and that these were hadith, and that he never received such two verses. Edip Yüksel is out of science and he is very illiterate. He is just collecting. His laughing type is his inferiority complex. His Turkish is very bad. He doesn’t have an intonation. He find his facetype as ‘middleeastern’, he is ashamed of this. His family migrated from Iran. They are molla. They are originally Kurdish. That’s why he never felt himself as Turk. That’s why we departed ourselves from him. Now he is an American citizen. His wife is also a Iranian American. The wondering admiration became an inferiority complex. Life is a suitcase. When the physical body disappears, the other body is without any function. The  body which is our image in the mirror or the body which is minus in the square root.. This is the main body. This body is our corpse. They can’t be separate from each other. I mean, for the body to revive the minus body=conscience is needed. The conscience needs the body, because the mechanism moves the body like a car. I mean, it is the driver of the body. The body is an automobile. In case it is not recreated, a spirit (the mental upper dimension) is immobile. It is arrested in the afterworld. In our dream, we are infinitely free. We can go everywhere, but as a matter of fact, we can’t go out of the bed. Furthermore the dream converts into a nightmare. You become very solid in the black dream. This shows that the conscience doesn’t have any motion ability without body. There is, but in the other side of the mirror. Or we can say that it is behind the monitor. You are like a speaker, because you live. For example, when you read mercy to Nurbaki at his grave, you can’t see that the reward of Kuran goes to him. Like the speakers in our house. For example they read news to us. We see them, but they don’t see us. Here the speakers are alive, and the viewers are dead. Kuran tells this as such: ‘Don’t call them dead, they are alive, the ones who are dead are you’. This is a verse. There is also a verse related with the martyrs. Depending on this, I gave you the example of the speaker and the tv viewer. The speaker is alive. The viewer is dead. The speaker can go to every home (grave), but he-she doesn’t speak with the deads. But the ones whom we call dead are active, not passive. If they wish, they close the TV. They change the channel. But the speaker doesn’t have such a chance. The speaker can’t enter the topic interactively (the alive).

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CHAT 11 19.10.2001

Last week I mentioned about Dabbet a little bit. I told one of its 7 meanings.

Question: You wrote in your books that Krushchev killed Kozirev, but he died in 1983?

Stalin imprisoned Kozyrev. The Tzars of Soviets including Krushchev wanted to kill him. They understood that they wouldn’t be able to kill him like Rasputin. Dr. Scherk and Kozyrev died together.!! Scherk was killed really by Men-in-Black. But Kozyrev died as no/yes type. I mean, he is living. He returned back in 1984, not 1983. I wrote that Krushchev wanted to kill him. Between Borges and Kozyrev there is the age difference*14. The other should have gone at the end of 1985. Between them there are 35 months. It has several reasons. It is a complicated topic. It is a principle that the one who wasn’t born can’t be murdered. Now we can analyse this. Let’s take an angel and a human.

1.According to the first combination, two angels can collide at the corner and say ‘sorry’ to each other.

2.With the same way two human beings can collide and say ‘sorry’ to each other.

3.An angel and a human being (Two existences, with positive and negative masses) suppose they will collide, but they are surprised when they go through each other without collision.

a)According to the human being, an existence with which he-she couldn’t collide is a ghost.

b)According to the angel, an existence with which it couldn’t collide is a ghost.

When we eliminate the paranormal numbers which are called ‘anomali’, and instead if we substitute the humans in the past and the future. One who wasn’t born can’t be killed. One who wasn’t born can only be killed by the one who wasn’t born. (Men in Black) The one who wasn’t born can’t kill his ancestor who is already dead. He is already dead. He doesn’t change the destiny by murder. He changes the destiny, the flow of the history by changing place like making a ‘rok’ (replacing the king with castle) but he can’t murder. But a fugitive of the future can encourage the one in the past to kill. Hızır is the man of every era. He can kill by obeying Allah. If he wished he could encourage Moses to kill the baby, but he killed it. So he made Moses who was a murderer ‘sinless’, because this is one of the feaures of the prophets. Let’s write Moses’ story one by one until the 83rd verse.

Kefh-The Cave/60: Behold, Moses said to his attendant, “I will not give up until I reach the junction of the two seas or I will spend years and years in travel.

The subject is the acquittal of Moses. Moses had to find ‘that somebody’ for many reasons. First, he was a murderer and he had to be acquitted. I mean, by manipulating the time, a person can have been the one who never killed anybody. Second, Moses was searching for Hızır to find the point of the split of the sea where he would transfer his folk. Third, Moses was very uneducated and he wanted to compensate this with science. Uneducated is offensive, let’s say illiterate. Moses chose Joshua as an assistant, referance, indicator.  Joshua was chosen. Because he was from Levi tribe that had the licence to touch (grounding), the Ark of the Covenant. Although he was 17 years old, he could carry the Ark of the Covenant. He could touch it. At a moment, the Ark of the Covenant was about to be overthrown. But some officious men from another tribe tried to hold it and they paid the price by being crystallised like a salt pillar.

Moses and Joshua set off on their journey together with this conscience. Certainly they would not die. They would not be killed. They both had one guarantee: DEHR, time use insurance… That’s why they set off. Moses knew that, after this event, they would pass through the ‘Sea’ with his folk. The sea was evident: The Sina triangle had Suez and Akabe Gulfs. Moses and Israelites knew that some time after this event the Sea would be split. But where? At which coordinates? Moses’ aim is obvious, we understood that. He doesn’t say ‘I will not rest by stopping’. Let’s talk according to science: A Riemann type space is mentioned. Because the fourth dimension ‘TIME’ which accompanies to a space will be brought under control. Moses says ‘Equatorially, to find the same point, I will make tours as many as necessary.’ My starting point is the place where the two seas unite. I mean, on the contrary, he means the place where two seas will be separated. So Moses gave us the Riemann coordinates of the world, not the Lobatchevsky coordinates of the space. The space is packsaddlic but here exceptionally the Riemann type, protuberant space tube is given. So the time accompanying to this kind of space should be also very very very special. The target is obvious: From Suez where the Mediterranean and the Redsea united, they will pass to the Sina Peninsula. Without stopping and rest, by touring around the equator, if necessary, Moses will do this for years. Moses was waiting for a ‘sign’. Wasn’t the Ark of the Covenant the sign of the sovereignty? Wasn’t it given to Moses in a separate special time? Moses was expecting a sign. Until he found this sign, he would walk at will but at a constant route. Now let’s write the 61st verse:

Kehf-The Cave/61: But when they reached the junction, they forgot about their fish, which took its course through the sea straight as in a hole.

If you notice the verse, it mentions about a fish, but THE RESULT. However, shouldn’t it have written its REASON? I mean, it doesn’t say first this fish was caught, put into our provision bag, after that it revived and went out. (For example if there exists matter, there exists also antimatter. They both had been created together at the same time. If there wasn’t one of them, the other wouldn’t exist.) Because of this rule, Allah directly tells the result by skipping over the reason. I mean the time was already reversed. For science, the forward and/or backward flow of time are in two ways, one and equal. Time which is called ‘DEHR’ in Kuran is a special time and it had been reversed. Consequently, first the stone wasn’t thrown and the glass wasn’t broken, but when the time was reversed, first the glass would be broken and then the stone would be thrown. The fact that a reason is followed by a result is called the Principle of Causality. This is not a law. But it is a principle. In science, not the principles but the laws have priority and the ones which should be protected are the laws. Principles are just foreacceptance, that’s all.. Now, at this database, we understand that Allah tells the result of the subject, but hu doesn’t tell the reason yet in Kuran. That’s why Moses will be in trouble. Now, if you think by taking the reason to the start:

1.A fish they caught to eat later, because of Allah’s miracle, revived when it was dead and threw itself to the water. (This is the easy way, thinking so immediately explains the miracles and the difficulty to make science disappears. We say ‘Allah did it’ and we free ourselves.)

Let’s leave this cheap way and let’s look at the second choice.

2.If you take the result to the beginning, you see this. Time was reversed. I mean, the film that you caught the fish or the video band stopped, freezed and after that it began to play backwards. We caught the fish so:

For example we threw the fishing line or net. The fish died in agony. We put it to our food bag. When we get hungry, we will eat it. Let’s write the 62nd verse.

Kehf-The Cave/62: When they had passed on some distance, Moses said to his attendant: “Bring us our mid- morning meal; truly we have suffered much fatigue at this stage of our journey.”

So we understand this. They came to that fork which separated the Red Sea from the Mediterranean, which separated the Sina Peninsula from Egypt, but there is the question along the shore ‘WHERE’? Moreover ‘WHO’ will they meet? While they were wandering at will, hours passed. It was the midmorning. (09.00-10.00 exactly 10.16 at Sina) Notice that amazing knowledge is given about the TIME.

1.Why is Joshua very young?

2.Why is it called MIDMORNING (Duha)?

At that verse, there is the word ‘MIDMORNING’ but in the Turkish translation it was skipped. We will search for the answer of this question scientifically. In the verse there is the expression ‘midmorning’. Just for this reason, I found the age of Joshua as 16.6=17. Yes, this is a type of breakfast we call ‘branch’. Duha=Midmorning=Branch are the same words. Between the midmorning and the sunrise, after a complex type of calculation, it shows us the age of Joshua as 16.33. A very complex calculation. You begin with 1 day=1.000 years…

Before, I wrote ‘La ilahe illallah’ digitally. (Indeterministically you will write with IF command.) But in the system which is faster than light, (or in the same meaning, in a system where time gets reverse, there is no need to exceed the light speed.) For example, the time of the antimatter works backwards. I mean it is born tomorrow, it dies yesterday. This is so, because it is the ANTI. Anti=You put an equation into paranthesis and put a minus before. It means everything reverses. So, without exceeding the speed of light, at antimatter level, we can reverse the time. So, as if light speed was exceeded, Heisenberg indeterminism fails, and instead of IF, comes the FI=Determinism command. Then it becomes possible for the genies (energy humans) to be able to read our future or to know our future, to know what happens in Mele-i Ala(the ones with reversed time) because of the replacement of tomorrow and yesterday. Because it doesn’t necessitate ‘IF’, the method of reaching to the nonexistence. Because it is DETERMINIST, it gives an inference like ‘This is %100 so. This inference is called FI. Like Al Cabir found Algebra, ‘Cebir’ in Turkish, ALSHIFR found Ciphre. Like algebra Cipfre was also found. I mean the one which already exists was discovered. Cipfre is like a lesson book. It was first used in Mukaddime of Ibni Haldun. Muhyiddin Arabi, on the other hand, used Cipfre in ‘Treasure of Hours’. While Nostradamus used this for later years, Muhyiddin Arabi could make it determined as ‘You will be asked this at this hour, say so..’ In the Treasury of the Hours with the command of Hızır, he erased what the hours were. That book now is in the market as ‘SAATSİ’ but its real name is Treasure of Hours. This is also called Rakim. Number knowledge. But continuingly, there is also Kehf (Geometry) science which is called Talisman. Ibni Haldun in Mukaddime used this Talisman. But it is very limited. Algebra depends on the decimal system and Cipfre depends on the binary system. Once before in one of my writings, I made the explanation of the Islamic Confession of Faith. 100-81=19 or percentage, I mean %100 is FI. This is the wish of Allah. 81 will be subtracted from this. Why will it be subtracted? Because the squares of the numbers follow each other by increasing as odd numbers. 02 is 0, 12=1, 1-0=1, 22=4 4-1=3, 32=9, 9-4=5, 42=16, 16-9=7, 52=25, 25-16=9, 62=36, 36-25=11, 72=49, 49-36=13,….the differences continue as 15,17…102=100, 92=81, 100-81=19. If this system didn’t exist, our calculators never could make square root calculations. And they make it immediately. When you push the square root button, the calculator would have found the difference. For example 112=121, 102=100, 121-100=21. The next number is 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35 etc. it goes on. The calculators fulfill this immediately. This is called CONJUGATE in algebra. Difference of 2 squares. In Cipfre, there is a different numbering. Rakim (Matris) and Kehf (Geometry=Matrix). This is such a different system.

I have uncovered the single weak side of our Allah. Hu created us to forgive. But never let the satan deceive you by saying ‘Allah will certainly forgive you’. Both of them are verses. If Allah forgives Amr Ibnul As, Haccac the Cruel, Sophian, Muaviye, Yezid the Murderer, Ebi Leheb, Ebi Cehil, it means Allah has no names like El Muntekim=The one who takes revenge and El Kahhar=The one who makes someone heartsick.

If I make a program on TV, for example if I say that according to Kuran there is no prayer leadership-muezzinship, the prayer leaders, the chiefs of the department of the religious affairs and the RABITA organisation which is their chief will finish me off. (They will not finish me off, but they will finish Eylik TV off.) It will be closed for 77 days instead of 7 days. My aim would be this: The daily regular prayer is not fulfilled behind a prayer leader (imam, in the past ‘priest’) and a muezzin (custodian of a church in the past). Because they get a wage, they construct a privilege, a religious class. In our religion, a clergymenship is illicit. Nobody can fulfill the daily regular prayer behind a prayer leader who gets wage and lives in a free apartment. It is illicit. ALLAH will slap your daily regular prayer to your face. ‘Weyl for those fulfilling daily regular prayer…’(in Maun) Today was Friday. You fulfilled the order of Allah and made the daily regular prayer by standing behind the prayer leader. I won’t be able to say ‘I hope Allah accepts your worshipping’. Allah told that it won’t be accepted in Surah Maun. As Allah informed that Ebu Leheb will never and ever be forgiven, Allah doesn’t break any promise. Ebu Leheb and his wife will be firewood in the hell. Maun is this: If the prayer leader behind whom you fulfilled the Friday regular prayer has a payroll, if he is not an amateur, you didn’t really fulfill the daily regular prayer. Its acceptance means Ebu Leheb, his wife and also the Satan will be able to enter the heaven. The ones who fulfilled the Friday regular prayer today, feel comfortable, I mean you said RAINA. If you said that you are kindly, you fulfilled your duty, you did what you were demanded, immediately you should repent and should say UNZURNA. Or else, with Raina, we will be a companion to Ebu Leheb. Did we suppose the Khaniffication was very easy? We begin by searching about the payroll of the prayer leader. If he gains money for what he does, this means he betrays us. (Amr Ibnül As also betrayed us.) If I say those in E TV, it will be closed for 77 days. Because the department of the religious affairs was established with the laws of the Turkish Republic. I don’t have an objection to this, but there is such a foxyness that the Foundation of the Religious Affairs. The chief of that foundation is at the same time the chief of that holding. Süleyman Hayri BOLAYIR who is one of the great money managers of Turkey is the chief of the foundation+the chief of the auditing institute+ chief of the fetwa institution+ professor of divinity. That man has been the chief of that foundation for 15 or 25 years. He manages 4 quadrillion TL. He is the chief of the foundation. He is the chief executive officer. He is everything. The CHURCH also made such a wealth. The priests will be poor. (They will seem poor.) But the chief of the foundation, Hauptbischöpffe, Bishop, Cardinal, the vice-pope will manage that wealth. If I were RTÜK, I would punish that TV where this man who said these for 777 days by closing the TV. Everyday four mosques are constructed, and four prayer leaders and four muezzins are assigned. The wage?? Mashaallah… But I pay tax. The price of the sugar was doubled.

Today, the ones who fulfilled the Friday regular prayer, your Friday regular prayer can be accepted as much as Ebu Leheb can enter the heaven. Not only the Friday regular prayer, but each daily regular prayer you fulfill in the mosque is wasted. Come to your senses! Say UNZURNA, instead of RAINA. Fulfill your daily regular prayer at home. Even you are 2 people, one of you become the prayer leader. Whoever became the prayer leader, (for example when there are I and my wife, I am the prayer leader) that person should not even drink a glass of tea from the community. Because between two times, it is a daily regular prayer, don’t have your friends order to you even a glass of tea between those times, if you are the prayer leader. Search for the verse. (Tevbe-The Repentance/34) It tells that the prayer leaders accumulate gold and money. This verse is a miracle. Where did the wealth of the church in the past come from? Which prayer leader made a 1.000 TL help to the mosque? Which custodian went beyond mendicancy ‘Always to me my Rabb’? Which prayer leader bought a chewing gum to the orphan in the neighborhood willingly? I have been in Turkey for 37 years, and yet I have never seen it? If there is someone among you saying that he or she saw it, I DON’T BELIEVE IT. I cry. We will find the truth by discussing. We will trust to Kuran. These are the most illiterate class. You say ‘let’s talk about Kuran’. He talks about hadith. You say ‘let’s talk about the binding duties’. He talks about the sunnah and supererogatory. You say ‘let’s talk about the religion’. He talks about the sect. You say ‘let’s talk about politics’. He talks about some specific parties. You say ‘let’s talk about science’. He asks what it is? You get mad. They make me mad with their lies. By saying ‘I am a pensioner, I have no income.’ Or they mix Ihlas with Iflas (bankruptcy) ‘I am a doctor, I get 900 million TL wage, I have to look after my wife and I have to finance the education of my son Mücahit ÖREN in America.’ A muslim can kill Gonca Kuriş with extreme torture. But if a khaneef hurts someone, he or she blushes, even he or she apologizes to the ant. Let’s notice that: Muhammed with the last sentence of his farewell sermon: ‘I leave you Kuran. It is the only inheritance that was left to us.’ The reason of this is another hadith. Hars says: ‘I called in on the mosque. I saw that the people were dealing with hadith. Immediately I went to Ali and informed it. Ali asked: ‘Is it really? I said ‘Yes’. Ali told me these:  ‘I heard from the Messenger of Allah that the discord which will be realized in the future as the indicators of sophianism, religious perversion, was talked about. When I asked what the cure of that discord was, Muhammed said: ‘Salvation is in the book of Allah. Because it contains the news about you, about the ones before you and about the ones after you. It is a certain judgement distinguishing the true from the false. It is not a joke or hot air: Allah breaks the neck of every bully who leaves it. It is the strongest thread of Allah. It is Kuran which is full of wisdom.’ It is the truest path. Vain desires can’t depart it from the justice. Tongues can’t mix it and can’t make it indefinite. Scientists can’t be satisfied. You can’t be bored from it, when you repeat it many times. Its interesting features are infinite. It is such a book that, when a group of genies listened to it they said ‘ We listened to an amazing Kuran which we marvelled at. It directed us to justice and truth. (Cin-The Geni:1/2) The one who talks depending on it is confirmed. The one who acts according to it is rewarded. The one who rules according to it, shows justice. The one who invites to it,  he would have invited to the truest path. This text which tells the personality and identity of Kuran is a satire not for the nonmuslims and unbelievers, but for us, muslims. This satire is also told in Furkan-The Criterion/30. It tells that the prophet Muhammed will complain about us in the Afterworld. He won’t help us, he will leave us.

Furkan-The Criterion/30: The Messenger: Oh my Rabb, my folk left my Kuran deserted.

As a matter of fact, with the oligarchy after the era of Muhammed and the 4 caliphs, illiteracy emerged again. ‘The Ignorance’ era was brought back by the discord, argument, fanaticism appreciated by the sultans. Muhammed, when he was healthy, he prohibited his expressions from being written to prevent them from being mixed with the verses of Kuran until the Last Day. But this ban was abolished by the Emevi-Abbasi sultans after 200 years. Hadith invention campaigns were started. Even these hadith were lies, they called them ‘genuine’, but they couldn’t call them truth. Historians of Islam wrote that countless hadith inventers were handed out money in purses. How can we try to explain Kuran which is the only truest and the never-distorted book in the universe with invented lies? Allah is the explainer of Kuran.

Kıyamet-Last Day/17. It is for Us to collect it and to promulgate it:

Kıyamet-Last Day/18. But when We have promulgated it, you follow its recital.

Kıyamet-Last Day/19. Then, it is our job to explain it.

Maun-The one which is given back/4-5: Weyl for those who fulfill daily regular prayer, that they are unaware of their daily regular prayer.

This verse is for the muslims.

Question: Sir, is the Euclidian Schwarzschild your theory?

No, I follow Gauss, but I follow Hilbert and Cantor whom he followed. Riemann is the student of Gauss. My style is Hilbert-Feinberg space. The full name of my mother is Hildegard Eva Weisssschild. If there wasn’t Schwarzschild, Einstein would be nothing. If there wasn’t Minkowsky who was the teacher of Einstein, Einstein would be nothing. If there weren’t the conversion formulas of Lorentz who favoured aether… The formulas which told about the shortening of time, length, and the increase of the mass don’t belong to Einstein. He took them and used them. He established his theory by taking relativity from Newton and by taking the Riemanian space from Riemann.

Meanwhile I will be freed on the 22nd day of the month. (R.E. Zone) I mean, we will be able to write about khaniffication and science. When I don’t write, nobody writes and discusses.

I had told that daily regular prayer was 2 rekats. Nobody approved or objected it or discussed it. But muslims have been fulfilling daily regular prayer for 1.200 years. Even khaneefs have been fulfilling daily regular prayer for 6.000 years. What does the verse say? ‘Daily regular prayer (AKIMETUSSELAT) is a binding duty for you like it was a binding duty for the ones before you.’ We left the 6.000-year daily regular prayer and chose the 1.200-year one.

1.Behind the prayer leader with payroll.

2.By reading things which are not verse.

3.We increased the number of rekats.

4.We increased the number of times from 3 to 5. We added the midafternoon regular prayer (ikindi) and the regular prayer 2 hours after the sunset. (yatsı)

5.We made it 40 rekats.

6.In Ramadhan 60 rekats.

Question: Do you know that the real christians fulfill daily regular prayer?

Yes, they also fast, but half a day. They are called ‘Maruni’s or monophyzist. In the christianity of Barnaby-Habesh school of thought, daily regular prayer is a worshipping. In the upper region of Egypt (in the south and east of Sudan), it is true that there is a type of worshipping by kneeling down and prostrating. But it is also true that they believe in the trinity of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Whatever they do, the christians lose because of this trinity.

One day let’s write the correct daily regular prayer. Let the one who accepts it fulfill it. Muhammed didn’t do anything from himself. The 5 principles of Islam were inherited to Ismael 200 generations before himself. We make the fasting of Abraham at the same period, Ramadhan as 29 days. We fast. Fasting is not new. The expression ‘distinguishing the white thread from the black thread’ doesn’t belong to Kuran. It was certified by Kuran from the books before. For example ‘Besmele’ was first and only sent down to Abraham. But whoever you ask, they will say we meet with Besmele first by Kuran. Besmele is pronounced in only one place. As a matter of fact,  the other 113 don’t exist.

Neml-The Ant/30: ‘İnnehu min süleymane ve innehu bismillahirrahmanirrahıym.’

Neml-The Ant/30: The letter is from Solomon, starting with the name of Allah, the most compassionate, the most beneficient.

There, it is pronounced as ‘bismillahirrahmanirrahıym’ in Arabic. The New Testament added ‘Euzü Billahi’ to this. We know that Solomon wasn’t sent down a book. So Besmele is a verse that had come before him. Besmele continued to his father David. Besmele came to Abraham’s 50 page book. David and Solomon are from his Israelit branch. Besmele belongs to Abraham. He also said ‘La ilahe İllallah’. He found pilgrimage. He constructed the Kaaba and made the first pilgrimage. He was the first to give alms and defined its amount. We still make the same fasting. The finishing time of the fasting and the preparation meal time of the fasting were defined by Abraham 6.000 years ago.  After 6.000 years there was one ease which was put into fasting. Before, the married pairs wouldn’t make sex during Ramadhan. Kuran made us free to make sex outside of fasting time. Muhammed didn’t receive the 5 types of worshipping as new. He was ordered to obey the oldest. His ancestor’s religion Khaniffated Islam, the old one. Let’s put our hat in front of us and think. The verse tells Muhammed ‘Don’t satisfy with Islam! Become Khaneef! Because among the religions, is there a religion better than Khaniffication?’ Islam is not enough to me. All the religions are already based on Islam. Usame bin Ladin is also muslim. Hizbullah is also hypocrite. I can’t be one of them. I find it insufficient to become muslim. All the religions are already based on Islam. If all the religions are Islam, then is there a religion which is more beautiful than khaniffication among those religions? This is not in vain.

Bakara-The Cow/135: They say: “Become Jews or Christians if you would be guided to salvation.” You say: “Nay! We obey the Religion of Abraham the Khaneef, and he never assigned partners to Allah.”

En’am-The Cattle/79: “For me, as khaneef, I have set my face, firmly and truly, towards Hum Who created the heavens and the earth, and never shall I assign partners to Allah.”

Yunus-Jonah/105: “And further thus: ‘Set your face towards religion as khaneef, and never in any way be of the ones who assign partners to Allah.

Hacc-The Pilgrimage/31: Being khaneef in faith to Allah, and never assigning partners to Hum: if anyone assigns partners to Allah, is as if he had fallen from heaven and been snatched up by birds, or the wind had swooped like a bird on its prey and thrown him into a far-distant place.

Rum-Roum/30: So set your face as khaneef steadily and truly to the faith: Allah’s handiwork according to the pattern on which Hu has made mankind: no change let there be in the work wrought by Allah. That is the standard Religion. But most among mankind don’t know.

Beyyine-The Evidence/5: And they have been commanded no more than this: As khaneef to worship Allah, offering Hum sincere devotion, being true in faith; to fulfill daily regular prayer; and to practise regular charity; and that is the religion which is right and straight.

All these verses were already sent down to Abraham.

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CHAT 10 17.10.2001

Dabbe also has 7 meanings like Tariq and others. It has several meanings. All are based on genetics. 7 meanings take 7 days. I had mentioned about the dinosaurs. I had written years before Jurassic Park. I mentioned about microchips-silisium. (It was 15 years ago) I mentioned about a hybrid experimental creature. This will happen in the future and/or happened in the past. The end of the year 1999 is the start year of the genetic map. Manipulating the genes means the returnback of all the extinct living beings good or bad. Dabbe is the biomechanic robots. They have biological microchips which were obtained by genetic manipulations. They are very close to the human beings. They are very advanced in knowledge, power, and ability although they are not equal to human beings and they don’t have humane emotions. Only maybe they can’t play poker. In my opinion, the most important feature which separates a human being from any kind of biomechanic android which is possible to be developed and all other living beings is that humans can play poker. There are computer programs which play poker but I don’t mean that. As humans become brutal when they are stripped of the humane feelings, those kinds of androids will be trouble for humans. Ha, isn’t there computer at the base of it? Yes, there is, but our approaches are different. Living beings are mentioned in all the verses in which there is the word dabbe. The fact that the dabbe in this verse is lifeless can’t be explained. That’s why it must be biomechanic. We had talked about these at a radio program with Avni Çertinkurt. The same computer makes chaotic simulations (for example meteorological analysis and forecast) and it is very similar to the real one. In my opinion what one means, the other also means the same. To make something in a short period that a human can make with effort in longer time. When it is looked from this aspect, in my opinion, there is no difference between a computer and an intercity bus other than their function fields. The important thing is not the computer but the engineers and the programmers who tell it what to count. In my speculation, there are humanoids who can decide at my speculation, who have destructive power, and who are free in one way or the other. The last word is the last word at that writing. Until it emerges, it will remain as a speculation and noone’s idea will be better than the other’s. These are my expressions from my discussion with Avni Çetinkurt in Radio Fener. Dabbe tül Arz- The deepest of the Earth-: Can it be a sign of computer technology? In Kuran salsal is translated as mud from which Adem was created. But when the fact that metan-ammoniac-water vapor and carbondioxide constitute the primitive atmosphere is taken in notice, when ‘salsal which was strained out of mud’ is mentioned, you see that this primitive atmosphere was converted into adenin-guanin-cytosin-timin (nucleic acids) by millions of thunders. This process is SALSAL. Satan didn’t prostrate to Adam, because he was mud which was dried from soil. His reason was simple. ‘I am from fire (energy) I always burn. He (Adam) is from soil (matter), who was faded out with ashes. Do ‘Faded out with ashes’ tell about the carbon chemistry from which living beings are formed. So soil should be understood in two ways:

1. The organic formation which is the carbon chemistry.

2. Silicon…

I mean, there are C and Si elements in the affair. They both address to us. Isn’t the soil that we use in making glass and our seramic clay, silicium? Moreover, from Silicium=Earth and Germanium=Heavens words, production of those transistors can be under consideration. For example German=Heavens. For example Divine Radiation/35 enters the parable so. Isn’t Silicon Valley the center of factories where microchips are produced both as rawmaterial and as endproduct? The rawmaterial of microchips is SILICIUM. The strange thing is that as verb Dabbe=to struggle under the earth, Earth: Planet of Silicium. I say in this meaning. The inside of the world is full of silicium as layers of SiAl from NifSial. With the bursts of lava and magma which convert to rocks, the mountains and the valleys are formed. The surface of the world is also so: Entirely silicium. Aşık Veysel said ‘My loyal love is black soil.’ Can The Earth be Silicium, and Dabbet be Microchip? When microchips are replaced by another invention or when microchips are outmoded, our thesis will be invalid. Let’s make an antinome and defend the computer, more truly sibernetics. Now computers are in the 3rd generation. Even Pentium IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI is technically assumed in the same generation. The next generation will pass through the path of a holographic memory which remembers best and which decides itself. Like Avni Çetinkurt said, they will be able to enter the cyborg=artificial organism scope. The next generation computers will reach directly the mind itself. I mean, holographic memory will be loaded to the nucleic acids. The computer will remember like we remember. Moreover it will be infected by the organic viruses like rabies. Cybernetic intelligence, artificial intelligence is a journey to the discovery of the brain. Adenin, guanin, cytosin, timin are the nucleic acids which remind us our memories. By the help of this advanced technology, if we produce a computer with A,G,C,T nucleic acids, these will be from Salsal family. Kuran gives ciphres, parables, scientific models to the scholars. NUN=point and at the same time zero in Arabic. Pen=Programming Language, at the same time number ‘1’ and Aleph letter in Arabic. Two of them together, as 1 and 0, (binary, digital, de Morgan mathematics) Point is without dimension. Pen is one dimensional. The Protected Tablet is two dimensional. Here the magnetic tablet and protected=at the memory. The Protected Tablet (Levh-i Mahfuz) is a Hard Disc. Maybe the recording angels are the REM. It is worth analysing this data-processing center in the layers of the Arch. Dabbetul Arz may be microchip. The Dais=A monitor. It is possible to make intelligent microbiomotors which are as big as amoebas and even to form dabbet colonies with those nanotechnologies. Hawking says ‘The last day virus=Dabbet’. For now, thinking computers are impossible. Generations must be passed. I mention about the computer generations. The 6th generation computers will be a technology wonder which will be able to dream. But for now we must wait. Futhermore, the technology is improving at an unbelievable pace. But the capitalist producers waylay the scientists. They say ‘Don’t hurry, there are many stocks in the warehouse, let’s sell the intermediary models and the reserve parts’. There are forces which prevent us from making computer advances in our mind. Even it is unnecesssary to define these once more. Everything is for producing a prototype. This is a fight to gain the control the world, to create a single type of human that is managed from a single center. This is the game that the opposite campus wants to play over the Graceland. Like Orwell’s ‘1984’, it is BigBrother/BigBoss etc. The Sionists of the future say ‘This world is mine, Jahow give this planet to me’. This song is called Exodus. This is in the past a Promised Land. In the future it will be written like a National Anthem with the text that I gave. ‘This land is mine, God gave this land to me..’ I told its form in the future. Because of Millenium, our Tennessee started to talk. About the Virus of Last Day. He is my friend from Tennessee. We are both the children of Missisippi. His favourite song is Tennessee Nights, mine is Tennessee Waltz. Or Mrs. cp & Miss ccp. Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, then Delta. There it is. Graceland. And the opposite of it the Exodus song. I wonder which one should have been? Which side are we on? Grace means the divine help. The last Surah of Kuran is Nasr=GRACE. Iza Cae Nasrullahi=When Allah’s help comes… Valhalla is a spacecapital, district which can be used for both sides. I mean, from Valhalla, someone with cruel intentions can/did make timetravelling. But ALLAHLAW (Walhalla in Shira) is the Grace of Allah only. This is the promise of Allah. We are not worried about the AntiGracers whose plans will fail, but we are worried about the Sophianists. Because the one who will handle the  Exods is Jesus (Jesus who returns back). Our fight is to become the pioneer soldiers of Mighty who will win narrowly. Jesus will handle the Jews with the ‘Third Calamity’. But Mighty-Sophianist wars are not like that. It is not a trap by playing chess in time. Sophianism is the greatest calamity that is on us, muslims, throughout the history. They cooperate with sionists. They will unite with them in the future too. They will be stopped by the Central Asian muslims. These are the grandchildren of Yesevi in time. Until the independence day, they swore to a black flag, until the peace=white flag returns with Mighty. Because they swore to a white flag if Mighty wins. Is there a color of Islam? Yes, there is. Allah says ‘For heaven it is green’, but not the green of the tombs. It is a green, average of IR and UV from the red to the voilet, with the frequency of 5.500. It is the average. Green is both a homeothermic and a heterothermic color. It is the middle of 7 colors. In the heaven it is a prime color. Because in the Afterworld, there are not 7 colors, but 7 times infinite colors. Not 7 musical notes, but 7 times infinite sounds. Not 7 days but 7 eternities. Tastes are also 7. Acid (bitter), Base (sour), Metal chlors (salty), glicose-saccarin (sweet) are the impressions of the four tastes on us. Without taste (like water) means a transparent taste. We suppose that some things don’t have also smell and it is from transparency. Smells and tastes have an algebra like 7 colors, 7 sounds. Let’s become a Gracelander. You are the grand grandfathers of them. Aren’t they your children from your bio-psycho genes? Graceland is the English of this work. Think of the English of the word, ‘Khaneef.’ The Protestant Islam is called ‘Khaniffication’. It is the great ideal including the Mighty and Jesus era. From the past it seems like an utopia. But when you look from the future, it is an order which established by the HELP OF ALLAH. I say dozen, it is related with dosen, dutzend=12. And I am not afraid of the opposite campus. But I am afraid of Sophianism. Do you remember them? They are Usame, Hizbullah which killed Gonca Kuriş, a family from Edeb Ali, Yezid, his father Muaviye and his father Ebu Sophian and his ancestors KURAIZA tribe and the relative families. This is a causal seed which was sowed in the past and it will be a fruit of trouble in the future as a result. Ebu Sophian sowed it and it hit until Mighty after 300 years. We are in the middle. (mid era) We should stay in our cave like the people of cave. This is according to Allah’s calendar 7.4 hours. It is the promise of Allah that Jesus will defeat Jews. But for the fight of Khaneef (Mehdianist) and Sophianist, Allah says ‘it depends on your effort’. A verse in Kuran says that ‘if a folk doesn’t rectify itself, Allah also won’t rectify them.’ This is also a sign ‘we help the ones who get out of control to get more out of control.’ That’s why Arabs are humiliated in Kuran. They are hypocrites, unbelievers, and they don’t know Arabic.

Allah will help Jesus because of hus true promise. But Allah left the fight of Mighty-Sophian to our efforts. That’s why the ‘Owners of the Two Camps’ were given in two different surahs in two different expressions.

Afghan war began as the result of the Millenium. The North of Afghanistan (Turkmen, Uzbek etc.) is already a Turkish region. After Afghanistan Iraq will be divided. Lebanon and Syria will be divided. There is more time to attack Turkey.

The small signs of the last day ended, the ones which come now are the middle-sized ones. The middle-sized ones emerged, but you may have not noticed. In Kuran Allah said ‘Oh the Pharaoh, the repentance of the ones who repent at the last breath is not accepted. After thousands of years, we will make you emerge at this same coast where the sea was split, preservedly and prostratingly as a lesson.’ He is at the moment in London. He is said to be the 4th Ramses. In prostration. Hızır punished him. How did he punish him? Why did Moses search for Hızır? At which forked place did the fish revive? Who did they find when they returned back saying ‘oh, that was the sign that we searched for.’ Hızır. The place where they found Hızır was where the sea would split in the future. Moses and his folk walked from the rock mentioned in Kuran. The sea split into two. Behind, was our ‘Londoner’ Ramses. The sea covered Pharaoh and his army, and they drowned. Hızır described. Here is the sea. From this rock, let the Israelites walk to the sea. I will punish the one who is behind. We call these advanced technologies ‘miracle’. (meaning the one which is met rarely) In the universe, there are two poles and there is a neutral between. The first pole is centrifugal=KUNNES. The centripetal pole is HUNNES. There is a region between the two. Let’s define it in this way. Kunnes=Cosmos, Hunnes=Chaos. (Chaos=Back vowel, I mean it is pronounced as Haos.) They are inside the each other. They are flat like sea. Now did you remember the biological passing secret between Chaos and Cosmos? Osmos. We can say it in this way. ‘The Heavens, the earth and the ones in between.’ Osmos or osmotic pressure. Osmos is a mechanism enabling the passage from the more intense medium to the less intense medium in the cells.

For example there are monocelled organisms which live in the extremely salty water. Because of the density difference their sitoplasm pierces their cell membrane and goes out. This is called ‘osmos’. The inside of the cell pours out of the cell. On the cell membranes, there is no mouth, opening. They fulfill their needs by osmos, by passing the matter through the membrane and add them to their organism. Now this osmos is a general rule. This is the same for heat, isn’t it? According to the thermodynamic laws, the heat moves from the hot end to the cold end. It is the same for the electricity (voltage). Let’s make the rule universal. There is a movement from Chaos (disorder) to Cosmos (order). Osmos enables the movement.


By the help of these, the measure of the entropy emerges. Haos (hunnes) and Cosmos (kunnes) are also called Yin Yang. Let’s write Tekvir/15-16,

Tekvir-Spherication/15-16: Fela uksimü bilhunnesi Elcevaril künnesi.

Did you see Hunnes and Kunnes? There is no flowing to the house. The translations are wrong. The one who translated Kuran as he wished will be told ‘if you don’t have any science, don’t write!’ Hunnes=Chaos and Kunnes=Cosmos are very universal, very very ancient religious expressions that Allah taught first. Even in the Korean flag, there is a symbol of Hunnes and Kunnes. Buddhists call them Yin and Yang. So what is osmos between cosmos and chaos? Osmos is the tunnel. The inside of the tunnel is already neutral. The surface of the tunnel (outside) is the magnetic field. Hablilverid=Reserve Cable plan is this. Let’s search for the lost part. I don’t mention about searching for what we don’t know, but the lost part. We are responsible from chasing the one that Allah informed. There are compensating tunnels which connect Hunnes and Kunnes like the worm hole which connects the blackhole and the whitehole. When saying ‘Allah is closer to us more than our reserve cable’, everything happens in this cable, but we, who are outside of the cable, don’t know what is compensated inside. To find out the lost part, let’s return back to again the splitting of the sea. In between, an osmos wall (tunnel) was formed. In the divine order, an electrolysis is possible, there is no need for a passage. Water is 2H and 1O. The sea was split there to H2 and O electroosmotically. The pressure of gas which emerged there prevented the sea from closing. Moses and his folk passed from this channel safely, by walking on the bottom of the sea. From there, they reached the side of Mount Sina which was the neutral region. The sea closed over the Pharaoh and his army behind. At one point the sea didn’t close. At that point, the fish had revived and escaped from the foodbag and went to the sea. Pharaoh at the same point remained semi-alive. The microorganisms and sea animals couldn’t damage him. He went ashore as the middle-sized signs of the last day and in excellent condition. That region is very lonely. (Sina) Until it was informed that a corpse was found and the prosecutor came, 4 days had passed. I mean, the reason of decaying a little bit is this. For 6.000 years nothing happened, but when it went ashore, it decayed fast. It was in exact prostration. So because of the decay and the mistake of the carriers, the prostration position was leaned to one side. There are 11 verses producing fire from water, water from fire, wet from dry, dry from wet. Does fire emerge from water? Hidrogen is a combustible and oxygen is a caustic gas. Water is the combination of these. The one which unites and separates them is the secret specific tunnel called OSMOS. Miracles are from the presence of ALLAH. According to this verse ‘miracles are from the presence of ALLAH who is inside the tunnel’. For example why did the fire which was prepared to burn Abraham convert to water? Hidrogen, Oxygen and OSMOS (reserve cable) I have already told that Hunnes and Kunnes are a universal rule. The universe is based on Chaos-Cosmos and Osmos. Two poles (fig and olive) and the safe/neutral region in between. After Mount Sina, Jerusalem and Mecca became the neutral/safe region. The people from Urfa say that Balıklıgöl converted into water from fire. I mean in the place where there was fire, water was formed. The fish in the lake are called ‘Joshua’s Fish’. It’s worth analysing. Because it is told that there are probably 7 prophet graves. This is a very very great number for Turkey. We are advantageous. Hızır Notes also said that Abraham’s grave was under Balıklıgöl in Urfa. Urfa=Room=Tomb in Arabic. The reason is that he is the father of the khaneefs. It is a blessed region.

For the 19s in the life of Atatürk we should study with diagrams, graphics. For example in one of the previous chats, I mentioned about the four posts of the Arch and the prime numbers.

Until the 22nd of this month, I won’t write to the group. Because the writings will be written are very striking. These are the types of writings that we should rediscover our religion. Until now we have categorised Islam in 3 groups.

1.Hadithian Islam

2.Khaniffated Islam

3.Light Islam

You know the first group. The 2nd group is a minority. The 3rd type is very widespread. If you remove the khaniffs, the remaining is hadithian and light muslims. Our job is very difficult. In the future, we are going to be divided into 3 in the great war of Islam. Sophianists, Mehdianists and the ones fleeing from war. These are the light muslims. Their task is to escape from the war. They will say ‘they will favour the winning group’. So who is hadith, who is khaniff, and who is light? For light muslims we followed this way:

Question: Sir, according to Islam, how many times and how many rekats are the daily regular prayer?

Our attitude was this: We approved 5 times and 40 rekats. But there was one way to catch us. ‘Sir, according to Kuran, how many times and how many rekats are the daily regular prayer?’ My answer was 3 times and 2 rekats each. The difference is at the ones who ask the questions. The ones asking the first and the second questions, what did they ask? Notice. Yes, Islam and Kuran. An example to Islam: Taliban type, having licence to kill the woman who goes out of house without a man, and who doesn’t walk 4 steps behind. But according to Kuran we see that Adam and Eve walked hand in hand. From now on, there is no relative answer for the light muslims. In Kuran, the daily regular prayer is 3 times. The ones who don’t believe, just write the verses down. The tranlators wanted to convert 3 to 5. From now on, khaniffs must be separated from the light muslims ready to pay all costs. We were always together with the light muslims. We didn’t break their hearts. They said ‘turban’-head cover-, I even gave signature. I was a teacher in the university, a risky position. But I knew that in the Divine Radiation-31, ‘Humurihinne’ didn’t mean head cover. Kuran tells women to grow their hair down their shoulders. But for light islam, when asked if head cover was the order of Islam, I said a great YES. I said NO according to Kuran. ‘Ziynet’ is different, a piece of jewelry is different. Piece of jewelry=cevahir, mücevher. Allah doesn’t say mücevher. Allah says ziynet. Müzeyyen=ornament we kept on saying. ‘ZIYNET’ is the sides of the women and the men which are very different from each other. The shorts of the men, the bikini of the women are enough to cover the ziynet regions. For example: A lady had forgotten to close the door of the bathroom. Without knowingly someone enters the bathroom. With reflex, the lady covers her front with one hand, her second hand covers her breasts. HAIR???? What is the reason to be shy of hair? Can hair bear babies? Can hair give milk? Where is the illicit part in hair? Which part of my hair is sexy? Which part of my hair should I cover? If women are covered, Allah would order the men the same. The Divine Radiation-31 starts with ‘Kul lil mü’minati=Tell the believing women’. If it was a binding duty for women to cover their hair, it would automatically be a binding duty for men also. Let the men cover their heads. This is equality!! If in the presence of Allah, the hair and the sound of the women are illicit, the hair of men is also illicit. Now: A footballer’s shorts are enough for a man. He can make daily regular prayer in that form. Because the different regions of men and women are ZIYNET. The common ones from those regions remain inside the shorts. The uncommon one (breast) is not hidden in men, but at women it is covered by an upper underwear. Because Allah and angels aren’t voyeurs, a lady can fulfill the daily regular prayer with a bikini. Allah and angels are not male. They don’t have ‘self’. When we say ‘Kıyam bi nefsihi’, we say it wrongly. As Allah has no self, how can Allah be existing from self? Allah is everywhere, so are the recording angels. In toilet, when I am naked in the bathroom, in the dirtiest places Allah and angels are together with me. Allah and angels are neither female nor male. In this topic, Allah has wrath with verses. Assuming Allah of bearing children, and angels as female are great sins. Aesthetics is first on our faces. Face is a picture and it isn’t a sexual object. If, as men, we make an improper innuendo to a woman, we don’t say ‘Uff, how beautiful that nose, or those ears!’ Because these are not ziynet. Face is an aesthetic picture, it is beautiful and in the verses it isn’t ordered to be covered. As you see;

1.Islam according to hadith.

2.Islam according to Kuran.

3.Islam according to light muslims.

According to hadith, if a thread of a woman’s hair remains on a comb and if a foreign man sees it, she is cursed by Allah and angels until the doomsday. This is a hadith from Ebu Hureyre. This is from the hadiths which were called ‘true’. I will comb my hair, coincidenatally a thread will remain on the comb, a man will see that thread, I will be in great trouble. ??????????? This is hadithian, sophian islam. Mine is the religion of Kuran you know. Light islam is something different. We had equated Allah with our father. When we say Allah, we think of a bearded, frowning, deep voiced man with a club in his hand. He is the enemy of women’s hair and sound. Even he is the enemy of the sounds of their high-heeled shoes. No!! My Rab is none of these. That’s why angels say ‘Subhanallah’ without stopping. What did we assume of saying ‘subhanallah’? What did we assume of chanting? From this aspect that question is very important. Either you ask to me, or you ask Zekeriya Beyazıt, or Yaşar Nuri Öztürk. While asking the question, I give you the secret. The only difference in your question is this:

1.According to Kuran.

2.According to İslam

By using this difference, you will get two answers. Whoever you ask, either Bayraktar Hodja or my friend Nurbaki, from the form of the question, you determine the answer. There is only one source of this knowledge I have been emitting since I was 25. VERSES. Only Kuran, I mean the verses. If you like, let’s start as ‘according to Islam’ and let me tell you stories, hadith of saints. If you say ‘according to Kuran’, here you are, let’s begin. For example how many times are the daily regular prayer? Let’s find the verses.

Hud/114: Fulfill your daily regular prayer at the two sides of daytime, and at the ‘zulef’s of the night.

Isra/78: From the highest position of the sun until the night fulfill the daily regular prayer. Also take care of Kuran in the first lights of the morning. Because Kuran which is read in the early morning has witness.

Let’s make a comment on this. Etrafen en nehar, in another place tarafeyn en Nehar=the two sides of the daytime. I mean, hu gave 2 times of daily regular prayer to daytime and 1 to nighttime. If you like, you wake up at night and fulfill daily regular prayer as many as you like. (3 times are the binding duty, imperative) But when told ‘If they fulfilled daily regular prayer in a moment at night, this is not imperative, but wish. You are free to fulfill it or not. But be careful, the daily regular prayer at the two sides of the day time and at night is the binding duty. The extra regular prayer ‘vitir’ is according to your desire. 3 times are determined, the 4th one (the desired one) is postponed to the latenight. Let’s write the Arabic of the surah Hud/114.

Hud/114: Ve akımıssalate tarafıeyninnehari ve zülefen minelleylinnelhasenati yüzhibnesseyyiat zalike zikra lizzakiriyn

Akımusselat: The daily regular prayer which is substituted. It is a credit debt. It is a promise which was made at ‘Kalu Bela’. It is a binding duty which is done at the right time. Akımetusselat: The daily regular prayer we know. But when ‘Akıyme’ is not pronounced, this is not a daily regular prayer. This means prayer. For example in the verse ‘Allah and angels pray for their prophet’, if you say prayer=daily regular prayer, you will be in trouble. Why do Allah and angels worship and make daily regular prayer for the prophet? The true answer is this: ‘Allah and angels pray for their prophet.’ Analyse the verses with this separation. You will see that in the verses that you choose,

1.There is prayer.

2.There is daily regular prayer.

3.There is no prayer or daily regular prayer, but there is time.

In Hud/114, there is Standing Upright, Bowing, Prostration and Sitting on the Floor obviously. The times of the daily regular prayer are determined by the sun. When the white thread and black thread are distinguished (when the shadow is in the longest form), morning enters. After that, the shadow gets shorter and falls to the bottom of the post. Here, the related verse says ‘Notice the middle post=Salatıvusta’. It doesn’t say AkıymetusSelat. There is no substitution. It doesn’t tell you to make the daily regular prayer of noon and be careful. On the contrary, there is a derivation from the Average, Middle. There is the Middle Post=Vusta that we know very well. Until the shadow falls to the bottom of the post, it is one side of the day. When the shadow passes to the other side of the post, it is the other side of the day. The other time of the daily regular prayer starts. It doesn’t mention about the daily regular prayer, but it mentions about the time of daily regular prayer. To intend to become khaneef is good, but moreover it is necessary to know the method. Two sides of the daytime is mentioned not only in Hud/114, but at two other verses. One is etrafen, the other is tarafeyn. Nehar=Daytime and Taraf+eyn=Two sides. But the same verse says this: The length of the shadow which is very short at noon, gets longer and when sun sets it has the longest form. After some time you can’t distinguish between the white thread and the black thread. For example you can’t read a book. This means: Night came. Until the morning there is only one time for the whole night. At noon time there was a post, but at the other side of the world where it is night there can’t be a post and shadow. So you extend the post to the night side point by point. You will see that night also is divided into two. One side of the night is for the binding duty and the other is for the one (vitir) you wish to make as many as you like according to the verse ‘it would be better for them, if they woke up at late night and make daily regular prayer. Here, this is the interpretation of the verse Hud /114 saying ‘close to night’. Now let’s find another verse related to daily regular prayer. Let’s analyse it. It is impossible for you to show me 5 times daily regular prayer. I believe in what Allah informs. The translators are converting 3 to 5.

3/238: “Hafizu alessalavati vessalatilvusta vekuumu lillahi kaanitiym”

It is not ‘Middle daily regular prayer’, but it tells you to notice the middle post ‘SalatıVusta’. Hafizu=Maintain, preserve, don’t miss it. Alessalavati=your prayers. (It doesn’t tell you to make daily regular prayer, there is no akımusselat) ves selavatilVUSTA=The post separating the two sides of the daytime.

Isra/78: “Ekımissalate lidülükişşemsi ila gasakılleyli kuranelfecr innekuranelfecri kane meşhuda”

‘Ekımissalat=make daily regular prayer’ it says. Until the time when the sun is at the highest point (noon post), until the time when the night comes, then until the early morning lights come. It counts 3 times. It tells us to fulfill daily regular prayer. Moreover it tells that because the morning and night angels exchange duty in the early morning, the daily regular prayer made at that time is witnessed. The evil of night comes to an end. Who can tell me the daily regular prayer is 5 times in Kuran? Midafternoon regular prayer is ASR Surah according to the translators. ASR=Midafternoon regular prayer??? Let’s write Surah Asr/103

1.To the time through the ages,

2.Verily Man is in loss,

3.Except the ones who have faith, and who do righteous deeds, and who advise the real truth and the patience to each other.

Now would you please find me:

1.Where is the midafternoon daily regular prayer?

2.How is it made?

3.Is there prayer and daily regular prayer?

4.Is this midafternoon daily prayer?

In Arabic Asr=Hundred Years, Ashr=Ten years (Aşar, öşür, aşure mean decimal, ten materials) Midafternoon daily regular prayer and the daily regular prayer two hours after sunset (yatsı) exist of course in Islam. Only they don’t exist in Kuran.

Maun/6-7-8: Veyl for those who fulfill daily regular prayer, they are negligent of their daily regular prayer, they just show off.

Man always disappointed their Creator, and our Creator call us ‘ungrateful’ like the verse saying ‘man is very ungrateful’. Maun=which is slapped to the face, returned back.

Let’s write the surah Nisa-The women 102-103.

Nisa-The Women/102: When you are with them, and stand to lead them in daily regular prayer, let one party of them stand up (in prayer) with you, taking their arms with them. When they finish their prostrations, let them take their position in the rear. And let the other party come up which had not yet fulfilled their daily regular prayer- and let them fulfill it with you, taking all precaution, and bearing arms: the unbelievers wish, if you were negligent of your arms and your baggage, to assault you in a single rush. But there is no blame on you if you put away your arms because of the inconvenience of rain or because you are ill; but take every precaution for yourselves. For the unbelievers Allah had prepared a humiliating punishment.

103. When you finished the daily regular prayer, always commemorate Allah, standing, sitting down, or lying down on your sides; but when you are free from danger, fulfill the daily regular prayer in the right way: Because daily regular prayer is a binding duty for believers at stated times.

Let’s write Nisa-The Women/101.

Nisa-The Women/101: When you start a voyage, if you are worried that the infidels will do harm to you, it is no sin to shorten the daily regular prayer. Verily, the infidels are clearly your enemies.

Daily regular prayer is shortened when at voyage. When voyage is meant, fear of fight and bandits are included. ‘When you are among them, making them fulfill daily regular prayer’, I mean the verse says ‘when you are their ‘imam’-prayer leader-, part them in two. First let one group fulfill daily regular prayer. When one rekat is finished, let the other group come and finish the second rekat. The prayer leader fulfills 2 rekats. But the ones at the back shorten the daily regular prayer. The prayer leader doesn’t shorten and he fulfills like normal days. He waits for the two groups finish their daily regular prayers. How many rekats is the daily regular prayer whose half is 1 rekat? Prostration is the end of one rekat. Every one group will prostrate once. Daily regular prayer has 4 moves. The rekat starts with standing upright, we bow, we finish the rekat with prostration. We stand up and start the second rekat, when the daily regular prayer ends, we sit down as ‘KADE’. (the fourth move) This fourth finishes the daily regular prayer. Prostration separates the rekats. Kıyam is standing upright, Rukû is bowing 900, Secde is prostration, 1800 bowing, to become one with the floor, Kade is sitting down. You greet the right and left sides. You finish the daily regular prayer at Kade position. To tie the hands is left to the will of the creature. The important ones are the fundamental body moves. Like slam dunk, rebound in basketball. There are 3 times. Because daily regular prayer is a binding duty for the believers. Each daily regular prayer has 2 rekats. To become a khaneef is very hard, very very hard. To be light has an unbearable lightness. Our 3/114 group didn’t anything about the Khaniffated Islam until we mentioned, as if they didn’t hear about it. They supposed it as a sect like Hanefiism. Prayers are the earnest desires. When you finish the daily regular prayer, always commemorate Allah when you stand up, sit down, or lie on your side. This is prayer (salat) But it is not daily regular prayer. You commemorate Allah. You finish the daily regular prayer and then you make prayer. Yes, there is a form of daily regular prayer by lying on one’s side, facedown and lying on one’s back. The verse: ‘Don’t make religion hard, make it easy.’ ‘When you make daily regular prayer, read what is easy and short for you.’ ‘Cause religion to be loved by people, don’t cause it to be hated.’’Don’t stand and make daily regular prayer behind prayer leaders who do their job for money. ‘Destroy the mosques of sects.’ When the verse came, Muhammed destroyed a mosque. That mosque was destroyed by the order of Allah. Allah had hus house destroyed. Why why why?????

Tevbe-Repentance/107-108: And there are those who constructed a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity – to disunite the Believers – and in preparation for one who warred against Allah and Hus Messenger aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; But Allah declares that they are certainly liars. Never fulfill daily regular prayer there. There is a mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety; it is more worthy of the standing forth (for prayer) therein. In it are men who love to be purified; and Allah loves those who make themselves pure.

Muhammed had that mosque destroyed.

God-fearing behaviour=Takva>> Its root is Kavi

The root of Vakit=Time is Vakt which means to occur.

Kavi=the suit or armor of all the good deeds. It is an antimagnetic protective shield. It is like the pellucidity of the heart, the softness of the walnut in the hard shell etc.

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CHAT 9 14.10.2001

In one of our chats, I told you that Ebu Sophian was humiliated with three verses in Kuran. Yes, the one who was humiliated in the Surah Abese is Ebu Sophian who was the leader of Mecca. He other than refusing Muhammed’s invitation, became his merciless enemy. He tried to kill him at his bed. At the same night Muhammed emigrated. After the emigration, Muhammed took Mecca back from him. Did you remember Hucurat-The Private Apartments/14, didn’t you? This was brought down for that rot. Let’s write it.

Hucurat-The Private Apartments/14: The Arabs said, ‘We believe.’ Say, ‘You have no faith; but you only say ‘We have submitted our wills to Allah, For not yet has faith descended your hearts. But if you obey Allah and hus Messenger, Hu will not belittle aught of your deeds. Because Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.’

The Arabs of Mecca said ‘We believed.’ Say to them ‘you didn’t believe, you just gave in. You became the prisoners of war. The faith didn’t descend to your hearts. It remaind in your mouths.  If you obey Allah and hus prophet, Allah will give you your property and your wealth in Mecca back completely. Allah is the one who forgives and who is merciful.’ This is the one that was said in this verse. The arabic form of the verse: Kalaatün: They said, Arabün:Arabs There is no word ‘Bedouin’ there. The plural of bedouin (bedevi) is ‘badiye’. Allah says Arabs. We also should say Arabs. We should proceed in the topic of Ebu Sophian. Because this is necessary. The father of the sophianists is Ebu Sophian. This is very important because of this. After 300 years Sophianists and Mehdianists (khaneefs) will fight. We should know these. You should be surprised at what I will tell now. The female of Sophian in Arabic is Sophia. Ebu Sophian left his task to Muhammed, but he lived as the richest person of Mecca with his wealth there. He wasn’t disturbed, furthermore he took place in the jury (republic). Because as principle, the one who says ‘La ilahe illallah, Muhammeden Resulullah’, is assumed as sinless as if newly born from mother and he or she is not questioned from before his repentance. For example Ömer was a tough man. He buried the female babies of other parents including his girl while alive. But because everybody is acquitted when becoming muslim, they can never be questioned. The name of the system to question him is SERIULHISAB, I mean, it is the judgement of Allah who individually and one by one, serially takes care. This is the name of Allah and unfortunately this was not put in the list of the beautiful names of Allah. Seriulhisab is the name of Allah. Like the other 99 names. Because a hadith says that Allah has 99 names, the other 15 names of Allah were taken out of the list. One is Seriulhisab, the other is Settar, the other is Ilahinnas. Don’t we say Ya Settar, Ya Rabb? Isn’t is strange that we say Ya Rabb, but it is not in the 99. They say ‘Allah can’t be called God=Ilah’. Isn’t Ilahinnas which is in the surah Nas, the name of Allah??? The Turkish of Ilah is Uluğ=Ulu=Exalted. I mean, there are some strangenesses. Discord and ignorance are all together. These are called Sophianism=Vahhabism=Taliban=Satan.

Ladin is Vahhabist. His task is to direct the Aria muslims to this way. (The Iranian sunnis, Afghan sunnis, Pakistan paktus-peshtus-pathans etc) To make all of them Vahhabist. Chechenia in its last era accepted the Vahhabism. This is the Kuraish+Kuraiza tribe religion. It is older. Now two notes more: We know the name of Allah as Divine Radiation, don’t we? We say El Nur. Let’s write Divine Radiation/35:

‘Allah is the divine radiation of the heavens and the earth.The Parable of Hus divine radiation is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp. That Lamp is enclosed in Glass. The glass as if it were a brilliant star which is similar to a pearl. Lit from a blessed tree, an Olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarcely touched it. Divine radiation upon divine radiation! Allah guides whom Hu wishes to Hus divine radiaiton. Allah sets forth parables for people and Allah knows all things.’

‘Allah is the divine radiation of the heavens and the earth.’ This expression is wrong. You can understand it from the next verse. The verse says ‘The Parable of Hus divine radiation’. I mean, Allah is not divine radiation, Allah’s divine radiation is under consideration. Do you notice the difference??? ‘Divine radiation upon divine radiation’ verse which is below defines Allah’s name. Yes Allah’s name is Divine radiation upon divine radiation=Nurün ala Nur. It is not divine radiaiton, because angels are also nur=divine radiaiton=intrinsic impulsmomentum. The Moon is also divine radiation. (Münir=With divine radiation) The Moon is not Allah. –Allah forbid- Shall we from now on distinguish this divine radiation? Let’s open our eyes. Allah’s name is divine radiation upon divine radiation. El Nûrünalanûr. When there is liaison, it is pronounced as ‘en’. Ennurünalanur. İlahinnas=The god of the humans. Our mouth also should get accustomed to this. We should make our mouth get accustomed to the situation. Only Nur=Moon. I mean when the word Kamer=moon is used as a parable, Nur=Moon. Münire=Nuray=Aynur etc. are these kinds of female names. Ziya=daylight comes from the sun, it is photon, but because it is reflected to us by hitting the surface of the moon and plucks an electron, we see its radiation indirectly.

Now one more Khaniffication? Abraham worshipped the sun, the moon and the stars and he said they were not his Rabb. Do you remember it? It is illicit to use these as religious symbols!!! What is the symbol of Islam? The Crescent. Let’s analyse: The dark face of the moon represents the moon itself=Illicit. The luminous face of the moon represents the sun=Illicit. The sun is a star. It means to worship and use these as religious symbols means going out of religion. The moon, the sun and the star are all in the crescent symbol. It may be a Turkish flag, but it can’t be a religious flag or logo. A verse can’t be written on a flag and carried. When the Roums beat the muslims, they made our flags toilet cloth as war spoils. Muaviye made Kuran’s each page a flag to his army’s spears. Supporters of Ali didn’t draw their swords to this. And Muaviye won the war. Because they left their swords, hundreds of Ali supporters were put to the sword like sheep. If you suppose Kuran pages as written charm you may also die. When a doctor writes a prescription, if you put the prescription into water, boil it and drink the water instead of going to a pharmacy you will die. These are the same. What is the symbol of Islam according to you? I mean as a logo. Christians have crucifix. Muhammed left an amblem to the first mosque in Medina. They put that upon the top of a minaret. You will see that symbol over the dome of Istanbul mosques and at the balconies surrounding the minarets. It is like the moon which is turned upwards, but it is not the moon. It is like the body of a lyre. It is similar to the letter Y. A rounded Y letter. The tips are twisted to outside. It exists at all our great mosques. It is narrower than Phi. It is like a tulip, but as crosssection. Zulkarneyn was the right answer. Muhammed described it in Medina by his hands. There are already two horns. The horn is blessed in the surah Cave. In the same surah, the dog is also blessed. In the same surah, the fork where the two seas unite was metioned at Hızır-Moses-Joshua. You remember that the fish revived and found a way from the fork of rock. In the surah Cave these were blessed. For christians, Friday is unlucky. It is a tradition which was passed from the Jews. Their believers are on tenterhooks on Fridays. Above all, if that Friday coincides with the 13th of the month.. I know 1.000 maniacs who don’t go out of their houses on that day. They had put that karneyn symbol to the hand (as a matter of fact Neptun) of the picture of the satan and the satan as if prods. The Friday and the fork symbol which Islam blesses were converted into satanic symbols. In Medina, Muhammed changed a cross symbol by twisting the left and right ends to upward like a horseshoe. He twisted the middle part to downward. He made this with the blacksmithship in cold form as balcony round the minaret. He turned its mouth upwards. Because the handles of the swords remind the christian cross, he made his sword in karneyn (fork) form and gave that sword as a gift to Ali. ‘Zül-fi Kar(n).’ This tradition became so settled that even in the flag of the Saudis there is sword. And there is a sword on the flag of Saudis. Sword is a very old symbol. Its exact name is ZÜL-Fİ-KÂR. You thrust the sword to the earth and the handle remains over. The sword disappears. It is like a peace symbol, not fight symbol. Anyway… Kar means the one which includes a horn. Zul means owner.

Let’s come to Ebu Sophian. For the ancestry of Ebu Sophian, let’s look at the tribe life. The Kuraish and the Kuraiza. Did you investigate the Kuraish and the Kuraiza tribes? What are their nationalities (races)? These are both Samiian but what are their languages?

Beni Kuraish = from the posterity of Ismael.

Beni Kuraiza = from the posterity of Israel.

The two branches of Abraham. His two requests. Let’s find the word ‘Ark of the Covenant’ in Kuran.

Bakara-The Cow/248: And further their Prophet said to them: “A sign of his authority is that there shall come to you the Ark of the Covenant, with an assurance therein of security from your Rabb, and the relics left by the family of Moses and the family of Aaron, carried by the angels. In this is a symbol for you if you indeed have faith.”

Talut is the ancestor of Kuraiza tribe, because he is from the Levites. Ark of the Covenant is Tranquil Chest. It is nuclear, but then it was tranquil. The energy is also tranquil in the matter. Don’t we burst the energy which stands in one gram of Uranium? Moses and Aaron are brothers and they are the chiefs of two tribes in the tribal order. They are their ancestors. Only the Levites and Kuraizans could carry the Ark of Covenant. Because of radiation, whoever touched it, died. Moreover that nuclear reactor (mobile) was carried by the angels (protection shield). These expressions are in the three holy books and they are the same. It was also the topic in one of the films of the series ‘Indiana Jones’. From it, the angels came out and they punished. It was the final scene. Nobody other than the Leviat and Kuraizan tribes could touch it. The ones whose eyes were open saw the atomical sparks, temporary blindness. You know that some people aren’t affected much by the electricity. There are some people who were hit by thunder and shocked. Some feet do good grounding. Genetical endurance is something very strange. Blackbeetles, scorpions etc are extremely resistant to the radiation. There are scorpions which get 2000 rems dose of radiation but don’t die. The Israelites are a very superior-made race. They know their racial tablets very well and brought them throughout thousands of years. For example Uri Geller. With his two fingers he can twist spoon, key etc like ice cream in the presence of the notary public live on TV. Notice his surname.  Geller=Sign of David tribe. Then remember this verse.

Sebe/10: And We made the iron soft for him and we let it flow. He made armor by iron’.

Geller=The signature seal of the ones who come from the posterity of David. Like the Üçoks and Bozoks of us. By the help of some psychic superiorities, it is very natural for some people to have paranormal shows. This feature is that you absorb the electrons, when you make the atoms ionised, I mean when you leave them without electron, metals can be twisted like in your fingers. Quantum physicians know this. In an overmagnetic field, electrons leave their space cage (Raumgitter). The remaining is a metal which is similar to the eroded crop which is full of holes. Uri Geller has the genetic structure of David. The Ark of Covenant was carried by the Levites and the Kuraizans. Israel has 12 sons. Levi is one of them. The other is Joseph=Kuraiza clan. The Ark of Covenant is said to be found on the riverbed of Ephirates and at the era of Mighty. Even Solomon’s treasuries were not yet found. The Ark of Covenant is tranquil now. There are eagle, lion, human and bull faces on its four sides representing the four angels with four faces carrying the four posts of the Arch. (Hamalei Arch=Kerrubi angels) Notice the verse. It is written as ‘The tranquil chest (Ark of Covenant) was carried by the angels.’ Isn’t it? The angels undertake the role of being a tuning rod to prevent the uranium rod from starting a nuclear reaction. Inside, there are the Old Testament tablets. Those tablets were written by Allah with thunder in runic letters one by one and they were given to Moses. Allah told Moses ‘Here is the Valley of Tuwa, it is holy, take off your shoes and come so.’ to prevent him from dying when he carried it.  You know the electricity. A wet lastic kills you, but if your shoes are from felt, it fulfills the duty of an insulator for you.

Question: Are Phoenix-Aquila the Biblical names of the angels who protect the Ark of Covenant?

Its meaning is Zümrüdü Anka bird (Phoenix=Anka) Aquillabs=Both Eagle and Scorpion.



It is at the same time the symbol of the Scorpio. The ones who are from good Scorpio are called the Eagle, the ones who are from the bad Scorpio are called the Scorpio. This is not a joke. The good Scorpio is very good, the bad one is very bad. There is no middle. You are either eagle-scorpion or scorpion-scorpion. The Ark of Covenant=The Tranquil Chest. The reason to mention about the Ark of Covenant is that, Abraham had two branches and these were the guards of Mecca. This was a request, last wish. The 200th generation posterity of Ismael is Kuraish and the 200th generation posterity of Israel is Kuraiza. These two tribes changed everything in 200 generations. Mecca became a house of idols in the hands of the Kuraish damneds. 360 idols belonged to Kuraish. Kuraizans had only one idol. Because the Kuraizans were the people of the book. The idol’s name was Minat. I mean, it was the symbol of Allah. They did not worship to the idols like the Kuraishians. Because of the last request, they were worshipping the only symbol which represented the Kabe. There were 360 idols. 180 of them were the right group which were guarded by Uzza=the Great. The other 180 were guarded by Lat. Let’s look at the verses:

Necm-The Star/19: Have you seen Lat. and Uzza?

Necm-The Star/20: And another, the third, Manat?

3 white swans. Menat was the third, the idol of Kuraizans which had single god which meant ‘the praised’. 180*2=360 Kuraishian idols. But the 361th, Menat, was the symbol jews, Kuraizans. 19*19=361. Kuraizans knew a lot of things because of the Old Testament. The secret of ‘There is 19 at it’. ‘They ask you about Zulkarneyn.’ The ones who asked were the Kuraizans, because in the Old Testament there is Zulkarneyn. The Jews tried to understand whether Kuran was a celestial book or not, but because their religion was corrupt they are also in the infidel category. Mugiyre was also a Kuraizan Cohen. Arabic and Hebrew are sisters, the languages resembled each other very much in the first times. For example they said Minaat al Haaretz. Naat is a derivative of Eulogy. Haaretz is read as Haric. I mean, it means Menat, the idol, which was excluded. Kuran mentions this in a verse as ‘Menat the third of them.’ Kuran doesn’t count them at once. Kurayza tribe was jewish. The secret of Menat was for them that it was the symbol of a single and celestial Allah. ‘Their 360 idols on one side and ours, Menat is excluded from them. Naat=To praise Menaat=the one which is praised. Uzza=Magnificent Lat=Melat=The beginning. Menat was not an idol, but it was a last request. This was a symbol, a tablet. It was Hebrew. There wasn’t a shape. There was only a small picture of a swan. The remainings were the Hebrew writings like the 10 orders. Kuraysh and Kurayza were the biggest discord. They exchanged daughters. (Of course I mean the rich ones) There was a huge grandeur. Just as Yom=Yewm, Haritz=Haric, Kohen=Kahin, Kuraysh=Kurayza. The Amalikans were also jew. Ismael and Israel resemble each other very much. YA HU=Ya Hüwe=Yahowa resemble each other very much. Because they were the children of the brothers. Ismael spoke Hamiian, Israel spoke Samiian. Their father was Abraham, their mothers were different. Israel doesn’t mean Jacob or Isaac here, but it is a posterity, race. Ismael’s 200th generation grandsons were Kuraish and Israel’s 200th generation grandsons were Kurayz. Their ancestor’s one letter was different. Their also one letter was different. Z instead of SH. The crossbred person who emerges from these two tribes would be the leader of Mecca. For example Ebu Talib or Muttalib couldn’t be the leader. He must be the son of the two tribes. I mean, Sophian. If Muhammed, his father, his uncle, his grandfather had jewish blood, they would be the leader of Mecca before Ebu Sophian.

‘Berg’ in germen languages means the cone=mountain. ‘Barik’ has the root Be-Re-Ket. You can derive Tebrik, Mübarek, Barik etc. Berg and Barik are not related.

This tradition (Kuraish-Kuraiz common leader) was ended when Muhammed took Mecca from Ebu Sophian without blood, it became history. Ebu Sophian’s wealth was left to himself. 3/4 of Mecca was the private property of these two tribes.  Of course, the boss of the companies was Ebu Sophian. Kuraysh was the coarsest tribe. For years, they resisted Muhammed and fought with him. They have a disgusting blood. There is no other blood which is more disgusting than Kuraish. Look at Ebu Cehil, Ebu Leheb. These were the uncles of Muhammed. They will be the wood of the hell. There were no Kurayshians who believed in Muhammed other than Ali. (not even five) Egyptians, Habeshis, Ferisis became muslim. Kurayshians didn’t become muslim. They resisted until they surrendered by saying ‘eslemna’. Racism is made by Allah.

Tevbe-Repentance/97: The Arabs are the worst in infidelity and hypocrisy, and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah had sent down to Hus Messenger. But Allah is All-knowing, All-Wise.

Tevbe-Repentance/98: Some of the Arabs look upon their payments as a fine, and watch for disasters for you. On them be the disaster of evil. Allah is Hu Who hears and knows all things.

It is written as ‘El Arabü eşşedid Küfran ve Nifaken’. The Arabs are the most infidel and most hypocrite among the nations. They are not worth understanding the Arabic Kuran which Allah sent down to hus prophet even if it is written in Arabic. They are all Usame. Yes, Kuran was brought down to the worst and most illiterate folk of the world. Let’s write the surah Kuraysh:

1. For the covenants of security and safeguard enjoyed by the Kuraish,

2. Their covenants covering journeys by winter and summer,-

3. Let them adore the Rabb of this House,

4. Who provides them with food against hunger, and with security against fear of danger.

Allah says: For hundred years you looked after Kaaba for idols, you got benefit from its tourism, gifts, souvenirs. Now you will look after Kaaba, because it is Allah’s house. I mean, they are punished. They are rehabilitated. Allah would exile them to deserts like Kuraiz or hu would nullify the security of their lives and property. Kuraysh surrendered with white flag and their properties and lives were saved. The peace religion came to them. Ebu Sophian raised the white flag.

St. Sophie=It is the name a female Saint. It means a female adherent. Sophie and Tasavvuf words come from this origin. SVF=SOFU. In TaSaVvuF you can see these three letters.  Bin Ladin is an Arab. The whole of the El Kaide organisation is Arabic. Taliban is Peshtu. Let’s come to the period after Ebu Sophian. His son Muaviye also became muslim by surrendering. to Muhammed brought him to very higher places. He was always a governor in the 2-3-4th caliphate period. He was the governor of Syria province. It was like the satan which was taken to the heaven. He wanted more. He wanted the days when his father was the leader. He was grown up with stories that he would be the leader. Syria was not enough. There should have been more. He wanted to be for example the emperor of Islam. He was absolutist, sultanatist. His rivals (he supposed) were Ali and his children. He thought that after Muhammed, Ali, Hasan, Hüseyin would be the emperor from father to son. In the era of Ebubekir, he was young. He was passive when Ömer was the caliph, because Ömer was hard. Osman was tender like a cake. But at that time there was Haccac the Cruel. He was manipulating Osman. Muaviye was afraid of also him. When Haccac the Cruel died, he found the opportunity. Ali was within his power. The expected news came. Because Aisha hated Ali, because she protected Kuran and the holy trusts herself, (moreover she couldn’t be the female caliph) she sent news. ‘Let Muaviye come from Damascus and become the Caliph’. She gave one of the 4 Kurans that she had, to Muaviye. Kuran pages were torn and put to the lances of the army of Muaviye. There was a bloody civil war. A fake peace agreement was made. An arbitrator was appointed. Ayşe and Muaviye told the arbitrator that when Muaviye became the Caliph, he would be the governor of Damascus. The arbitrator who was called Amr Ibnül As believed this and he became the disgrace of the arbitratorship institution. Ali was deceived. When Muaviye became the caliph, the republic was abolished and the sultanate from father to son was put in power. When Yezid, son of Muaviye, (they are three generations, Emir, Chief, King, Emevites (their surnames)) became the caliph Ali, Hasan, Hüseyin, Cafer, Zeynel, Abidin, all the family of Muhammed were killed in Kerbela and other places. When Muaviye became the king, the first thing that he did was to erase his father’s bad reputation. From the commentaries of Kuran and the expressions it was prohibited to say that his father was the damned one who was rebuked in the surah Abese. Allah knows whether it was forced or not, Ebu Sophian was behind Muhammed during the daily regular prayer. He was shouting ‘Semiallahu Limen Hamideh’ like a madman for toadying. Muhammed rebuked him. But Muaviye removed these rebukes. He ordered as if Muhammed liked his father’s behaviour and requested to put this instead of Allahuekber. Muaviye, when at prayer behind his father, shouted ‘Rabbena Lekel Hamd’ when his father said ‘Semiallahu Limen Hamideh’. They added this to the prayer and called this ‘Sunnah of Resulullah’=Law of Allah’s Prophet. This is as a matter of fact Yezidism, Muaviyeism. We are Sunni, the others are Shia. We were caught in a trap. Neither Muhammed was Sunni and Hanbeli, nor Ali was Shia. They were Khaneef. They increased the number of the daily regular prayer from 3 to 5. They invented tales, hadith to authenticate this such that when Muhammed was in ascension it was 55 times a day, and Allah was about to apologise to Muhammed for this. Allah said ‘ok my love you are right, do it 5 times and let me give a reward equal to 55 times.’ The source of all these lies is Yezid. The Shia then were not separate in any topic. The daily regular prayer was 5 times since Yezid. Who invented these hadith which say 55 times 2200 rekats in the ascension? He is the greatest murderer. Haccac the Cruel was the one who converted Kuran from Arabic to Kuraish dialect. The arbitrator Amr Ibnül As created two sects by a deception. Ah the arbitrator, ah the cruel, ah Yezid!

Haccac the Cruel his majesties!

Amr Ibnul As his majesties!

Yezid bin Muaviye his majesties!

Fatiha to their souls… Also for the souls of the uncles, Leheb and Cehil, of Muhammed Fatiha! Wake up Khaneefs! This is a disgrace. They deceived us by calling themselves ‘companions of Muhammed’ and brought the traditions of the kingdom. Let’s look at Bakara-170:

When it is said to them: “Follow what Allah had revealed: They say: ‘Nay! we shall follow the ways of our fathers.’ What! even though their fathers were void of wisdom and guidance?

Their fathers are fool, they are twice fool. We are 11 brothers and sisters. We all saw christianity from our parents. But I became khaneef. My 10 brothers-sisters remained in their father religion, protestant christianity, but I stayed out of this. This is not an advertisement. Ebu Sophian, Muaviye and Yezid were an EDEB family from birth. They changed the words written as ‘Arabs’ to Bedouins with the force of sword, these three generations are mischievous. That’s why they had Arabs=Bedouins written as if they were not Arabs. They presented themselves as ‘Edeb Ali’ meaning ‘the family of good manners.’ They reached the Ottomans. There is an Ottoman sultan named as ‘Bayezid=The father of Yezid’. Edeb Ali was the father-in-law of Ottoman, the first sultan of Ottoman Empire. This sophianism went to Edeb Ali and it will comtinue 300 years more. This was the unwritten history. Satan was expelled from heaven. Until the Yezidians are expelled from Islam, blood will be shedded. I owe many things to my Atatürk. Thanks Allah, that caliphate which is passed from the father to son became history.

Question: Who put a ban to the reading of Kuran? What do you think of the Turkish call to the daily regular prayer, the closing of the dervish lodges?

Inönü did all these. These happened in the era of Inönü. Atatürk had died and he was the only one to do these in the war economy. He was the enemy of Atatürk. He erased Atatürk’s pictures from the money. He had Atatürk’s sculptures destroyed and he had his sculptures put instead. He put his picture and name to all the printed materials. Let’s not mix Atatürk and İnönü. Because Atatürk closed the masonic lodges, he was murdered with the medicines which were brought from Moscow and by the Jewish doctors. One of his last words was ‘Put me in the care of the Turkish doctors.’ This wasn’t a public address, this was a call for HELP. One of the first masters of the Selanic mason lodge Inönü became the first man, and became in charge like a sultan. Atatürk was murdered. Read the books of Cevat Rıfat Atılhan and Ziya Uygur. There, how he was killed was told and these books can’t be denied.

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CHAT 8 12.10.2001

There is only one night in Kuran. The Night of Power. The others are not in Kuran and they are not even in the parable in any verse.


Enzelna=sent down,


Leyletül=the night,


we ma edrake=do you understand?

Ma leyletül kadr=night of power

tenezzelül melaikete=the angels and the spirit descend at that night until the light grows. It is a merriness. There is only one night. That’s it. Night of power is the eclipse of the two nearest galaxies over each other. An example, you put your hands over each other crossedly. Like multiplication sign. Then turn them and bring them over each other. Your two hands will have overlapped each other. This is the eclipse. Allah had created everything in pairs. There is also a twin of our sun. Because it is greater, it collapsed as a black hole. Our sun now is its satellite. Our Milky Way galaxy has an exact twin. Its name is Andromeda. It is 8-armed like ours. It is the second nearest galaxy to ours. The whirlgigs overlap with ours once every 354 days. The Night of Power is the day of the overlapping of two galaxies. There will be people from among you who remember the condensator principle. In the condensator, as you know, there is a principle which is based on radiopotentiometer. The hardware is fixed, but the other is variable. When you turn it manually, according to the condensator tablets’ position, -their fields get smaller or larger- you find the radio stations. Like ‘That band, that meter etc. Did you remember it? In the condensator, the turning plaques between the fixed insulating plaques find the station by changing the intensity of the flow. Whatever its intensity, the flow passes through, but it doesn’t harm the insulators. The 300-400 volts strike us and kill us. But 100.000 or 1.000.000 volts don’t kill. It ignores us. It passes and goes without touching us. This is the condensator principle of the humans. We said ‘O fire, be cool for Abraham!’ We know that verse don’t we? The fire didn’t burn Abraham. Let’s mention about the kinds of fire that don’t burn. When a ship goes on a route, suddenly it is stricken by a magnetic discharge. Then you find the ship empty, left alone. There are no people. The coffee cups are hot, the cigarettes are half, but where did the people go? Let’s make a laboratory experiment of this. When you charge a steel ship the electricity of a city, a giant magnetic field emerges by surrounding the electrical field. This electricity is the fire which doesn’t burn, which doesn’t kill. Because nothing happens to the crew. Even if something happens to them, they become invisible or they freeze for 6 months. We remember this event, don’t we? Philadelphia Experiment. There are some regions where there is no electricity. Condensators, armatur rings, the inner surface of the electrically charged sphere, the inside of the dynamo ring, the stroboscobe spheres etc. Do you understand what ‘safe region’ is? In Kuran, the parable of these phenomena can be generalized as ‘O fire! Be cool..’ The electricity was charged to the giant sphenoid bobbins. Now let’s come to the two plaques. Andromeda and Milky Way rotate with the condensator principle. (The expansion of space, Nutation, the rotation of the galaxies, turning like a whirlgig are based on this principle.) With a kind of angle measurement method which is called ‘paralax’.. During these gimlet moves, the twin galaxies use each other like a pair of equal plaques. The space between is insulating. There is a direction of electrical flow. This is written in the surah Spider:

Ankebut-The Spider/48: And you were not able to read a book before, nor you were able to write it. In that case, indeed, would the talkers of vanities have doubted.

Here an important word was ignored. Which hand?

It says Bi YEMINike. I mean, ‘with your right hand’ says the verse. Did you notice??? This doesn’t mean to beat our left-handed children. Do you remember the right hand principle of the electricity? When the Andromeda comes on top and the Milky Way is below, the divine vibrations over the Andromeda descend through the fingers of two hands which overlap. This descension is according to the principle of the right hand. The emitting pole in the direction of the flow is the Andromeda and the absorbing pole is the Milky Way. Something descends to us from the Andromeda. While the two galaxies are in the ecliptic position. Melaike=tachyons, Melaike=mele-i Ala(divine vibrations) Melaike=the vibrations which oscillate faster than light. (aether, aetherodynamics). The system of ‘Mele-i Ala’s. Because of the nature of Mele-i Ala, the tomorrow of the angels is our yesterday, the yesterday of the tachyons is our tomorrow. The system of Mele-i Alas means the average magnetic map of the whole system of magnetic field (our solar magnetosphere) in a galaxy. This is an amazing map. Like the sea of countercurrents. That’s why everything proceeds in its own orbit without disturbing each other. But the magnetic helixes (the curled dimensions of the tunnel mouth) in space vacuum have such an amazing power. The Worm Holes are the interference of these magnetic fields to us. The space is not empty. If we could see the things between the earth and the heavens, we would swallow our tongue. Cosmic rays are told as shihabs in Kuran. There are many things that descend to us. But in the surah Kadr-Power, Allah doesn’t say ‘we brought down Kuran’. But Hu says ‘We brought IT down’.

Kadr Surah:

1. We indeed brought IT down in the Night of Power.

2. And how will you know what the Night of Power is?

3. The Night of Power is more auspicious than a thousand months.

4. The angels and the Spirit descend by Allah’s permission, on every errand.

5. That night is the peace which continues until the light grows.

If you look at the first verse, it says IT, not Kuran. The one who thinks it is Kuran is us. We can deny it. Considering that Kuran was brought down at night, why were the first 5 verses brought down at noon in the cave in the Hira mountain? Or did Gabriel have a delay? Kuran was brought down at noon (middle post), but the one which is under consideration is a NIGHT. What is its relation with Kuran? There is no delay in these affairs. Night=Female=N pole= The absorbing pole. If Day=Phase, it should be thought as Night=Ground. Because the right hand rule works here. We are ground=night. We are the N pole and from the S pole something descends to us. Did we remember the magnet? The one which is told here is not Kuran. It is a cosmic system. Furthermore, the whole verse is a parable. Like 1.000 months. If you divide 1.000 months to 12, it is 83.3 years. These are ciphre numbers. The number of the verses in Ya-Sin Surah are 83. The number of the crew of the Noah’s ark were 83. It has 7 comments. 19 is also a prime number like 83. This is mentioned in Surah Müddesir-The Cloaked One/30.

24.Then said he: “This is nothing but magic, derived from of old;

25. “This is nothing but the word of a mortal!”

26. Soon will I cast him into Sekar!

27. Do you know what Sekar is?

28. It neither permits to endure, nor it leaves anything.

29. It scorches the skin of the human being.

30. At it, there is nineteen.

Hu doesn’t say ‘over it’. Hu says ‘at it there is 19.’ If the hell is a caldron, the people are in it, but Sekar is directly the place where there is the fire outside the caldron. I mean, if you put your hand into the boiling water, it is boiled, but if you put your hand into the fire under the saucepan, you will be scorched. Sekar means this. -1 Kelvin.. But here we don’t talk about Sekar. It says ‘at it there is 19.’ Let’s talk about this. Hu doesn’t say ‘over it’, hu says ‘at it’. ‘We brought IT down on the Night of Power’. AT IT there is 19. Notice that if a verse gives a parable to the scholar, it doesn’t name it. AT IT, IT, FROM IT, TO IT. It becomes a parable. The style of Allah is this. When we analyse the ciphre, we use the directional adjectives and the subjects such as HU and the prime numbers which hu points out. This is the ciphral aspect of the affair and we won’t talk about it now. The scientific explanation of 1.000 months=83 years is this: What happens when you bring the two stroboscobes close to each other. The sparks spring. Because the electrical voltage difference has to be compensated. Like heat, from much hot to less hot there is a diffusion. The nature systems are in motion from the dense to the sparse. As a matter of fact, this also means the alms that has to go from the rich to the poor. The philosophical comments of these don’t end. On that day, Allah as if opens the faucets. Your good actions are multiplied by 83 years. For example the extra prayer that you fulfill at that night becomes a magnifying glass in layers. 83 years are also the time for Uranus to make a tour around the sun. One of the 7 comments of Uranus is Shi’ra. Because the objects beyond Saturn are not seen by naked eye. The first planet which was discovered by a telescope is Uranus. One of the 7 meanings of Shi’ra is that it proves the number of planets is not 7. In Kuran Joseph said that he saw the sun, the moon and the 11 planets=kevkeb prostrating to him. There are 9 planets including the world now. Because Pluton is 6 billion km away, and it doesn’t have light, it was dicovered in 1935s. There are also three planets to be discovered. There is a Tietz Bade calculation method. Think of the arrangement of 0-3-6-12-24-48-96. Add 4 to each of them and divide them all by 10. 0.4 Mercury, 0.7 Venus 1.0 World- I mean 149 million km. I mean the distance between the sun and us. When this unit becomes 1, the distance of Mercury to the sun becomes 0.4. 10 is Uranus. Thus you can calculate where the 12 planets will be. This is the backbone. 1.6-2.8-5.2-10 Allah had arranged so.. The formula has a deviation but the base is this. There is a planet that doesn’t fit to the system and it was demolished. (it is called the asteroid zone) It is at 2.8. Between Mars and Jupiter. ‘There must be a planet’ says Tietz. Really there is a planet there. (in demolished form) Tietz named that planet as Libra. Pluton is not the farthest planet. The orbit of Neptune is sometimes the last planet and it stays inside the Pluton’s orbit. There is a twin of the sun (blackhole) there. It is absorbing the system towards there as if you pull the carpet with your hand, furthermore it pulls with the objects over it. 12 planets were arranged very regularly, but there was no black hole. It is known to have collapsed 5 billion years ago. How is it known? Uranus, unlike the other planets, its axis is not north-south. East-west, I mean, it is the only horizontal planet. Neptun which followed it also was absorbed by the black hole and slipped by 0.2 a.u. Consequently, it also disturbed Pluton. Pluton is not always the last planet. Neptun is for some time the outer planet. Because their orbits are inside each other. (Neptun-Pluton) Sometimes they project to each other. The reason is the exception of Neptun.

Let’s come back to candela. There is only the Night of Power as candela in Kuran. There is only one night for which lunar calendar is used. Because when saying ‘it is more auspicious than 1.000 months’, each phase of the moon is 7 days. 4 phases are 28 days. This is a month. Moon and month are related with each other like we say ‘AY’da bir AY tatil yaptım’. 28*12 months=336 days. But it takes 354 days for the moon. There is an 18 day difference. The solar calendar is 11 days longer. 365 + 1/4 days. The lunar year is only and only used in Kuran for the Night of Power. It is not used anywhere. Coveredly for example the 300 solar years and 9 more lunar years of the people of the Cave. Biologically there is also a month from full moon to the full moon. Full moon is joke of course, but really regular period of the ladies which is called the regl is related with the moon. The verse says ‘They stayed in their cave for 300 years and 9 more’. Each 100 years, these lacking 11 days become 3 years. In 300 years, 9 years extra. The lunar calendar is not valid in anywhere except the surah Kadr. Furthermore, there is no divine night in Kuran other than the Night of Power. For Ramadhan and the 4 prohibited months lunar calendar which is composed of 12 months is used. I already mean this. I mean, in Kuran, it is not necessary to use the lunar calendar other than the Night of Power. The Night of Power carries the Ramadhan month. Ramadhan carries the remaining 11 months. Night of Power is for this reason, the triangulation. It determines the Ramadhan. It is hidden in Ramadhan. The 27th night is not always true. Because that night can change between the 22th and the 28th. Instead of calculating the Night of Power superficially, because of the verses ‘hold up your head and look at the heavens’, we should find it by looking at the Andromeda. Now what should a khaneef think? There is only one blessed night in Kuran, but according to the traditions how many are there?

Mevlit: Muhammed was born.

Regaip: Muhammed fell to his mother’s womb.

Mirac: Muhammed was taken to the heavens.

Let’s analyse these. Because from now on, we are going to look with khaneef eye-glasses. I said that the lunar calendar will only be used for the Night of Power because of Andromeda. But they spoiled it. They applied it to everything. What is anniversary? It means the solar calendar. For example I was born on the 14th of February. I celebrated my first birthday on the 14th of February. But according to that nonsense Arabic belief, the next year my birthday comes 11 days before, the next year 22 days before, the next year 33 days before. I mean it becomes 1 month. When I become 17 years old, I will not celebrate my birthday in the middle of winter but on in the middle of August. Is there such a ridiculous thing? When a person is born, he or she is so. You bought a house by bank credit. Does this come 11 days before each year? You bought an automobile, you pay credit to the bank. Does this come 11 days before each month? So now do you believe in the Mevlit night of Muhammed? I mean his birthday.. It is very strange. It is something beyond comical. What is the job of the lunar calendar other than Ramadhan, forbidden months and the Night of Power. Muhammed migrated in 622. Ok this is a start, but what is the use of the fact that this comes 11 days before each year. Alparslan won Malazgirt War on the 26th of August, 1071. Since that day, will the August the 26ths come 11 days before each year? Some things are going wrong, can I tell? How will I celebrate the conquest of Istanbul or my birthday? Relatively? How old is our Republic? 78. It makes a tour every 0-33-66-99 years and comes to the same day. 78-66=12. 12*11=132. We celebrated the Republic 4 months ago. Is it strange or not? Does the birthday come to the before? I was born in the middle of winter. But I celebrate it at the age of 50 at the 3rd of August. What is normal here? If I was born in winter, it is winter. How do I shift to the summer? Aren’t the seasons fixed? For example the 21st of March, how does it come 11 days back every year? Such things can’t occur. By thinking, you should find the things that contradict with Khaniffication. Can we attribute holiness to the lunar calendar by using it to the securities and rent payment days? Isn’t our religion a mind religion? The reference is this: The interval between two periods where the night and day are equal is 183 days. You can’t take a random reference.  When the day and night are equalized, this is the start of the two seasons. The longest and the shortest days are the start of the summer and the winter. This affair is so. This is not similar to calling a rod a meter which is made of iridium. This is a constant like pi number. Did you understand the references? Our reference system is the equality of the night-day and the points of these when these are the longest and the shortest. Not the flow of time. The topic is those blessed nights. The birthday of Muhammed is not certain. They say the 8th day of the month Rebiulevvel and it doesn’t fit to the 21st of April. It is also said 570 instead of 571. There are many ways to learn. You use a horoscope and look.

If there was no future, why would Hızır kill the baby? There is Schroedinger’s cat. It has infinite probabilities which bifurcate from a future point. Einstein said ‘God doesn’t cast a dice, hu creates determinedly.’ But Heisenberg, (He was my real teacher.) According to IF, when the indeterminism parameters are faster than light, the indeterminism principle (if) convert into FI (determinism). Heisenberg Variable matrises are in trouble. Heisenberg matrises are valid until the lightspeed. When exactly at lightspeed, the particles fall into ‘state and behaviour’ dilemma. I mean, when at lightspeed, matrises disintegrate. The matter converts to the energy. Gray nullity emerges. Bloc twilight time. They considered the time and the space separately. It was understood that they were a knitting. They considered also the particle and the wave dilemmas separately. But the duality told us that they were at the same moment. Like this, Heisenberg told us that an electron is at any time, at any place, at any speed, and in a sphere which is a probability interval. Notice that the radius of the electron is 2.7 but at lightspeed the radius of the electron becomes zero. When r=0, indeterminism becomes determined. The history (time), geography (space dimensions), and speed of everything is determined. The line that Heisenberg drew is only until the lightspeed and it occurs in the shell of the electron. Even the source of light is faster than light, the light goes at the lightspeed. Heisenberg indeterminants tell the light. Not the lamp which is the source. That’s why for a universe which is faster than light the principles of Heisenberg collapse. Another reality is the hidden variables. Because the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge was proven because of the wormholes. Einstein tried to ignore the aetherical universe which oscillated faster than the light and he  limited us to the lightspeed. I mean, he wanted to destroy our belief of Allah, afterworld, conscience, spirit. He also opposed Heisenberg. I mean, he both denied the spirit, and he also offered hidden variables and entered the abstract world. Quantisation, I mean the creation in discrete from is valid for the universes which are slower than light. There is no quant in a universe which is faster than light. There is globularity. It has no indeterminism matrises. The indeterminism principle is valid in the situations where there is a quant interval. The universe elsewhere was created globularly, not as a quant. The universe is 3 geared.

1. For the universes which are slower than light, the Quantum theorem and the indeterminism principle are valid.

2. At light speed, there is the Mele-i Ala state. If we were a genie, we could learn the future. At light speed, the states are not regarded, the particle is solved as behaviour, and it converts to wave. Quantum theorem regards only at state, it is not interested in the behaviour. For example, it looks at the before and after of the two particles’ collision (skip and jump). Because when at collision, two particles convert into wave behaviour from the particle state, they are solved. Consequently Quantum theorem favours states. It is not interested in the collision moment, resonances etc. This tells that the indeterminism principle is valid for the speeds which are slower than light.

3. When becoming faster than the light, from then on not particle-wave, state-behaviour etc are valid, but the first of the tachyon laws is valid such that everything is one particle, every individual is the hologramic images of that single particle. Everything is global elsewhere. From this point of view, in sophism, total and partial are used frequently.

We have a composer who is called Metin Bükey. He told that he had composed more than 1000 melodies and 300 film- musics. But one of his songs was repeatedly sang. MILKY WAY. Heisenberg is so also. He found one thing in his life. The indeterminism principle. He had no invention and no contribution in no other branch of physics. Only the indeterminism principle (Milky Way song) became famous.

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CHAT 7 10.10.2001

I made an agreement to make TV programs and I resigned from the university. That’s why they bought me a telephone as a gift. And I gave the old one to my mother-in-law. I will work with ETV. Antalya Eylik TV. Not CNBC-E. I will be the anchorman like Hulki Cevizoğlu from the beginning of the new year. Once a week. Maybe on Saturdays between 23 till late night. I mean, like our chats it may be open-ended. There is a long time until Santa Claus. The programs will be in İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya and even Izmir. According to the situation I will go once a week. Istanbul is my preference. Whoever wants, can visit me at any time he or she wants. I never make excuses like ‘I am on a meeting’. Just ‘Come’.

As a matter of fact, before the presentations, metodologies must have been written. Without giving methodology we directly enter the topic. This was wrong. The problem is this: Years ago, when I wrote the futurology of Afghanistan, that wasn’t even a hypothesis and everybody laughed but that (let’s say prophecy) became real. Moreover I call the events which were delayed ‘NO/YES’. This means ‘Time will justify one of us.’ We should write these kinds of methodologies so that people shouldn’t be confused. For example, there is Adler, Britain was occupied. America and Russia were subdued. Over the world there is an equal and eager-to-share dozen system called ‘Graceland’. The history was so, but some people about after 3 centuries, from Walhalla District of World, two days before the determined date, stole the Time Travelling device called Tariq. These were Jews. And history became divaricated from 1938.

Vandals are Slavs who speak the language of the Germens. I mean the Bulgarians were assimilated to Slavic, and these were assimilated to Germen. The Bulgarians (the members of Altınorda Khanhood, Volga Bulgarians) were Turkish. But they were assimilated to Slavic. The Hungarians’ 7 tribes were Turkish and two of them Hungarian. The Turks were assimilated to Hungarian. I don’t know why, but the Turks in the past could leave their language easily. Today the real Bulgarian (the language of Altınorda) only lives in Balkar and their relatives Blackcreek Turks. Bulgar name is already a fault. Kıpçakian Bulgan= parti-colored.

From Walhalla DW a jewish team changed the history. Because of the rule of 14 years/1 year they went back to about 300 years. Dozen – Graceland was over. There was this aim in this order:



b)Welfarer Western Europe, Northwestern Europe, USA+ Canada, Australia etc.

From the whole Mexica the complete America, the whole of Africa, middle-southern-eastern Europe, the whole of the Asia would be Communist. Turkey and Balkans were included in this. The masters would get pleasure and the goyims as speaking animals would produce like robots and would live with very limited subsistence. Turkey was included in this plan. But because both of the Graceland and Exodusland wars, (Alias – Alois wars) became real, both histories didn’t occur. Adler was replaced by Hitler. (Hiedler) Instead of occupying Britain, this crazy Jew proceeded to Russia in the winter. Without fighting, 6 million Germans died by freezing. The Germans became successful in making the atomic bomb. Hitler, instead of using this benefaction, he expelled the scholars of the A-Bomb or caused to them to escape. They experimented this in America and Japan was in trouble. I mean, the history that you know, that you read now was written. Hitler was beaten and committed suicide. Alois Hiedler (Hitler’s father) was the 7th of the time pirates. You are indebted the history now to the Time Trip Team which came after 2 days. Thus the history that you know was formed. Neither the Dozen system (Graceland), nor the slavery system of the world (Sionism). The balance was established in this way.  For a period of time, the world was managed by communism, I mean it became slave as they wanted. But the others, such as Turkey, Iran, Arabs, India, Pakistan, the whole Africa, the middle and the eastern Europe, the middle and the southern America were freed from slavery. Balkans were also in this group. The world you see was established. Meanwhile three Time Quakes (ZilZal) happened in time.

1.Mathias landed to Kremlin (the Russian whitehouse) with a plane, with peace, not Pentagon. He was an anti-Usame. It was a small plane finishing the Soviets. Did you notice that the two events are similar as Millenium? Deggal and Jesus, both are Messiahs. One is the messiah of the goodness, the other is the messiah of the evilness.

The Pope and Lech Walesa have other secrets. In chess, the bishop, castle etc every piece has a role. Diagonal, linear etc. These are intersections. Lech Walesa and the Pope are as if Moses and Joshua. I mean, they were as if trying to find Hızır. But the one who executed the Soviets was a small plane. It landed on the Red Square. The system suddenly changed. Something happened. The Red Army was questioned. The general (the commander of the air force) who was about to make a coup was arrested. The people questioned their own system. Poland, Hungary and Czeckoslovakia opened their borders. The Eastern Germans flowed to the West Germany.  In Azerbaidjan 150 people became martyr in the Liberty Square. Mathias destroyed the Berlin Wall. He was the good version of Usame Bin Laden. He was a sign. From then on, sticks were put in the wheels of huge super states. Also there was the Cuba Crisis. The world was in the threshold of the surah Duha (the atomic cloud). Is there anyone among you who remembers the rocket crisis between Kurshchev and Kennedy? The world was about to end with a war which won’t have a winner. That Castro who is comical and clown… He was about to become the architect of an atomic war which would cause an atomic cloud over the world for 75 years. Think of a generation of people who live in underground shelters for 20-40 years. By the way, let me tell the 3rd crisis. A Millenium which is called the 26th of August. I first informed you about this. Probably you thought about me as going crazy. I said that we gained 50 years. Communism was destroyed 41 years before. The Berlin Wall would be destroyed in 2050. The Millenium began for the two sides. They also got millenium commands in their news groups and forums. After 15 days, they became Kamicaze to the WTC. As a matter of fact, these were written in Kuran as SPECIAL. Remember the first chat. There was a cruel ruler winning the sea war. There were people violating the rights and the reserve of orphans. And Allah wished. The history was changed. That cruel man was killed in the cradle when he was a baby. Think of a cruel person who is 35 years old (Usame or the murderers of Gonca Kuriş) The future’s sea wars will probably be the space wars. There is no blood and weapon between Walhalla and Allahlaw. There is only one thing. The worst weapon. ‘Time Traffic Cops.’ Hızır killed that cruel man when he was a baby in the cradle. Let’s assume Allah gave a new baby instead of him and he was named Adler. The reverse also occurs. Some evil powers which are called MIB (Men in Black) kill the good ones. This time Adler is postponed to the future and Hitler is placed in history. There is blood over the world. If time wasn’t manipulated there would be no need for a Mighty. In 1942 the Dozen (12) order would have been established. Not after 300 years!! Immediately, even yesterday!! But instead some treachers like the opposite of Hızır emerged. Only Stalin killed 30 million muslim Turks. 30 million. Half of them are Cossacks from Kazakhstan. Now what is the population of Kazakhstan? It is very comical isn’t it?

Hızır never interrupts the sensitive equilibrium of the universe, if a command doesn’t come from the Protected Tablet. He is an apostle of command. He is the apostle of Allah.

There would be two generations, 17 millions more of Cossacks in Kazakhstan.  There was a Volga German State. All of them were employed and set up in Kazakhstan. At the moment there are more than 1 million Germans there, including my relative. 300.000 of them became muslim by marrying Cossacks, blond muslims. Kazakhstan has 2000 rockets with a-head, small and middle ranged. There is the second biggest space station of the world. There is unbelievable petroleum and natural gas, gold, uranium. How many countries are there that Allah gave such welfare? Kazakhstan is one of the primary friends of Turkey. PanTuran invited also me to be a Kazakh citizen. Really.

The topic is if the history is changed or not. According to the Surah Kehf, YES. I mean, according to Allah, YES. According to CPT theorems, there are four more other than t-0, t-1. In my books, the speed difference was written to mean the racial difference. The fast genies are violet (close to black), the normal ones are LGM. The others, I mean the slow ones constitute a race which is called the ephirate. An objection came from the last chat. That is ‘Muhammed is the prophet of also the genies, but how can’t he see them? What do you say about this? If he saw a genie, he would be possessed, mad. Kuran says ‘You are not possessed by the genies, you won’t be. Mecnun=the one who sees a genie, who is together with the genies. I mean, when I phone the Germany, I reach there in seconds, but if I go by walking, you think of my situation. How many years does it take? Or how many months?

Levitation doesn’t have a device. I mean, for example, there are a lot of things that can make the falling up event in the space real. A rotor device or a centrifugal motor already forms this levitation. The one which is surprising is that a human being (a Hint fakir etc) can be levitated by himself. Here the device is the psychic ability of our body itself. Other types of devices are even in lunaparks.

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